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Ville Saari

Ville Saari is a gaming veteran who has worked in the industry since 2009.

Ville has written thousands of reviews and articles over the years about casinos and gambling in general. He has also managed some of the largest Nordic gambling-related sites. He joined Bojoko in 2020 to find new challenges in life.

“It has been interesting to see the rise of remote gambling and the changes the industry has gone through. I still remember writing about the fairly recent casino release that has challenged how we play. That newcomer was Mr. Green.”

Ville is an IT engineer, and the engineer’s frame of mind is the driving force behind his writing and playing styles. He doesn’t just want to waste time playing, he wants to understand the game, find out how the mechanics work and learn to play the best way possible.

This kind of approach can also be seen in his writing style. Even though he has learned to be a bit more eloquent over the years, his engineering roots still show. Ville’s style is efficient and straight to the point. “Who has time to read pointless padding?”

Ville is on a never ending quest to find the perfect slot with a perfect strategy. Like he says: “Everyone knows that Baccarat is the optimal casino game, but who knows what the optimal slot is?”

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