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Cheque review

A cheque is a physical document that authorises the payment of money from your bank account to a named beneficiary. Paying by cheque is a traditional banking method that has been around for centuries. Cheques usually come in the form of a paper pad with removable sheets that serve as a kind of credit note for the person or entity receiving your payment, which they can cash out. To this day, it’s still one of the most common payment methods on a global level. Many online casinos still accept paper cheques as a withdrawal method, with a handful of casinos also accepting it as a deposit method.

You only need to have an active bank account to be able to utilise cheques for payments. Your cheque book will be issued upon request from your bank, either on the spot or in a matter of a couple of working days.

You can fill in a paper cheque with the required details as you would fill any other form. The information you’ll need to write down is the current date, the beneficiary’s name (in this case, the online casino), the amount you wish to deposit in numeric form and in words, and any payment notes. Finally, you can put your signature to paper and sign it off. The cheque should have a routing number, your bank account number and the cheque number printed on the front.

It’s a sensible move to keep a record of the payment as there will be no record of it until it appears in your bank statement, and you can be misled into writing the same cheque twice.

The electronic version of the traditional paper cheque is called an e-cheque. It’s an electronic copy in the form of a scanned image of a “real” cheque, which you can then transfer via email. Apart from the “real” cheque’s black-on-white signature, the transfer must be authenticated through the sender’s private key. E-cheques can also take the form of an online form with fields requiring the same details you’d normally write in a cheque. Once you submit this through an online banking portal, you’ll generally receive a confirmation number that serves as a record of the transaction.

E-cheques can still take from 2 to 5 working days to be cleared, but they’re often processed more quickly than paper cheques and some banks clear them on the same day. While virtually any bank will issue cheque books, not all of them will accept e-cheques, so you’ll have to verify this with your bank first.

Long processing times are a drawback to using cheques for online casinos. While the process of writing cheques is easy and secure, it can take up to a week or more for the funds to be transferred.


When depositing in online casinos accepting cheques as a money transfer method, simply follow the standard procedure for writing a cheque and address it to the casino in question. The advantage to using paper cheques and e-cheques for deposits is that you won’t incur any transaction fees. However, deposits made via cheque take anywhere from 2 to 5 working days to be processed and can feature transfer limits from around £20 as a minimum and £2000 as a maximum amount.

Since instant deposits aren’t possible, other banking options might be preferable if you’d like to deposit funds to start playing online casino games immediately.


Online casino withdrawals via cheque are still available today, and a preferred option for players who want to save themselves hefty transaction fees. If you want to receive a cheque to withdraw your winnings from an online casino, you must provide some of your personal and financial details to the casino. These include your name, home address, cheque account number and routing number, as well as documents for identity verification purposes.

You can then select this withdrawal option in the online casino, fill in the form with your details and submit it. Sometimes, this information will be requested via email. The casino will then issue a paper cheque in your name, and you can deposit it at your bank once you receive it by post. If it’s an e-cheque, the funds will be transferred directly to your bank account.

It normally takes from 2 to 5 working days for cheque withdrawals to be fully processed, although the waiting time can be shorted with certain banks and online casinos. Fees and limits may apply, although these don’t tend to be as high as wire transfer transaction fees.


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You can get support for using paper cheques and e-cheques from your bank. If you experience an issue when using cheques for payments, you can get in touch via email, by phone or visit your local branch in person, as well as take advantage of any other communication channels available to customers. The bank’s website might also contain information relevant to your query.

The languages the website and support services are provided in will be determined by the bank issuing your cheque book or processing your cheques. You can contact your bank to find out more.

Remember to have a record of the transaction handy so you can easily quote a reference when reporting a problem with cheque transfers.

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Desktop availability:No

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