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Mastercard review

MasterCard comes at a close second for credit card solutions that have shaped the global payments landscape. Now clocking in at approximately 2 billion cardholders, MasterCard has been making payments accessible and easy since 1966. Bringing all the benefits of a major credit card to the table, MasterCard has kept up with the times and consistently evolved to match the needs of cardholders as they pay their way through their favourite activities, including playing in online casinos.

Reliable, secure and accepted almost everywhere in the online and offline realms, MasterCard credit cards give you the opportunity to fund your gameplay without reserve. The card’s top-rate security features ensure that all your transactions are carried out safely under the MasterCard guarantee. The majority of online casinos accept MasterCard as a banking option, so you’ll have no trouble using your trusted card to start depositing, playing and withdrawing funds immediately.

You can apply for a MasterCard credit card at your local bank. The application process is simple and will take into account your credit score and other eligibility factors. You can deposit money via MasterCard in online casinos simply by entering your card number, cardholder name, expiry date and CVV code. Withdrawing funds follows the same procedure. With MasterCard, paying by invoice is also possible. You can transfer any amount of funds (within the stipulated limits) to an online casino and settle the bill later.

MasterCard has a range of different credit cards, including the Platinum MasterCard – a premium credit card with many attractive lifestyle benefits that you can use for privileged shopping and travelling, as well as online casino playing.

One of the hallmark differences between MasterCard and other major credit cards such as Visa is the VIP programs it offers. World MasterCard and World Elite MasterCard are two such programs that reward cardholders with a host of air travel benefits, rental car discounts and plenty of attractive fee waivers that can be extremely advantageous to online casino players who make frequent transactions. The simplicity and convenience of MasterCard means anyone can initiate their online casino banking effortlessly.


When using MasterCard for online casino transactions, fees will apply. Deposits are processed instantly so funds for gameplay will appear in your player account immediately. Deposit charges normally range from 2% to 3% of the transaction amount, although these may vary from one casino to the other.


Withdrawals can be processed in a matter of hours up to a couple of days. Some casinos, however, might not support MasterCard withdrawals. The transactions will appear on your bank statement, so you can easily keep track of your spending when you use MasterCard for both deposits and withdrawals. The transaction fees for withdrawals are normally between 2% to 3% but can also be absent for certain online casino withdrawals.


MasterCard’s flagship mobile app MasterPass has been available since 2013. The app is compatible with iPhone, Android and Windows and you can download it from your iTunes, Google Play or Windows Phone Marketplace account to install on your mobile device.

The MasterPass app’s suite of special services includes improved checkout facilities, real-time account alerts, loyalty programs and MasterPass-connected wallets. You’ll be able to manage your money and online transactions through a few taps on your phone, and eliminate the need to enter your card and shipping information every time you make a transaction.


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Since MasterCard is a global credit card company operating through its issuers and merchants, it’s advisable to seek support directly through these channels. We encourage you to get in touch with your bank or otherwise when you first require assistance, as the card issuer will be equipped to help. This is also true if your MasterCard credit is lost or stolen – in which case you should immediately notify your card issuer.

If these methods don’t solve your issue, the UK MasterCard office can be contacted directly here. Phone support is available on (+44) (0)20 779 557 77 during normal business hours.

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Desktop availability:Yes

Mobile availability:Yes


Type:Credit and debit card

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