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Apart from being the world’s largest e-wallet catering to over 100 million active users, PayPal is probably the most recognisable online payment service around the globe. The PayPal package incorporates the main advantage of the e-wallet system: sensitive financial information is never disclosed to the business or third party receiving your payment through PayPal.

PayPal serves as a digital depository for your funds, with many protective measures in place that ensure your money travels safely, wherever it goes. PayPal uses highly sophisticated and secure encryption software to support the millions of financial transfers carried out on its site everyday. PayPal is a global payments leader and you can use the service to cover the entire gamut of your online transactions as well as playing in online casinos. PayPal also offers additional incentives such as cash rewards when you transact online through their system.

PayPal has strict policies and stringent standards in place to regulate its financial activity, meaning only top-tier UK online casinos will accept it as a money transfer method. It’s a widely accepted payment option and most major casinos will include PayPal in their range of supported e-wallets. Having been around for almost 20 years, PayPal has established itself as a household name in peer-to-peer payments.

Creating a new PayPal account is very simple and completely free. Simply click the “Sign Up” button on the homepage and enter your personal details as requested. You’ll receive an email with a link to complete your account setup. You can then proceed to adding a funding source for your account, such as linking a bank account or a credit card. At online casinos that accept PayPal, you can choose this e-wallet option for both deposits and withdrawals.


Deposits are processed instantly and the funds will appear in your player account shortly afterwards. Deposits made with PayPal are normally free across the board, although there might be exceptions to this rule.


Withdrawals, on the other hand, will generally take around 24 hours to be cleared and there might be a minor processing fee involved. This varies according to the casino, and you might also have minimum and maximum amounts to observe for deposits and withdrawals.


PayPal offers debit cards as part of its service. Partnering up with MasterCard, it released its PayPal Prepaid MasterCard® in 2015. You can use PayPal Prepaid MasterCard® at any transaction point that accepts a debit MasterCard. This reloadable debit card is capable of making free instant transfers directly from a PayPal balance. You can use the card to make purchases or convert funds to cash from an ATM.

The card has a low daily transfer limit of around £250, so you won’t ever be able to make large transfers of money through it at one go. There are minor fees charged for every ATM withdrawal, over-the-counter withdrawal and declined ATM transaction you make. Every purchase you make, however, will be free and you can also get cash back for free at some retail checkouts.


PayPal has a mobile app available for iPhone, Android and Windows. You can download the app to your computer from the website. Alternatively, you can log in to your iTunes, Google Play or Windows Phone Marketplace account on your phone and download and install the app directly on your mobile device.

The app facilitates your money transfers and makes it easier to manage your money and online transactions through a few taps on your phone.


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You can email PayPal here. Use this page to contact customer service about any issues you encounter while using the e-wallet service in any of its forms.

PayPal also allows you to report problems and open disputes freely on its site. You can generally expect an answer from the customer service team in around 24 hours.

If you find that these channels still don’t lead to a resolution, phone PayPal customer support directly on (+353) 143 691 11 between 8am and 4pm GMT from Monday to Friday. Bear in mind that the personnel are only authorised to discuss account information with the account holder, so you can only use PayPal’s phone support if you’re the account holder.

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Desktop availability:Yes

Mobile availability:Yes



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