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Name:Wire transfer





Type:Bank transfer


Desktop availability:Yes

Mobile availability:Yes


Instant deposit:No


Pay by invoice:No

Wire transfer review

Wire transfers are the classic way of transferring sums of money from one location to another. It’s a universally accepted payment method and the most traditionally accessible way of moving funds around. The term originates from the 19th century, when the first long-distance money transfers took place over telegraphic wires.

Wire transfers are carried out by banks and can be internal or external. If you’re wiring money from one of your accounts to another with the same bank, the transfer is internal. When you’re wiring money to someone else in another country, for instance, the transfer is external since the money travels between different banks.

Depositing and withdrawing funds for online casinos via wire transfers is easy. You’ll need to provide the bank details of the online casino you wish to transfer to, which can either be found on the website or by contacting customer support for further assistance. You should then use the bank’s online banking portal or visit your local branch in person to follow the required steps for making a wire transfer.

While simple to administer, wire transfers take longer than most other banking methods to be processed and carry significant transaction charges. Waiting for your funds to arrive can be an obstacle to initiating your online casino activity, but for certain players it’s an advantage that allows them to control their online casino spending and schedule playing sessions accordingly.

Wire transfers still remain popular due to their widespread availability enabled by a banking network that covers all areas in the world. Online casinos also favour this banking method as it’s extremely secure, time-tested and highly regulated. The transfer limits for wire transfers tend to be much higher than any other banking option for online casinos.

Wire transfers are generally final and can’t be modified once the transaction is authorised, so it’s advisable to be absolutely certain you want to make the transfer before you send money. Certain banks allow a 30-minute “cool-off” period where you’re able to cancel the transaction and recall your money, but this is not applicable to all wire transfers.


Depositing funds via wire transfer is very straightforward, and transactions are normally processed anywhere between 2 to 5 working days. Wire transfer deposits will come with fees that vary according to the online casino, generally between £10 to £30 per transfer.

When depositing, you can count on the banks’ security guarantees to protect your money.


Wire transfers are a popular choice for withdrawing winnings as they’re supported by a large number of online casinos. Certain casinos give out special bonuses and promotions if you use wire transfers to make withdrawals, but the transaction will almost always feature a fee. This normally ranges from £10 to £30, depending on the amount transferred, the casino’s transaction charges and the bank’s.

Processing times for wire transfers typically range from 2 to 5 working days.


Wire transfers can be carried out using your mobile phone with certain banks. If the bank has a suitable online banking portal or a custom-made app, you’ll be able to make deposits and withdrawals with your phone. The majority of banks have this facility nowadays, so you can enjoy the convenience of conducting wire transfers on the go.


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For support regarding any wire transfers you make, you should refer to the bank through which you’re making the transfer. You can get in touch by phone, via email, visit a branch in person or use any other communication channel available to customers. You’ll also be able to find relevant information on the bank’s website.

The languages the website and support services are provided in will be determined by the bank or banks processing your wire transfer. You can contact them to find out more.

Always keep a record of your wire transfers as this information will come in handy if you find you need to raise an issue.

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Desktop availability:Yes

Mobile availability:Yes


Type:Bank transfer

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