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First deposit casino bonus [Canada]

By Jussi Viljanen. Updated:

First deposit bonus gives you a headstart at an online casino. You can boost your bankroll and multiply your deposit with a wide range of casino deposit bonuses available in Canada!

Find a casino deposit bonus from Bojoko!

Find your casino deposit bonus

On Bojoko, you can find a comprehensive list of different deposit bonuses. Feel free to filter casinos & compare them to match your preferences. From the list below you can find the right casino deposit bonus for you!

Bojoko: A better way to find a first deposit bonus

Finding the right deposit bonus is not always so easy. Bojoko has created a unique search tool to help you find the best possible deposit bonuses with all the information included.


You can use ready-made quick filters to find different types of the most popular deposit bonuses. Quick filters will quickly sort the casinos in order for you. These filters are always created according to what our users prefer the most.


You also have the option to create your own filtering and combine different features if you don't immediately find what you like in the quick filters. Just follow these simple instructions on how to do it:

Discover a good first deposit bonus from Bojoko

What is a casino deposit bonus?

The deposit bonus is the most common bonus that online casinos offer players. Casinos offer a wide variety of bonuses but the most common of all is the traditional first deposit bonus that a player receives when joining a new casino and making their first deposit. If you are looking or interested in no deposit bonuses, you can find them here: No deposit bonus

Three types of deposit bonuses

There are three main types of casino deposit bonuses. You can either get extra cash, free spins or a hybrid with both of these combined.

Amounts can vary a lot between different casinos. Some online casinos can afford to offer players very big bonuses worth thousands of dollars but then smaller casinos may only offer a few dozen extra spins.

This is where Bojoko can help you the most. From our list of deposit bonuses, you can easily glance through different casinos and pick a bonus that gives you the most value!

Deposit bonus terms

When you get extra money from a casino, you should always remember there are terms and conditions involved unless stated clearly otherwise. All deposit bonuses usually have wagering requirements that you need to fulfill before you can withdraw winnings.

Wagering requirements in a nutshell

Wagering requirements for deposit bonuses can vary a lot, but are usually between 20-60x times your bonus amount. Let's go through a simple example how to fulfill a wagering requirement.

Example: You get a C$100 bonus with a 30x times wagering requirement. You need to multiply the bonus amount with the wagering requirement and roll that amount over in games before you can withdraw. In this case it would be C$100 x 30 = C$3000. You need to wager a total of three thousand dollars and all the winnings you have in your account after that are withdrawable. 

Casino first deposit bonus - boost your bankroll

The first deposit bonus is specifically a bonus you get on your very first deposit you make at an online casino. It's a way to welcome new players to new online casinos and a great opportunity to get extra money to play with. What kind of first deposit bonuses can you expect then?

100% deposit bonus

The 100% first deposit bonus is the most traditional welcome bonus you can expect to get. With a 100% bonus, you will double your first deposit.

How does it work?

In most casinos, your real money and bonus money will be kept separate. This means your initial deposit will be in your real money balance and your bonus money will count as your bonus balance. If the deposit bonus is forfeitable, you can cancel it at any time and deposit your real money winnings at any time.

200% casino bonus

Competition is tough between online casinos and some casinos are ready to offer you massive bonuses to win you on their side. This means you can get even 200% casino deposit bonuses, which will triple your deposit.

Example: You decide to join Jackpot Village for example, as they offer a 200% bonus up to C$1000. You make your first deposit of C$50 and get an additional C$100 on top of it! In total your bankroll will be C$150 to start with.

400% - 500% first deposit bonus

In Canada, some casinos offer even a 400% or 500% first deposit bonus. With these bonuses, you can get 4 or 5 times more bonus money on top of your deposit. You can use our search tool on top of this page to filter different bonus sizes easily by creating your custom filter. Go back to the deposit bonus list here.

Free spins for first deposit

In addition to cash, you can also get free spins with the first deposit from some casinos. Online casinos usually credit you with 50 to even 500 free spins. You can get no deposit free spins from some casinos, but usually, the amount is very low. By making a deposit you can claim significantly more spins.

You can also get free spins with a very low deposit. One of the most popular casinos in Canada, Zodiac Casino offers 80 free spins with only a C$1 deposit.

Reload deposit bonus

Even though the first deposit bonus is the most common type of deposit bonus, you can also claim a reload bonus from many casinos. This means you can actually get a deposit bonus again after you have made your first deposit. 

From many casinos, you can claim a bonus for your 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or even 5th deposit sometimes. It's always up to the casino what they want to offer and these days players have the opportunity to claim more than only the first deposit bonus.

What to consider using a reload bonus?

To get a reload bonus, you logically need to use your first deposit bonus first. When you have claimed your first bonus and fulfilled all the wagering requirements, only then you have the chance to deposit again and claim another bonus if it's available. Many times casinos offer reload bonuses as part of their loyalty or VIP-programs.

Make sure you understand the wagering requirements carefully. If you are using your first deposit bonus and get sick of the wagering requirements, you can be sure there are the same terms and conditions for the 2nd one as well. If you don't really understand how wagering requirements work, you can read more about them here.

Example of a reload bonus: bCasino offers a bonus package consisting of three deposit bonuses. 


A deposit bonus is an offer that players can claim from online casinos. When you make a deposit to a casino, you have an opportunity to get extra money to play with, which is called bonus money. Different casinos offer different sizes of bonuses, but usually, you can get anywhere from 50% to 500% deposit bonus to match your deposit. This means your deposit is multiplied by the percentage and you can start playing with more money in your account.

  • Find your preferred casino deposit bonus
  • Register your new account
  • Make your first deposit
  • Claim the bonus & start playing
  • Fill the wagering requirements & withdraw winnings

Online casinos are offering ever-bigger deposit bonuses these days. The size of a deposit bonus can be determined by the percentage or the absolute amount of dollars. Some casinos are offering up to 500% deposit bonuses, but then some casinos can offer lower percentages but up to much more in actual dollars.

Example 1: Unikrn offers a 300% deposit bonus up to C$300. This is one of the biggest bonuses by the percentage you can get in Canada at the moment.

Example 2: Jackpot Village offers a 200% deposit bonus up to C$1000. This means your initial deposit will be tripled all the way up to C$1000. 

These are the biggest deposit bonuses you can get right now from Bojoko. Please note, that you can of course deposit a lower amount also and get the same multipliers.

The minimum deposit for a bonus varies a lot between different online casinos. Usually, it ranges between C$10 and C$20 but there are exceptions too.

Some of the most popular casinos in Canada are Casino ClassicZodiac Casino, and Casino Kingdom. These casinos offer a bonus for only a C$1 deposit. From Casino Classic and Casino Kingdom you can get 40 free spins and 80 free spins from Zodiac Casino.

You can check all the low deposit casinos here.

Almost every online casino has a deposit bonus offer. You can either claim cash, free spins or a hybrid casino deposit bonus. You can find all the deposit bonuses available from Bojoko and our list of deposit bonuses.

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