How to find the best online gambling sites

There's no shortage of online gambling sites in Canada. But how do you choose the best ones to play at? We answer the million-dollar question in this guide.

Experts, authorities, trusted reviews and the like promise to help you find the best gambling sites on the web. It's true that there are some experienced professionals with special insight into the gambling world, but spotting a good gambling site from miles away can be done by anyone with the right training.

Here's what we're going to cover:

What are online gambling sites?

In the broadest sense, online gambling sites are websites where you can gamble. There are literally thousands of them on the internet, so you've probably come across one or played in one before.

Gambling sites are digital platforms allowing you to bet on the outcomes of a variety of games. Some also offer sports betting and fantasy sports.

The possibilities are endless, and that's one of the best things about online gambling sites. You'll never be limited in choice! As wildly different as gambling sites can be, there are features that are common to each one.

A gambling site can specialise as an online casino, an online sports betting platform, an online lottery site or any other exclusive gambling sector. However, online gambling sites are increasingly offering more than one type of gambling on the same site.

These are the essential ingredients of a good, legal gambling site. All gambling sites should clearly exhibit these hallmarks.


Gambling sites are nothing without their games – what would you bet on otherwise?

Games come in all forms. They're usually the digital version of classic offline gambling. On casino sites, you'll find:


Money transfers are an integral part of online gambling sites. You need to be able to deposit and withdraw funds to bet.

All gambling sites should support at least one banking method. This enables you to transfer money into and out of your player account in different ways.

Credit and debit cards, e-wallets (like PayPal and Skrill), and mobile phone payment methods are the most popular.


Support for players is crucial and every gambling site should offer it. This will come into play when you need help using the site, performing an action or solving a problem that crops up.

Customer support in gambling sites is normally provided via email, telephone or live chat. Some online gambling sites also tend to their players via social media or messaging apps.

You can see what sort of support is available on the gambling site itself, in the "Contact", "Support" or "Help" sections.


The best online gambling sites beat the competition with a healthy selection of attractive offers and promotions.

Bonuses for signing up and making your first deposit are very common, and all the top gambling sites have them in abundance.

Your job is to pick the best out of the lot, and we make it super easy for you. Our online casino bonuses are grouped by type and all the relevant information is there for you to look at and compare.

This approach is a fast-track way to getting the best deals on casino offers.

Spotting the best gambling sites

Now that you know what makes a typical, average online gambling site, it's time to learn how to separate the outstanding from the mediocre.

What do the best online gambling sites have that regular gambling sites don't? What about the best gambling sites in Canada? Is there something special you should look for?

Canadian gambling sites

Canadian gambling sites have a permit to offer gambling services to players situated in Canada. All legitimate gambling sites should be in possession of a valid gaming licence issued by a regulatory body, such as the UK Gambling Commission.

Gambling sites claiming to be for Canadian players without clear evidence of such a licence are downright illegal, so steer clear of them.

We have gathered more detailed info about regulation and licensing in a guide to online casino licences.

The second most important factor is the currency. You'll want to play with your Canadian dollars, so the casino should accept C$.

Play in some of the top gambling sites in Canada:


New gambling sites are those that have been launched recently, usually less than a year ago.

They're the promising new kids on the block, always offering a surprise. Some exceed all expectations while others fail to live up to the hype, but it's always good to give new gambling sites a test drive.

New themes, new concepts, new bonuses, new offers and cool new applications of gamification can all be found at new casino sites.

New gambling sites frequently make a leap in the technological department, boasting greater speeds and better mobile experiences.

Check out the best new gambling sites:


Players always expect safe gambling sites, and rightly so. The best gambling sites must also be the safest and be able to provide the player with the smooth, problem-free and pleasant experience they're after.

Here are the security criteria gambling sites need to meet:

Make sure you verify all these aspects of a gambling site to determine whether it's safe enough for you to play at without any concerns.


Mobile gambling sites are the ones you can fully use and play at using your phone or any mobile device.

All the best online gambling sites in Canada are mobile-friendly. They're optimised for an on-the-go player experience based on convenience and simplicity.

Whether it's an exceptional mobile site or a fantastic app, the best mobile gambling sites make it super easy for you to have a punt whenever, wherever.

Play with your phone in our collection of the best mobile gambling sites:

Mobile banking methods are a big asset to mobile gambling sites. They offer players the ability to do everything with their phone with zero additives.

If you want to use just your smartphone or tablet to pay and play, there are several mobile gambling sites offering that option:


Bitcoin has been the most popular cryptocurrency for gambling sites for many years. As it increases in value and crosses over to the mainstream, bitcoin gambling sites are becoming more prevalent and varied.

The best bitcoin gambling sites have all the trimmings of the best online gambling sites, and accommodate crypto players.

Clear, useful information about how to gamble with bitcoin should be readily available. Other resources are also welcome, as are games with a crypto theme and exclusive bitcoin bonuses.

Get into crypto gaming in the best bitcoin gambling sites:


Gambling sites that accept PayPal are considered more secure and trustworthy than average.

Why? Because PayPal is the world's number 1 e-wallet and it follows strict codes of conduct. The PayPal brand is a guarantee that the gambling site is credible enough to warrant a seal of approval from the payment heavyweight.

PayPal casino sites offer all the benefits of depositing and withdrawing funds from the e-wallet, and good support to boot.

Play at the best PayPal gambling sites:

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