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Bojoko helps you understand what ChargebackHelp is and how it works. Established in 2014, ChargebackHelp is a company providing chargeback assistance to merchants and companies. Their services include chargeback prevention, chargeback representation, and chargeback recovery. With the help of ChargebackHelp, businesses like online casinos can protect their revenue and improve their chargeback ratio.

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On this page, you'll find helpful information about ChargebackHelp - what it is, how it works, and how it is a valuable service for businesses like online casinos.


What is a chargeback?

The term "chargeback" refers to a transaction in which the issuing bank transfers money back from the merchant to the customer's account after the customer has escalated a dispute against the merchant. Chargebacks are different from refunds, which the customer would receive directly from the merchant.

About ChargebackHelp

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ChargebackHelp is a chargeback management solution provider, meaning they offer chargeback assistance to merchants and businesses. ChargebackHelp currently has two offices, one in California (US), and one in Romania.

ChargebackHelp assists merchants and businesses by providing a variety of services that help businesses to prevent disputes which can occur by credit card holders requesting a refund. ChargebackHelp can effectively prevent disputes, provide refund alerts, and make representment easier. 

ChargebackHelp is able to offer Ethoca Alerts through their partnership with Mastercard and Ethoca, and they're also integrated with Visa's RDR (Rapid Dispute Resolution) and Verifi's CDRN®.

According to Verifi, each chargeback can cost the merchant up to $100. Merchants lose approximately $2.40 for every dollar lost to a chargeback fraud.

Services ChargebackHelp provides

ChargebackHelp and online casinos

As a player, you will not really notice ChargebackHelp, as they are a B2B business and deal mainly with online casinos. Online casinos do get their fair share of charge disputes and friendly frauds, and ChargebackHelp can significantly help with these issues.


ChargebackHelp is a B2B service for merchants and businesses. The main purpose is to help prevent disputes and reduce chargebacks by merging all disputes.

As a player, you'll probably never encounter ChargebackHelp when playing in an online casino, as ChargebackHelp deals with the business (in this case, the casino) itself instead of the consumer.

A chargeback process starts after a customer files a dispute with their credit card company. The issuing bank transfers the money back to the customer from the merchant if the dispute is decided in the favour of the customer.


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