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Casinos on the ComeOn! platform

By Lauri Ronkainen. Updated:

ComeOn! is an online casino company which was bought by the Cherry Group in 2017. After the merger, all new brands of the group have been launched on ComeOn! casino platform. Discover why players who try ComeOn! online casinos tend to stick to their choice.

List of ComeOn! sister sites

ComeOn! casino sites are owned by Co Gaming Ltd. They are extremely mobile-friendly, offer a fair bonus system and feature a full-blooded sportsbook with live betting. All ComeOn! sites are licensed by MGA, the international brands also feature a license from the UK Gambling Commission. See the list of every ComeOn! site available for UK players.

What makes the ComeOn! casino platform special?

ComeOn has brought together a massive gaming selection together with sports betting opportunities to all punters. Gaming categories include slot machines, live dealer games and online scratch cards.

By combining a sleek interface and simplifying the user-journey, we have been to boost the user experience through key aspects of our platform.

Our platform implements a flexible bonus system, numerous payment methods, fast payout and KYCs, multilingual customer support and an intelligent CRM system

It is one of the most efficient online gambling platforms on the gambling market today, which helps operators focus on their customer, without having to worry about the operational side of things.

Game Suppliers

The ComeOn! label is home to some of the most impressive collections of software game providers, including:

ComeOn! is continually working on building up its game library, by including new games. It currently has more than 1,000 games in its arsenal.

Payment methods

ComeOn! accepts a wide array of payment methods, both for deposits and withdrawals. We only partner up with trustworthy payment providers that have been deemed safe and secure:

Deposit methods include.:

The full listing of payment options is listed under the Information -> Payment Methods. Some banking methods are available only for deposits; most can also be used for withdrawals.


The ComeOn! brands are fully licensed and regulated by multiple jurisdictions:

In addition to these, there are several other licenses in the pipeline.

Interview with Stephen Clibbon, Affiliate Manager at ComeOn!

What are your plans for 2021 when it comes to expansion?

Well, 2020 wasn't the year that anyone in the world had predicted coming. 2020 has changed the business world in many ways and that is no different in the gambling industry. The ComeOn! Group has been in a position to adapt its approach throughout the year allowing us to change our focus where necessary as the year has unfolded. After the year 2020, the plans for 2021 still remain as they were but with a slightly different outlook as the world we live in changes.

We will be looking to continue to focus on our customers in our core markets to be able to offer the best products and services we can while also pushing our boundaries into new markets where we see the ComeOn! group excelling in. 2020 saw the ComeOn! group launch in Canada and India and keep your eye on 2021 as we will be aiming to offer our products and services in more countries.

How do you ensure that your platform fits in with the theme of the casino?

Making sure the style, design and feel of a brand fits the platform it is being built on is key to the overall success of how that brand will do. Every customer, no matter the product, wants the product the do as smooth and easy to use as possible.

This means when designing updates or new brands we have to make sure that all platform features are built with the customers' experience in mind. This being said at the ComeOn! Group we are in a lucky position where we have over 20 different brands across two different platforms, this allows us to use past experience and intel to help create the best possible user experience for all of our brands on both platforms.

How long does it take you to launch a brand?

Launching a brand is a very long process and from the initial idea phase to the launch of the site, depends on the resources available to the project. There are lots of details that need to go into creating a new brand that requires a lot of different teams all coming together and ending up with the same vision and outcome. Firstly, you need a mastermind to come up with the idea for the new brand and spot a need for it in the market.

Then you will require tech teams to come together with designers to make sure the look and feel of the brand are exactly as you would have wanted, along with creating all the integrations needed to be able to offer the latest casino games, payment methods and more to the players to enjoy the new brand to the fullest extent. Then before any of this can be launched it all needs to be tested to make sure the new brand will run as smoothly as it can for the new customers to enjoy.

Is the platform customisable according to brand needs?

In the ComeOn! group we are lucky to be able to work with two different platforms to be able to offer different style and experience with our brands. That being said we need to be able to be flexible enough in order for us to be able to offer the best possible service and experience for the players on all the brands.

Flexibility and customizable is a massive part of being about to do that. The tech world is always changing and always allowing everyone different ways to access the internet and services on it. We need to be able to keep up and even be ahead of threads and this is only possible with flexibility.

The tech world is always changing and always allowing everyone different ways to access the internet and services on it. We need to be able to keep up and even be ahead of threads and this is only possible with flexibility.
Stephen Clibbon, ComeOn! Group

How does the flexible bonus system work and how is this beneficial to players?

Flexibility in any industry is massive and is a must for all companies. In the gambling industry, this is always something we need to be able to offer due to changes that can occur at the last second.

The ComeOn! group offers a wide range of bonus types and structures across different brands and different markets. This benefits us to be able to offer the best possible bonuses for new and existing players. This is even the case in tightly regulated markets.

Why did you decide to continue running the old Cherry brands on their own platform instead of migrating them to the ComeOn platform?

This decision was made as we didn't want the brands to lose their current identity. Some of the older Cherry brands have been around for many years and the style and look of the brand goes as far as the brand name itself.

Although there have been updates to the site and style of the site over the years the core design and style is still there for the players to recognise and still get the feel of the old brands they love to use. Both platforms are very good platforms and have benefits in using them. We have even recently launched our latest Manekchi brand in Japan on our Xcaliber platform as we felt this was the best fit for the brand we wanted creating,

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