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Salsa Technology is a well-known game supplier that was launched back in 2012. This South American company was known as Patagonia Entertainment, before undergoing a complete re-brand.

The company started off producing video-bingo games in the early days for online casinos. After several years of successfully producing such games, it delved into the world of casino games.

Since 2014, Salsa Technology has been crafting and producing mobile-ready games. This new-found success helped new punters discover the company and made them one of the most prominent leaders of video-bingo providers in Latin America.

Salsa Technology is more than just a game developer. They provide new casinos with turnkey solutions, white label branding or even a self-service platform to operate on. Everything from hosting to actually running your casino site, Salsa Technology has a solution for it all.

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Interview with Pedro Baldriz, Game Product Manager at Salsa Technology

  • What makes you stand out from the crowd? What makes you different from other game providers?

    Our games stand out from the competition not only thanks to their quality, but because they are games designed from scratch for the Latin American market.

    We take into account the tastes of the players, as well as the limitations (connection speed, etc.) that exist in the different regions of Latin America. Our games have a very fast learning curve which makes them ideal for all operations.

  • What are your favourite Salsa Technology in-game features? How do you think they have augmented player experience?

    Our favourite in-game feature is the extra-balls element. From the very beginning we started developing immersive online Video Bingo games, where the extra balls became synonymous with Salsa Technology.

    These instantly caught our players' imagination and the operators loved the feature as it's where maximum profit is generated. Over the years we have developed new and interesting features, such as the different bonus stages that bring the games to life and enhance player experiences.

  • Are there any plans to expand to other markets? Are you looking into acquiring more licenses?

    Yes. Currently, Salsa Technology has a strong presence in Latin America and Western Europe, and we are expanding into Eastern European and Asian regions.

    Regarding new licenses, we are close to finalising our MGA license and expect confirmation soon. We're watching Brazilian developments very closely and are in the perfect position to expand into this hugely exciting market once the green light is given.

    Our intention is to continue obtaining licenses for all regulated markets to provide the framework for Salsa Technology's bright future.

  • How many games are you planning on releasing in the future? What features can we look forward to?

    These past years have clearly been a little different, but we have adapted to successfully navigate through these uncertain times. We're proud to say the business is still growing and we're supporting that expansion with four new games.

    These will be released later this year and there is huge anticipation about our inaugural slot game developed by our outstanding creative studio.

  • How do you go about the development of the game? How does the creative process work at Salsa?

    Our game creation process involves every one of our teams. We encourage all our team members to contribute to idea generation and it has produced some incredible results.

    Our company philosophy touches all parts of the business. We have our team of Creatives who work together with the Marketing team to analyse market trends and then form the theme to set against the narrative.

    Once we have collated all the ideas in a GDD document (game design document), we get the art department, development team and the mathematics hub to work together on the next stages. Before we launch our games to the market, we conduct small field tests to monitor player behaviour and, if necessary, adjust small details.

  • How does the South American gambling scene differ in your opinion from that of Europe's?

    They are totally different markets owing to the cultures. The Latin American player does not necessarily have the same affinity with games that resonate with European players. This dynamic is reflected across all verticals, but especially in Sports and Bingo.

    The European market is often considered more ‘mature' since the gambling industry has been regulated for a longer period. Latin America is undergoing regulation in several key regions and others are amending current laws.

    These regularization processes influence the modes and customs of the players. An adaptation period is inevitable for those players who have been playing for years in unregulated markets.

  • Where do you see the igaming industry heading in the coming years? Are there any new technologies that you think will emerge and shake up the industry?

    We certainly believe that the industry is undergoing a major shift. A new player generation is taking shape that has new interests and a perfect example is the rise of eSports.

    It is difficult to have the crystal ball to give an exact answer, but we believe that the industry will begin to mix with the video gaming space, incorporating similar technologies.

  • Which are your all-time top 3 Salsa games and why?

    We always answer this question with great pride, our most important games are and will be the Pachinko series. It is a very strong theme in Latin America that has been with us for years.

    At the same time, we are launching highly innovative games, also with localised themes, such as our most recent Jogo dos Bichos Praia. Which has been a huge success in Brazil.

  • How have you ensured that your games adapt to various operating systems and screen sizes?

    We develop all our games in HTML5, a highly adaptive technology that has given us excellent results adapting to different operating systems and mobile devices.

  • Do you do marketing research and analysis of your key target players? How do you decide on variance, etc?

    Yes, it is part of our game development process to involve the Marketing, Operation and Sales teams. They are the ones at the front line of the market, the clients and therefore the players.

    We believe that the input of these teams is vitally important, so before developing each game there is a meticulous study of the market in which we decide to launch the game and the behaviour of the players.

  • What do you think are the biggest challenges game providers are facing today and how are you addressing these challenges?

    We believe that the biggest challenge today is the number of games that are released. Over the years we have seen new providers emerge trying to quickly replicate successful games.

    This causes the market to become saturated with low-quality games, very similar to each other. We understand that the challenge is to stand out from the rest and this is aligned with our regularization policy.

    This is where the biggest differentiator rests. Following on from the previous question, new players are arriving with fresh interests from areas like video games and we must incorporate these to stay relevant.

  • How does responsible gambling differ in South America from that of Europe's?

    Latin America is currently in the process of regularization, this makes operations quickly standardize and align with each other. It is inevitable that responsible gambling measures are defined and applied more and more.

    We are part of the entertainment industry and therefore applying these measures is necessary and incredibly important to guarantee the health of all players.

    Again, Europe is a more ‘mature' market in this sense, simply because it has been regularized for longer. All of us who are part of the gaming industry and who have a presence in Latin America, must support players during this regularisation process and help educate them about responsible gaming.

Unfortunately, Salsa Technology games are unavailable for UK players as the provider is not licensed by the UK Gambling Commission at the moment.

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Discover Salsa Technology casino games

Number of games

Game types available

General information

Desktop games

The company is better known for its video-bingo games that are available in a variety of themes. These games come with interesting in-game features, including free rounds, bonus rounds as well as many other prizes.

However, Salsa Technology is also the name behind a number of slot machines. Games are available either on three or five reels and cover a wide range of themes.

Although the games are akin to bingo and keno, these games work similar to a slot game. Instead of clicking on the ‘spin' button, you click on the ‘play' button. The game will work its magic and daub any matching numbers.

Number of desktop games: 17

Mobile games

Salsa Technology has dedicated themselves to creating their own games with a mobile-first approach. Every Salsa Studio game release works on all mobile devices.

Whether you want to play on your desktop PC, or on the go, now you have ample freedom to play on any operating device. The games are built adaptive to any device or screen. They even run inside your web browser, so you don't need any additional software to operate them.

As long as you have a steady internet connection, you'll be able to enjoy an immersive gambling experience.

Number of mobile games: 17

Live games

There are currently no live dealer games available.

Number of live games: 0

Jackpot games

All the games available by Salsa Technology come with their own jackpot prize. These are not progressive jackpots, but rather big static wins that you can reach for.

Number of jackpot games: 17


Salsa Technology works with all regulatory authorities as well as the best legal firms across Latin America. They offer licensing advice to all casino operators.

All game licences:

Safe and responsible gambling

Salsa Technology has an excellent relationship with its partners and licensors. As the games are made available for more and more countries, they need to follow stricter and more complex laws. Salsa Technology follows these regulations to the letter.

They actively promote safe and responsible gambling within the relevant jurisdictions. The games are fair, tested and licensed.


The games are available in a wide range of currencies depending on the jurisdiction. The games are adaptive and can be played on your local currency. In short, if you can use it in the casino, you can use it to play Salsa Technology's games.

Supported game currencies:
EUR (€), USD ($)


Salsa Technology's games are available in a wide range of languages including English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Supported game languages:
English, Spanish, Portuguese


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