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Online slots reviews give you a good idea of what to expect from the game. On Bojoko, we focus on accurate, comparable information and personal experiences from our community. In our slots reviews, you'll find tons of data and unique insights from seasoned players.

Best slot reviews by Bojoko community

Read what real players just like you are saying about slots:

Dungeon Immortal Evil was reviewed by Hylkymorko
Is this s slot? It has no reels nor rows and looks like a 3rd person fantasy adventure game. Still I gave it a go and en...
User's rating:
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Rich Wilde and the Tome of Madness was reviewed by Hylkymorko
“That is not dead which can eternal lie, and with strange aeons even death may die.” Game opens with the famous lines of...
User's rating:
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Vampire: The Masquerade™ – Las Vegas was reviewed by Hylkymorko
I had no idea that this game series also included a slot game! I've played original roleplaying game as well as the com...
User's rating:
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Hall of the Mountain King was reviewed by Mursulaattori
The music! Haven't seen many slots based on classical music, and this song is insanely catchy. The graphics are good too...
User's rating:
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Latest reviews from our slot testers

We asked experienced players to play the online slot machines and give their honest account. Read their reviews to get a detailed picture of the slots and whether they're worth playing for real money. You can see a full list of our testers on the Authors page.

Joker Splash was tested by Kati Saari
The developer Gamzix came out swinging with Joker Splash. But is the game a splash or did it just sink to the bottom? ...
Tester's rating:
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Immortal Romance was tested by Kati Saari
Immortal Romance is a legendary slot that has now been completely remastered. Check out the new and improved slot. Mi...
Tester's rating:
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Power Force Villains was tested by Martin Anastasov
Power Force Villains is like the edgy, avant-garde and reckless brother compared to his near-identical twin, Power Force...
Tester's rating:
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Power Force Heroes was tested by Martin Anastasov
A group of friends can change the world if they decide to, but that would require bazookas, steel armours, a hideout fil...
Tester's rating:
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Criteria for the slot ratings

On Bojoko, both the players and the casino testers can give written feedback and a numeric rating. We appreciate all the comments, but also want to give everybody a common framework for the slot ratings. That way, the scores are comparable and provide more value to the community.

Game design

The game design score measures the slot's appearance.

The preferences for good design may vary between players. However, both good and bad looking games usually stand out.

A good looking game may be forgiven what it lacks in originality or features. Conversely, outdated or ugly graphics will turn players away from an otherwise brilliant slot.

The game is exceptionally well-designed and visually engaging.
The appearance and the graphics are of good quality.
The graphics and design are OK and don't cause a strong reaction one way or the other.
The game has many aesthetic issues.
Poor graphics are the main reason you don't want to play this game.


The gameplay score is the measure of user interface and technical playability.

These days, players expect a lot in terms of usability. The games should run without issues and the interface should be responsive, logical and easy to use.

Every element works smoothly. The interface is appealing and very easy to use.
The user-friendly game interface creates a pleasant gaming experience.
Gameplay and user interface are OK but a few improvements wouldn't hurt.
The game doesn't work as it should.
Many user interface issues. The poor usability makes the game difficult to play.


The most exciting moments and the biggest wins can usually be accessed via the bonus game and other special features. They spice up the slot and provide more entertainment than the base game.

There's a huge range of features in modern slots. You'll find explanations in the slot listings and more detailed descriptions in the Slot tester reviews. On our Online slots page, we list and explain the most popular features.

The features need to be clearly designed and familiar enough to use. At the same time, they should bring something new to the table. A tall order indeed.

Multiple innovative features offer entertainment and fit the main game well.
There are several special features, but they lack in originality or entertainment value.
Special features are common and uninnovative.
Very few features with little entertainment value.
No special features at all.

Game sounds

The game sounds score measures the quality of music and sound effects. At their best, they fit the theme and build an immersive gaming experience. Sounds help players follow what's happening on the screen.

Conversely, boring or glitchy sounds push players away.

Brilliant sound environment supports and complements the immersive experience.
Music and sounds are used well.
Music and sounds are OK but need improvement.
Very basic sound effects. The game may lack music altogether.
Very poor sound environment.

Mobile gaming

Players expect to be able to play their favourite games on any device, and game studios deliver. Games should run equally well on laptops, tablets and smartphones.

The most mobile-friendly suppliers design the games in a way that makes them especially well-suited for touchscreens and small displays.

The mobile-first design shows in the intuitive user interface, e.g. easy switching between portrait and landscape mode, and easy one-hand usability.
The game runs smoothly on any device and the interface is easy to use.
The mobile version isn't defective or stripped, but the game clearly wasn't designed for mobile.
The mobile version is a barebones version of the desktop version and lacks some features.
The game doesn't run on mobile.


The originality score measures the game's ability to bring something unique to the table. This encompasses all the areas mentioned above, plus the theme of the game.

Is the game just another run-of-the-mill slot: a reskin with the same old features and gameplay? Or does it experiment with something completely new?

A completely unique game that pushes boundaries.
An innovative approach to a familiar theme or features.
A recognisable style with some attempt.
Re-skin that follows the safe old patterns.
A bulk game with zero effort.

Bojoko score

We have created two additional meters to help you gauge the slot quality. You can now find Bojoko score and supplier score on every slot review.

They give you an idea of how good the slot is based on the numeric data. These visualised meters compare 10 data points across every slot listed on Bojoko. They include:


All the registered users of Bojoko can review and rate slots. In addition, members can review online casinos and game suppliers.

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Slot testers are experienced players and or casino industry veterans. With their expertise, slot testers can give a balanced, transparent and detailed account of the game.

With similar logic, we've recently added casino tester reviews on Bojoko.

If you want to become a slot tester, check out our Careers page.

Article by:

Lauri Ronkainen

Lauri has worked in online gambling for 4 years reviewing hundreds of online casinos, bonuses and games. Lauri has a masters degree in history from the University of Tampere. He is a live casino aficionado who has also created his very own roulette strategy.

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