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These are the most frequently asked questions about playing in UK online casinos. Drop us a line if your question isn't answered here. We promise to serve you the answer in a flash!

You can also read through our online casino guide for beginners for a comprehensive look into the full experience if you've yet to taste the thrills for the first time.

General information

What is an online casino?

An online casino (also known as an internet casino) is an online version of the traditional ("brick and mortar") casino.

Online casinos allow gamblers to play and wager on different casino games over the internet, with real money.

While online casinos retain many aspects of the traditional casinos and are very similar, online casinos can be accessed online regardless of the time or place.

Our platform brings together enthusiastic online casino fans from all over the UK and further afield, creating a stimulating community environment where you can interact freely with other players and online casinos.

Online casinos continue to enjoy a steady rise in popularity but if you've never played casino games or placed bets online, it's natural to feel slightly apprehensive about the process.

Selecting an online casino from the seemingly endless choice available can be daunting, but the trick is to get started, and experience (as well as our collection of helpful guides) will do the rest.

How do online casinos differ from land-based casinos?

While the core essence of online casinos and land-based casinos is the same, there are, of course, some major differences between them.

The most important difference is that you can play in online casinos whenever and wherever you like without physically going anywhere.

This is very convenient and a major reason why players increasingly prefer the online casino environment as opposed to the land-based one.

On top of this, mobile casinos are nowadays making online gaming even more accessible round the clock and on the go – perfect for the younger generations which prioritise technology and mobility.

Why should you play in an online casino?

There are several unique advantages to playing in online casinos. Here are the most attractive ones:

  • You can always play from the comforts of your own home without ever having to leave. It makes playing really easy and effortless – you can make bets and win money while still in your pyjamas!
  • You've got plenty of different game alternatives and you never have to wait for your turn.
  • Online casino jackpots offer larger profits than most land-based casinos, and the online payout rates are much higher.
  • Casino bonuses, promotions, free spins, free cash games and welcome bonuses give you a headstart when playing online.

How should you select your online casino?

Choosing an online casino is often a difficult task for new players, owing to the vast number on offer. This is where detail plays an important role.

In the same way you'd shop around for a mobile phone, pay attention to the key features of the casino. Compare one with the other and make the right decision based on the specifications that best suit your pocket and skill level.

The crucial things to consider are the game conditions and rewards, as well as the reputability and safety of the online casino.

The easiest and quickest way to see how good an online casino is by reading our casino reviews and checking out the ratings and comments given by other players. These reveal valuable information that will inform your choice before you commit to playing.

It is perfectly legal for anyone over the legal age of 18 to play in online casinos in the UK.

Who can play in online casinos?

Online casinos in the UK are open to anyone over 18, as dictated by British law and the Gambling Commission – the licensing and regulatory body for all gambling activity in the UK.

Underage gambling is strictly prohibited and players must be over 18 to open an account and participate in online casino games.

Users under the age of 18 will be prohibited from creating a player account and continuing on to gameplay. The minimum legal age may vary from one country to the other, depending on the location you're accessing the site from.

Can I play in a casino which does not have a UK gambling licence?

If you're accessing Bojoko from the UK, all the online casinos listed on the site will have a valid UK gaming licence.

If you're outside the UK, you may have access to online casinos which don't have a UK gambling licence but hold a valid licence from another country, such as Malta, Gibraltar, Isle of Man, and others.

The difference between a licensed and an unlicensed UK casino is simple: in unlicensed casinos, you don't enjoy the quality guarantees and protections you get with licensed casinos.

We routinely screen our listings to make sure that the casinos listed on Bojoko are 100% legitimate and licensed.

Do I need to pay taxes on online casino winnings?

No, you don't need to pay taxes on any winnings from online casinos if you're a resident in the UK and the online casino in question has a valid UK gambling licence.

Beware casinos without a valid UK gambling licence as they might have hidden taxes on winnings, which might come as a nasty shock to those used to no taxation.

Can I try online casino games with play money before depositing real money?

Most online casinos offer the opportunity to test the game with play money before moving on to real money gambling.

You can often use play money before you even open a player account, so this is a good litmus test for the quality of a casino game and its winning potential.

Once you're comfortable with the game, you can move on to depositing and winning real money.

Can you win money in online casinos?

You can certainly win money in online casinos – millions of players around the world can vouch for this, having played and won real money repeatedly.

The majority of online casino games are based on chance, meaning that winning is entirely dependent on luck.

You can choose to play online slots for real money using a no deposit bonus or with the best online casino sign-up bonus.

With a good dose of luck, you'll win something in the casino. Having fun and being entertained remain essential to the experience.

You should never play money you can't afford to lose because this will spoil the fun and make playing a risky business.

Safety and reliability

Is it really safe to play in online casinos?

Understandably, the question of safety is always at the forefront of players' minds, especially if you're totally new to gambling online.

Each casino featured on Bojoko requires a gambling licence issued by the UK Gambling Commission, certifying its legitimacy on the spot.

The Gambling Commission has a very strict set of requirements and benchmarks for issuing gambling licences that casinos have to meet and maintain in order to hold on to their licence.

The casinos on Bojoko are regularly vetted to ensure they meet the standard safety criteria that align with our wholesome gaming values.

We have a zero-tolerance policy for rogue gambling sites, which if found to be acting maliciously, will be immediately removed from the site and blacklisted forever.

So the answer to this question is a firm YES. It really is safe to play in online casinos, as long as you follow simple measures to ensure your safety, and exercise common sense and good judgement when choosing an online casino.

What kind of casinos should I avoid?

Avoid rogue online casinos as these are hotspots for bad gambling practices, poor player treatment and withholding of winnings.

While they may not always be readily distinguishable from higher quality ones, rogue online casinos earn a bad reputation due to their payout issues, lack of randomness in the gameplay, false advertising, spamming of players and other serious shortcomings.

Keeping track of what's out there should be fairly easy if you read our trusted reviews.

Be selective in your choice and look out for the classic warning signs of a dodgy casino, such as confusing or no references to its valid licence, very limited options for depositing money, a non-secure connection (http:// instead of https:// in the URL), bad reviews, insufficient contact information and lack of testing certification.

How are online casinos regulated?

Online casinos are regulated by the UK Gambling Commission, the main authority responsible for regulating the gambling industry in Britain.

The Gambling Commission has the power to grant, extend, suspend and revoke gambling licences in the UK and regulates businesses through stringent screening and vetting to ensure quality, fairness and legitimacy.

Casinso have to meet a demanding list of requirements to qualify for a licence and must uphold these standards to continue operating the business.

The Gambling Commission takes non-compliance very seriously and takes due action in all cases where malpractice is evident.

Which licensing bodies are the most reputable ones?

The UK Gambling Commission is the highest authority and most reputable licensing body in Britain.

Bojoko is also a member of the Gambling Portal Webmasters Association (GPWA), an association that brings together affiliates and affiliate programs from all over the world.

While not a licensing body, this platform provides yet another mark of reputability that elevates us from the rest.

How safe is transferring money to and from online casinos?

Transactions carried out in casinos listed on Bojoko are safe.

Online casino sites use SSL encryption, a system long in use by major banks and online businesses worldwide to safeguard sensitive information as it travels through the web.

SSL encryption transforms data into a non-readable format and prevents it from being accessed or abused by ill-willed interlopers.

This means that whenever you enter sensitive financial information to transfer money to and from an online casino, any intercepting outlet will have almost no chance of decoding it into anything meaningful.

You can make monetary transactions on the casino sites in total peace of mind.

How do I know that an online casino is not a scam?

Trustworthy online casinos always have a valid licence in place and are not afraid to show it. Online casinos running scams will almost always have substandard features on the site that look suspicious and are of poor quality.

The online casino should have an authentic office address, visible accreditation, good gaming software, a responsive site, genuine contact channels, a variety of deposit and withdrawal methods and realistic bonuses and promotions.

These are the hallmarks of a good casino and if one or more are missing, you should dig deeper to find out if it's legitimate, or steer clear of it altogether.

A great way to know a casino isn't a scam is through our players' reviews.

How do online casinos pay you?

Collecting your winnings from online casinos is very easy.

First, you should be aware of a casino's withdrawal policy even before you deposit any money as this will contain rules and conditions that you have to follow to be able to withdraw money at a later stage. For example, some might have minimum and maximum amounts that can be withdrawn.

Once you request a withdrawal, the casino will check that all the required documentation for anti-money laundering purposes is in order and any bonus or wagering requirements have been met.

E-wallets (or online wallets) are a popular option because they streamline the withdrawal process, but you can also receive the funds through a regular bank account using online banking facilities, via debit or credit card, or even a postal cheque.

Are online casinos rigged?

It's normal to wonder whether an online casino is a scam if you're a novice or have been playing for a while without winning.

In these cases, you may begin to doubt the randomness in casino games and if they employ unfair tactics stacked against the player.

For the majority of online casinos – especially if they hold a valid UK licence – this is not the case. The mechanism of the casino games is controlled by a random number generator that cannot be influenced externally.

The random number generator is verified by game testers and checked at regular intervals by a third party. So the answer is no, online casino games are always programmed to give a random outcomes and they are not rigged.

Can online casinos ban you for winning?

Online casinos cannot ban you for winning repeatedly or continuously if the casino in question is a good, reputable one. If your winnings fit within reasonable probability bounds, you almost certainly won't be banned from continuing to play and win.

A rogue online casino might ban you or try to cheat you of your winnings, especially if you're winning large sums of money or winning frequently. Never take a chance on a shady online casino – read our tips for recognising one.

Player accounts

How do I open a player account in an online casino?

Opening a player account is quick and easy.

  1. Choose your casino with our casino selection tool.
  2. Fill out the details requested in the registration form and create a username and password.
  3. You might be asked to input a bonus code to receive a welcome or deposit bonus.
  4. Normally, you'll then receive a link via email to activate your account and complete the registration. Some casinos will also send a back-up via text message to your mobile phone number. 

Once you've verified your account, you can start playing.

What can I do if I lose or forget my login details?

You should store your player account login details in a safe place for future use.

If you forget one or the other, however, don't worry. Most casinos have a simple "Forgot password?" link. Click it, follow the instructions and you'll either be emailed your old password or sent a temporary password so you can log into your account again.

If the password is temporary, remember to set a new password when you're logged back in.

If you've forgotten your username (and it's different from your email address), you can contact the casino's customer service to retrieve it. Otherwise, use the "Forgot username?" feature, which wend your original username via email to the address you used to sign up.

If you've lost both your username and password, logging into your old account is a little more difficult. In this case, we recommend contacting the casino's customer support, which will advise you on the next steps to take.

The customer service team will usually request some of your personal details in addition to the information provided when you opened the account.

Can I close or delete my player account?

If you want to close or delete your player account, contact the casino's customer support to let them know you want to permanently close your account. They will advise you on what to do so that the request is carried out effectively.

What do I need to do if my personal information (e.g. address or phone number) changes?

Changing your personal details is easily done via your "Account details" (or similarly named) section in your player account. You can 

The new information will sometimes need to be verified, in which case you must produce certain documents as evidence.

If this option isn't available – and as a rule of thumb – we recommend getting in touch with customer support so you can follow the correct procedure for updating your personal information according to the casino's policy.

What happens if I create another account by mistake or on purpose?

You should not create another player account in any online casino if you already have one. Creating an extra account apart from your primary one is strictly forbidden. Every player is entitled to one welcome bonus or deposit bonus upon signing up, which can be used only once per player.

If you already have an account in an online casino and create another by mistake, you must immediately take the necessary steps to delete it. Contact the online casino's customer service with your request and they will advise you on what to do to erase the account.

Online casinos actively investigate player activity that is potentially dishonest, and any violation of the rules will lead to disciplinary action. For instance, if one player is found to have created two different accounts to benefit from the welcome bonuses or promotions offered, the accounts will be closed and any winnings will be frozen.


Do I need to download and install software to play in an online casino?

In the past, it was quite common for online casinos to need a separate casino software program to function properly. Nowadays, however, this is rather uncommon and it's become a widespread practice to play online on browsers without downloading additional software.

All of the online casinos on Bojoko work on standard browsers, so you don't need to download any extra programs to enjoy all aspects of gameplay. Furthermore, mobile gaming is available in virtually all of the online casinos on a browser, without the need for downloading a separate mobile app.

What happens if my internet connection drops during a real money game?

Internet connections come and go and on occasion, your internet connection will drop while you're in the middle of playing a real money game in an online casino. Online casinos understand this is bound to happen and the games are designed in such a way that the player never loses a betting round if the connection is abruptly lost.

If the connection drops in the middle of a game, the game will restart automatically as soon as the connection is recovered. If you win money, the winnings will show up as usual in your account.

How can I be sure that online casinos will run on my computer?

Since many online casinos employ advanced graphics that are really quite spectacular, they might not be compatible with old PCs. Operating system requirements vary slightly between online casinos and the games on offer, but it's safe to say that you should be using Windows XP or better for online casinos to run without any problems.

You'll also need the latest versions of popular web browsers (such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer etc.) and Adobe Flash Player to enjoy the player experience in full.

Many online casinos also require cookies to be enabled on the site for all the games to work smoothly.

Are mobile casinos as safe as their desktop and laptop versions?

Yes, mobile casinos are definitely as safe as their desktop and laptop versions. Nowadays, all the best online casinos have a mobile version that is simple and pleasant to navigate.

You can access mobile casinos on your smartphone, whether it has iOS, Android or a Windows operating system. Naturally, the newer the version and the more powerful your mobile device is, the better the graphics will be and the smoother the games will run.

Support and banking

Do online casinos offer support and how can I contact them?

All high-quality online casinos offer their players a high level of support and quality customer service. The most common support channels are live chat, phone and email, and you can choose to contact them through any of these. Customer service is guaranteed at least during normal business hours, but many online casinos offer 24/7, round-the-clock support.

How does online casino banking work and what depositing methods are available?

Online casino banking is simply a way of managing your money effectively when you play at online casinos. There are a set of different deposit and withdrawal methods that cater to players' different preferences and needs. Among the most popular depositing methods are online bank transfers using a regular bank account, e-wallets (such as Skrill and NETELLER) and credit cards (such as VISA and MasterCard).

All of the above methods are 100% reliable and safe, so you can choose the one which suits you best after familiarising yourself with the conditions set by the online casino for each depositing method.

Do online casinos offer games in pounds sterling (£)?

Yes, plenty of online casinos offer games in Great British Pounds (GBP £), so you don't have to convert your currency into another and incur extra fees or charges.

The accepted currency can be verified by reading the online casino reviews, so check these out to be sure. You will also sometimes have the option of selecting your preferred currency.

Can I use a money transfer method which is not in my name?

We strongly recommend that you use don't money transfer methods that are not in your own name. Even if you manage to deposit money successfully using a money transfer method not in your name, you will need to present evidence to prove your identity and how you're eligible to use the money transfer methods for the deposit, despite the mismatch. This is why problems will likely arise down the line, so it's better to stick to money transfer methods that are exclusively in your name.

Can I withdraw with a different method than what I used for depositing?

In general, it's preferable to make withdrawals using the same method you used to make a deposit. However, withdrawals are possible with all online casino banking options, so they can be made using a different method than what you used for depositing money.

If you initially deposit money with VISA or MasterCard, for instance, you should be able to withdraw to your bank account, although casinos prefer you to deposit and withdraw using the same money transfer method.

How long do deposits and withdrawals usually take?

Deposits are almost always processed immediately, regardless of your money transfer method. For withdrawals, the money transfer method will affect the processing time, but this is usually done anywhere from within a few hours to 5 working days.

You should check the specific online casino's estimated deposit and withdrawal time as they will vary from one to the other.

How much are the banking fees usually?

Banking fees are dependent on the online casino and the money transfer method used. The e-wallet Trustly, for example, charges no fees most of the time. Other methods incur small banking fees as handling costs.

What is the minimum amount I can deposit?

The minimum deposit amount varies between online casinos and different money transfer methods, but it's most often within the range of £5-£10.

Why do I need to send different documents before withdrawing?

Online casinos are obliged by law and regulators to assure their players' true identity and age. This is why you need to present different documents to the online casino before making a withdrawal. Verifying this crucial information helps prevent online crime and underage gambling.

Generally, the documents required are official identity documentation, proof of address, and at times, proof of payment method used. The documents must be scanned or photographed and sent to the online casino. Online casinos don't share any received documents or information with third parties, and your data will only be handled by authorised online casino staff.



A deposit bonus is a type of bonus granted by online casinos to new players which requires you to make a deposit. This means that the bonus amount will only be awarded when you match the deposit amount indicated in the bonus. Deposit bonuses mostly consist of free cash games, and in addition to bonus money, the player also sometimes receives free spins and/or other benefits.

The cash value of casino bonuses can rise to as high a figure as £1000 and free spins may run into the hundreds. Deposit bonuses are a popular way of gaining momentum at the start of your online casino experience. Practically all online casinos have deposit bonuses that require only a first deposit for withdrawal to apply, but there are some that offer bonuses based on multiple deposits.

You can also opt out of using bonuses altogether if you prefer playing without them.

What is a deposit bonus and how can I get one?

Free spins are promotions that enable you to spin the reels on a slot without paying for it yourself. These are usually given out as part of a welcome or no deposit bonus and can still win you money.

You can also opt out of using bonuses altogether if you prefer playing without them.

What are free spins?

Free spins are promotions that enable you to spin the reels on a slot without paying for it yourself. These are usually given out as part of a welcome or no deposit bonus and can still win you money.

You can get free spins as new games are released and also as part of a deposit bonus in online casinos.

What are wagering requirements and why do they exist?

Casino bonuses almost always have wagering requirements (also known as playthrough requirements). They're usually written as a number followed by an "x".

The number is a multiple of the deposit amount (D), the bonus amount (B), or the deposit plus bonus amount (D+B). This figure is the amount of money you need to bet before you can withdraw any winnings you make from the game or casino. 

The lower the wagering requirement, the easier and quicker it is to clear it and get the cash you won.

EXAMPLE: You get a free £5 no deposit bonus and the bonus wagering requirement is 50x. This means you need to wager the minimum amount of £250 (£5 x 50) – or 50 times the bonus amount – before you can withdraw what you win. Put simply, you need to make £250 worth of bets before you're allowed to cash out, regardless of your winnings.

Free spins can also have their own wagering requirements, which are expressed as a multiple of the initial bet amount. So let's say, for example, that you get 100 free spins with a wagering requirement of 20x as a welcome bonus. If one of those spins returns a £20 win, you'll need to play through the total amount of £400 (£20 x 20) to cash out that original £20 win.

Wagering requirements are a way for online casinos to prolong the player experience and introduce a pleasant challenge to the bonuses they give out. They are also meant to provide protection to online casinos as without them, players are bound to abuse the bonuses they receive and limit their gameplay to using them.

What does gamification mean?

Casino gamification is a term that refers to the application of video game elements (such as role-playing, levels, point-scoring, leader boards etc.) to aspects of online casinos which are not necessarily game-related to enhance the user experience and make it more fun.

Casumo and Rizk are examples of well gamified online casinos where players are considered gamers and the interface borrows qualities from traditional video games.

In these casinos, you're pulled into the process as though it were a fully-fledged video game. The casinos themselves stand to benefit from these thoughtful touches and a more well-rounded concept that appeals to a lot of enthusiasts – especially the young.

How do VIP programs work?

Many online casinos reward their active players through various loyalty programs (also known as VIP programs). You'll find their terms and prizes vary widely, but the principle behind them is to incentivise and reward players for active gaming. Playing in online casinos with real money earns you points and allows players to benefit from free cash games, free spins and deposit bonuses, amongst others.

Casino games

What games can I play in online casinos?

The majority of online casinos have a selection of hundreds of different games, most of which are slot games.

You'll find table games – the most popular of which are roulette and blackjack – as well as video poker in virtually all of the online casinos. Scratchcards, keno and bingo are commonly found, in addition to the rarer games such as solitaire or other social games.

You'll be spoiled for choice when it comes to online casino games, so take the time to discover all that's on offer and try out different games as they're released.

Which games have the biggest wins/jackpots?

The games with the largest payouts are usually progressive jackpots. Unlike regular slot machines, progressive jackpots don't stop at a fixed amount, but keep rising as players put coins in the machine and spin the wheels.

A small percentage of the coin value is added to jackpot with every spin, so progressive jackpots can accumulate value rather quickly. When the jackpot is won by a player, it falls to zero and slowly builds up again.

NetEnt's Mega Fortune is currently one of the most popular progressive jackpot games and one that constantly pushes the boundaries.

It's a 5-reel, 25-bet line slot with the largest online pooled jackpot on the market, reaching highs often in the millions.

The game also features two local jackpots and a free spin bonus with up to a x5 multiplier on wins, so you'll be in the running for some major winnings.

There are many other progressive jackpot slots. You can nail down the ones offering the biggest wins and jackpots in our slot reviews.

What does "return to player" mean?

"Return to player" (RTP) is the percentage of all the wagered money a slot machine will pay back to players over time. It's an index for determining how much a player will win in the long run.

The higher the percentage, the more often the chance of a player winning as gameplay progresses.

RTP is used as a gauge for how successful you can be in any given online casino game and to estimate a player's return on investment in terms of winnings.

An RTP of 100% means that the odds of a player winning are equal to that of the casino.

Which games have the biggest "return to player" (RTP)?

Video poker and certain slot games tend to have the highest RTP, which can get very close to 100%. This means the house's advantage is very minimal, even thought the odds for winning the game might be low.

PlayTech have a couple of games with very favourable RTP, such as Goblin's Cave, Ugga Bugga, Ocean Princess and Tropic Reels, which all score an RTP of 99% and over.

You can easily compare RTPs in our slot reviews.

What is the minimum and maximum bet in online casino games?

The minimum and maximum bet in online casino games can vary from £0.01 to a couple hundreds of pounds in slots.

The lowest and highest amount you can bet depends on the game's and casino's terms and conditions, but the biggest bets are generally found in the live casinos.

It's a good idea is to go through the game reviews to get more specific information regarding the betting limits in the games. 

Mobile games

What is a mobile casino?

A mobile casino is a version of an online casino specially adapted for use by a remote device, such as a tablet or smartphone.

You can use your mobile device to access online casino games and play with full functionality from anywhere, as long as you're connected to the internet.

Gaining massively in popularity these days, mobile casinos have the advantage of being easy to play in whenever, wherever, even if you're not at home.

What is a virtual reality (VR) casino?

Virtual reality (commonly found as VR) casinos are three-dimensional environments that elevate the traditional casino experience to yet another exceptional level.

These online casinos utilise VR technology – consisting of very high resolution imagery that mimics a real-life setting – to produce a deeply engaging casino environment which stimulates auditory and visual perception.

In a VR casino, you're able to enjoy a combination of online casino and traditional casino gaming at once, real-time multiplayer games, a fantastic choice of avatars or characters to choose from, the ability to interact with other players, the regular improvement and addition of new casino games, and chat and voice functionalities.

The best quality of VR casinos is that they're a truly immersive experience that can still be enjoyed from the comfort and privacy of your home.

What is a live casino or a live dealer feature?

The majority of today's online casinos offer their players a live casino, where you can play real table games with live human dealers. Blackjack and roulette are the most popular version of live dealer games.

You can enjoy the perks of an interactive experience that perfectly simulates the casino environment with a dealer that responds to the player's choices as in real life.

Live casinos fuse the best of both worlds, taking the advantages of playing in an online casino and combining them with the irreplaceable thrill of a traditional casino.

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