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21 August 2018 by Maria Mangion

Notifications are now on Bojoko. Boom!

You spoke and we listened. In our first survey asking users their overall opinion of our site, two thirds (66.67%) said they wanted to get notifications for new content and have more ways to interact with others in the community.

And finally, here they are. We're really excited that our community has gotten a massive visibility leap!

You can now see the important stuff happening on Bojoko in real time.

Keeping up with the community's activity is a no-brainer from now on. Sign up to see for yourself!

How do they work?

The little bell icon at the top right corner turns orange when you've got a new notification.

When you click it, you'll get a list of recent updates.

The ones you haven't opened yet are highlighted in orange. Unseen notifications are marked with an orange dot on the left. You can view all your notifications at one go too.

You can receive notifications for these updates:






Go to the settings from the notifications drop-down menu to set your preferences. You can select which updates you want notifications for, receive all community alerts or turn them all off.

It's completely up to you, but we recommend leaving them on so you can just skim through your updates whenever you log in.

What next?

Push notifications for mobile devices and email notifications are coming up soon.

You'll be able to have conversations with other players on dedicated pages right after that.

There's never been a better time to be active on Bojoko. Awesome new features are piling up, and soon after that, it'll be amazing new rewards.

Stay in the loop, and get notified!

Test, play and report

We've just rolled this feature out, so if something looks out of place or your user experience isn't perfect, let us know.

You can speed mail us your feedback from the link in the notifications drop-down menu.

If your notifications aren't working properly, we'll fix it as soon as you report the issue.

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finnishgambler said
I like the notifications! It helps me to catch up the latest new on this site. Very nice! Is it possible to have notifications for certain offers as in extra spins only perhaps?

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