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29 October 2018 by Maria Mangion

Have you been craving good conversation while playing casino games? Surprise, surprise – your day has finally come.

In what feels like a mini-marathon to the conclusion of an eventful 2018, Bojoko has just launched Conversations. 

If it’s not your standard gambling chitchat forum, what is it? And how do you make the most of it while playing your way to success?

Winners unite...

Conversations is yet another avenue for sharing your casino story, true to the spirit of our site. We’ve built a platform capable of supporting any conversation you wish to kick off in relation to your gaming pastimes.

This is a big leap forward for our community!

We’ve created the first conversation ourselves to promote the positive side of gambling, calling it “Winning stories”. 

Sleek, slick and smooth, it’s got all the features you need to celebrate your winning story with our community.

Here’s the drill:

And a few rules:

... to celebrate positive news...

Conversations are a cornerstone of human exchange. In the media, gambling is often demonised as a bad vice that destroys lives and preys on addiction.

This can most certainly become a reality if responsible gaming principles aren’t followed.

As with other pleasurable and potentially profitable activities in life, moderation and smart decision-making are at the root of the enjoyment of the experience.

What the media very often fails to mention is that some people’s lives have been vastly improved – and in some cases, completely transformed – by positive results from gambling.

The debate is seriously (and detrimentally) polarised. 

You’re either faced with the once-in-a-blue-moon multi-millionaire winners being lauded in casino promotional campaigns, or problem gamblers becoming the poster children for a draconian view of the harmless act of wagering money on games.

Just as not every story of gambling loss is conducive to serious consequences, not every winning story ends up in tragedy. As the saying goes: we win some, we lose some.

... and christen our community!

Conversations are the culmination of our efforts to start shifting this paradigm.

The jungle of negative voices and press is in dire need of you to show the world winners are there and should also be heard.

We’re confident this will have some cool knock-on effects:

  • Players will get more savvy about winning in online casinos.
  • Choices about which casinos to play in will become easier.
  • The best casinos creating the most winners will get a deserved boost in business.
  • People will start talking to each other and revealing details about their online casino experiences directly to other players in a fun, free environment.


  1. Celebrating the good news in gambling!
  2. Interacting directly with other players in the community.
  3. Getting to know new people from all over the world.
  4. Learning which casinos and games tend to offer the most wins.
  5. A chance to educate others in making sound gaming choices.
  6. Sharing the limelight with other winners.


  1. Excellent free promotion from real-life players for your casino or game supplier.
  2. An ongoing incentive to improve your product and focus on delivering value to players.
  3. An unbiased, third party source of player data and statistics.
  4. An opportunity to speak to players directly and join them in celebrating the good stuff about playing your games – great for customer relationship management (CRM) and support!
  5. A chance to form long-lasting relationships with your winning players.

Since day one, our vision has been to democratise iGaming. 

Your participation and winning stories will be one important building block to achieve a fairer, safer iGaming sphere for all.

Don’t play with money you can’t lose, and the rest will be fine. To many constructive conversations ahead!

Want to know more about our community or have a say in shaping it? Air your thoughts in the comments below.

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