About Bojoko

We’re a bunch of iGaming enthusiasts and online casino fans who wanted to build a website where people like us could connect. Our goal is to create a space where both players and online casinos can come together to share their casino stories.

What does Bojoko mean?

Bojoko means "good game" in a combination of three Spanish dialects.

/bo/ - Catalan and Galician. Meaning "good", "wholesome", "fruitful".

/joko/ - Basque. Meaning "game".

Bojoko takes its name from its parent company, Good Game. The founders of the company were poker players when it was established and decided that the name was a cool and catchy way to encapsulate their gaming ideals. Later on, good gaming became the essence of our websites, which were designed to serve the user in the best possible way.

With Bojoko, we now want to extend this good gaming maxim to serve not only casino players, but online casino operators as well. Bojoko provides the opportunity for both players and casinos to connect with each other – and with us – to improve our entire iGaming experience overall.

What makes Bojoko different

Bojoko is a place where both players and operators are able to share their casino stories.

We’ve built a website that makes the following possible:

On top of this, we’ve designed the following features:

All of this aims to enhance the process of selecting online casinos and the entire arc of the casino experience, from information gathering and selection to the actual playing.

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