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Bojoko is the ultimate destination for those looking to bet on horse racing online. Our expert team has carefully reviewed and compared the top horse racing betting sites to bring you only the finest options available. Find the perfect equestrian bookmaker for you with our one-stop shop, covering all angles of horse racing betting!

List of best horse race betting sites UK

Check out all the best horse racing betting sites below and claim their welcome offers. The following brands are reputable UKGC-licensed and tax-free betting sites that have put effort into horse racing odds and markets.

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Horse race betting - Quick Links

On this page, we cover a lot of information about horse racing betting. If you want to get straight to a certain point, click on the quick links below.

Horse racing bookmakers

Best horse racing betting sites

The UK betting market has a vast selection of top-rated sites for betting on horse racing races. Picking one bookmaker as the "best" is almost impossible, but we at Bojoko have bravely taken up the mantle and made our own TOP 5 list. But don't worry; we won't hold it against you if you disagree with our choices!

So, on what criteria did we select the best options?

We have placed particular emphasis on the following issues:

The five best bookies for horse racing listed below meet our requirements and are the right places to place your daily bets.

Coral horse racing

Coral horse racing betting has become a well-known concept in the UK. The roots of this trusted brand in greyhound racing and horse racing betting trace back to 1926. Today, the Coral online horse racing section provides customers with competitive odds, various markets to bet on, and the opportunity for punters to build their own racecards.

As an exciting addition, the bookmaker also provides access to the Coral Racing club, which can take bettors to see the stables of racehorses, among other things.


+ Build your own racecard
+ Exclusive racing club for horse racing punters
+ £20 free bet offer


- No special offers

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This is what Coral horse racing betting looks like on mobile

Bet365 horse racing

Bet365 is one of the world's most popular and reputable betting sites. The bookie offers versatile betting options, including Bet365 horse racing odds, secure payment methods, fast payouts, and excellent customer service.

The brand also offers horse racing punters a Bet365 horse racing results page and always guarantees the best odds for every race.


+ Lot of horse racing promotions
+ Best Odds Guaranteed
+ £30 free bet offer


- No ACCA insurance for horse racing

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This is what Bet365 horse racing betting looks like on mobile

Betway horse racing

Betway is a popular online sports betting platform. Betway horse racing odds are above industry standards and worth checking out. The brand allows customers to place bets on horse races worldwide, both before the event and in real-time during the race.

Betway offers a wide range of markets to bet on, such as outright winner, place, each way, and more. Moreover, live streaming of horse races and the user-friendly interface makes it easy and convenient to place bets on horse races on any device.


+ Horse racing offers on a regular basis
+ Good tips for horse racing
+ £30 free bet offer


- Cash-out restrictions at horse races

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This is what Betway horse racing betting looks like on mobile

Fitzdares horse racing

A luxury bookmaker, Fitzdares serves its clients with a bespoke and exclusive service. Their website and mobile app have a user-friendly interface, making it easy for customers to place bets and track their progress.

Fitzdares also offers live streaming of selected horse races and offers customers horse racing promotions such as guaranteed odds and free bets. Additionally, Fitzdares has a team of experienced traders and analysts who provide customers with expert advice and insights.


+ Comprehensive coverage of horse racing markets around the world
+ Great selection of free live-stream broadcasts
+ £50 money back as bonus if your first bet loses + 10 free spins


- Limited payment methods

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This is what Fitzdares horse racing betting looks like on mobile

Betting on horse racing explained

Horse racing is one of the world's oldest and most popular sports. From the majestic beauty of the horses to the rush of adrenaline during the race, it's easy to see why people are drawn to this exciting sport. Betting on horse racing adds an extra layer of excitement to the experience.

Betting on horses is like a chess game, with each horse representing a different piece on the board.
Steve Davidowitz

If you're new to horse racing gambling, don't worry. It's easier than you might think. Horse racing websites provide you with all the information you need to get started, including odds, tips, and picks. Simply choose a horse racing bookie, create an account, and you're ready to start betting.

One of the coolest things about betting on horse racing is that there are so many different types of bets to choose from. You can bet on the winner of a race, the exact order of the top three finishers, or even the margin of victory. This variety means you can find a type of bet that suits your style, whether you're a conservative bettor or a high-risk taker.

In addition to traditional bets, UK horse racing betting sites often offer horse racing free bets as a way to attract new customers. These free bets allow you to place a bet without risking your own money. It's a simple way to try out horse racing betting and see if it's something you enjoy. 

Horse racing bet types

Horse racing betting is a massive industry with a lot of competition between bookmakers and tracks. Bookies can attract different types of bettors by offering a variety of bet types and keep their customers interested in the sport by providing new betting options.

Horse racing as a sport also has a lot of tradition, and the various bet types available have evolved to suit how people like to bet. Some gamblers opt to bet on horses to win a race, while others prefer wagering on horses to finish in the top three positions. Some prefer to bet on multiple horses in one race, while others prefer to spread their bets across various races.

There are so many different types of betting nowadays that every horse racing bettor is sure to find something to suit them. In the list below, you will find a vast number of different bet types, and this list doesn't even include all of them!

Single / Win bet

Straight-win bets are the most common type of wager. Pick a winner of a single race, and that's it!

Daily double

The double or daily double is a bet on the winner of two designated races.

Treble / Pick three

A Treble bet is a horse racing bet involving picking the winner of three different races and placing a single wager on all three selections to win.

You win if all three selections win.

Place bet

Place bets are horse racing bets where the bettor selects a horse to finish in a particular position, usually first, second, or third, depending on the number of runners. A fixed-odds system determines the odds for each place.


Each-way bets involve placing two separate bets on the same horse: one for winning and one for placing (finishing in the top positions, usually top 3-5, depending on the number of runners). Based on a fixed-odds system, there are different odds for the win and place sections of the bet.

Here is an example of how a Each-way bet works:

Let's say you're betting on a horse race and pick Horse A to win. The odds for Horse A to win are 4/1 and to place 1/2. You want to place a £10 each-way bet on Horse A.

In practice, you are betting £5 on Horse A to win at odds of 4/1 for a potential payout of £25 (5 x 4/1). Then you are also betting £5 on Horse A to place, at odds of 1/2, for an eventual payout of £7.50 (5 x 1/2).


A Show bet is a horse racing bet where the bettor wagers on a horse to finish in the top three positions in a race.

Here's an example of how a Show bet works:

Imagine betting £10 on a horse race with ten runners, and you've selected Horse A to finish in the top 3. The odds for Horse A to show are 3/1. If Horse A finish in the top 3, you win £40 (10 x 3/1).


An exacta bet is a horse racing bet where the bettor wagers on two horses to finish first and second place in a specific order. It is considered a more risky bet than a straightforward win or place wager, but it also offers a higher payout.


A Quinella bet is very similar to an Exacta bet. When placing a Quinella bet, the bettor wagers on two horses to finish first and second, regardless of the order. So you don't have to guess the order of the two top horses, only which two will finish 1st and 2nd.


The Trifecta bet is one notch harder to hit right than the Exacta bet. In this case, punters wager on three horses to finish first, second, and third in a specific order.


Superfecta bet is considered the highest-risk bet among all the horse racing bet types, but the payout is also the highest.

In this bet, you must make a perfect bet slip and guess the correct order of finish for the first four horses in the race.


Accumulators (also known as parlays or combo bets) are bets with four or more selections from different races. All of the selections must win to guarantee a return.

Round Robin

In horse racing, a round-robin bet involves making multiple selections from a set of choices. The bet consists of ten combinations of three selections each, covering all possible combinations of two, three, and four.

Those who want to spread their risk over several varieties should consider this type of bet since it allows them to make multiple selections without worrying about losing them all.


In Antepost betting, also known as futures betting, you place wagers on horses that will race in the future. Typically, Antepost bets are placed weeks or months before the race. Even if the odds change in the future, bets placed on horses are locked for the Antepost odds at the time of the wager.

Antepost betting is famous for major horse racing events like the Kentucky Derby and the Grand National.

Trixie bet

A Trixie bet consists of three selections and four bets - three doubles and a treble. To guarantee a return, at least two picks must win. The cost of a £5 Trixie, for example, would be £20, while the price of a £5 each-way Trixie would be £40.

Read more about Trixies on our Trixie bet explained page. 

Patent bet

When placing a Patent bet, you make seven bets on three horses in different races:

  • Three singles
  • Three doubles
  • One treble

For example, let's say you placed a £2 Patent bet on horses A, B, and C. The total cost of the bet would be £14 (£2 for every single bet, £4 for each double bet and £4 for the treble bet)

Read and learn more about Patent betting from our Patent bet explained page. 


When you make a Yankee bet, you place eleven bets on four horses in different races. This bet includes: 

  • Six doubles
  • Four trebles
  • One fourfold

For your bet to return, at least two of the horses you selected must win. Due to the number of selections and the number of bets involved, Yankee bets are considered high-risk.

Learn a lot more about Yankee betting from our dedicated Yankee bet page. 

Super Yankee / Canadien

In a Super Yankee bet, also known as a Canadian bet, 26 bets are placed on five horses in different races. It consists of the following bets:

  • Ten doubles
  • Ten trebles
  • Five fourfolds
  • Fivefold

Lucky 15

Lucky 15 is one of the most popular horse racing betting types. It allows punters to spread their risk across multiple horses while still offering the potential for a large payout. The wager includes four selections and 15 bets:

  • Four singles
  • Six doubles
  • Four trebles
  • One fourfold

This is similar to a Yankee bet, but only one selection must win to guarantee a return. 

Lucky 31

In a Lucky 31 bet, 31 bets are placed on five horses in different races. It is a full-cover bet that includes the following:

  • five singles
  • ten doubles
  • ten trebles
  • five fourfold
  • one fivefold

It is similar to a Super Yankee bet but with one additional single bet.

Lucky 63

In a Lucky 63, you have six selections and 63 bets, including:

  • Six singles
  • Fifteen doubles
  • Twenty trebles
  • Fifteen fourfolds
  • Six fivefold
  • One sixfold


The Heinz bet is a multiple bet that consists of 57 separate bets on six selections. In particular, it includes:

  • 15 doubles 
  • 20 trebles 
  • 15 fourfolds
  • Six fivefold 
  • One sixfold 

Super Heinz

A Super Heinz bet is a high-risk and high-reward bet that allows you to spread your bets across many horses but also requires a more significant outlay of money. In this bet type, you play a total of 120 bets:

  • Twenty-one doubles
  • Thirty-five trebles
  • Thirty-five fourfold
  • Twenty-one fivefold
  • Seven sixfold
  • One sevenfold 

To guarantee a return, two selections must win.


As the name suggests, a Goliath bet is a big wager with 247 bets on eight different races:

  • Twenty-eight doubles
  • Fifty-six trebles
  • Seventy fourfold
  • Fifty-six fivefold
  • Twenty-eight sixfold
  • Eight sevenfold
  • One eightfold

It is wise to remember that this type of bet is expensive to play and requires at least two winners to guarantee a return.


The Placepot bet is a horse racing bet that involves picking a horse for each of the first six races in a single day to place (finish in the top 3). Placepot bets are very popular in the UK, and many betting sites offer them. As a pair-mutual bet, the payout of the pot depends on how much money is wagered to the pool and how many winners there are.

A placepot bet allows you to win a large pot of cash for a small outlay, but if any of your selections don't place, you will lose your entire bet.


The jackpot bet is the most challenging horse race bet to hit, but at the same time, it offers a large sum of money for possible winners. It is similar to a Placepot bet, but instead of betting on 1-3 finishers, you are betting on the winner of each race. One wrong winner and your bet goes in the bin!

There is also an impact on the final payout of jackpot bets based on the monetary value of the bets placed and the number of winning tickets.

New horse racing betting sites

Every year, the UK betting market sees a few newly licensed betting sites, some of which are better than others at capturing punters' hearts with their markets and odds.

Regarding horse racing betting, it is difficult for brand-new sites to compete against seasoned bookmakers. For example, if we look at the five latest bookmakers listed below, brands like 21Luckybet and Jeffbet need UK horse racing added to their portfolio. On the other hand, the equally new Vegasland and Luckland offer a full range of horse racing from home and abroad.

Ultimately, though, you make the decision. Would the following fresh bookies be right for your horse racing bets?

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Horse racing betting sites with bonuses

The most effective way to enhance your betting experience and increase your odds is to take advantage of betting bonuses. Incentives like extra funds to wager with, free bets, and other prizes can help you maximize your returns. By taking advantage of bet sign-up offers, you can enjoy more value for your money and have more fun while placing your bets.

The benefits of betting bonuses naturally apply to horse racing betting, and some bookies offer specific horse racing betting promotions for both new and old punters. Ultimately, horse racing offers can give you access to exclusive promotions and special events, such as VIP race days and meet-and-greets with jockeys and trainers, adding to the excitement and thrill of horse racing.

Below you will find a short introduction to two betting sites, Betgoodwin and Unibet, where you can find special horse racing bet offers.


In 1997, a brand called Goodwin Racing started broadcasting horse racing betting over the phone. Less than 25 years later, in 2021, the company launched the betting site Betgoodwin.

BetGoodwin offers betting markets on dozens of different sports, but horse racing still has a special place in the bookmaker's heart. The brand offers a wide range of horse racing betting bonuses, from free bets, cash backs, and enhanced odds to best odds guarantee promises. 

There is no doubt that horse racing punters will be impressed by the number of Betgoodwin offers for horse race betting.


+ Amazing selection of sports and other gambling
+ Loads of horse racing bonuses

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This is what Betgoodwin horse racing betting bonuses looks like on mobile


Nordic bookmaker Unibet loves racing. There is a wide range of markets for the brand, including horse racing, greyhound racing, and trotting. Unibet generously provides its customers with horse racing tips, instructions and, of course, bonuses. It's like a horse-racing fan having the perfect day out with all the resources they need to have a memorable experience.

To give a few examples, Unibet is paying extra places on races, money back if a horse finishes second or third, boosted odds, BOG, and much more.


+ Wide selection of horse racing and greyhounds
+ Horse racing promotions

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This is what Unibet horse racing betting bonuses looks like on mobile

Best Odds Guaranteed bookies

Bettors who bet on horse racing should pay attention to the best odds guaranteed (BOG) because it ensures that the odds on their bet will be the best available when the race eventually starts. For example, if you place a bet on a horse at 5-1 odds and the horse's odds increase to 7-1 on race day, you will receive your payout at the higher odds of 7-1 if the bookie you use offers BOG. It can make a significant difference in a bet's payout.

The best odds guaranteed is an insurance policy for getting the best odds, which prevents you from wasting time deciding whether the early price or starting price is better.

Best odds guaranteed times

Different bookmakers publish BOG odds at different times. In the case of punters, the earlier, the better, of course. Best odds guaranteed times can be roughly divided into three categories: the day before the race, before 9 AM on the race day, and after 9 AM on the race day.

Bookmakers like Bet365 and BoyleSports give BOG the day before the race, Grosvenor Sport and Quinnbet offer it before 9 AM and 888 after 9 AM. It is always advisable to check the variations between best odds and guaranteed times at each betting site. Take note: Best Odds Guaranteed might not apply to all bet types. 

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Horse racing bookmakers maximum payouts

Betting sites limit the amount a punter can withdraw from a single wager based on the maximum payout offered. For example, if you place a bet with a higher potential payout than the maximum payout offered by the betting site, you cannot collect the total winning amount, even if the bet is successful. It can be a costly mistake if the maximum payout offered by the betting site is lower than the estimated winnings.

Horse racing sites

However, it is important to remember that not all bets will be successful, and it's even rarer to hit the jackpot worth hundreds of thousands. As such, it is imperative to remember that the maximum payout offered by a betting site should not be the only factor you consider when placing a bet.

Below you will find an example of the maximum horse racing payouts of ten different betting sites: 

Betting exchange for horse racing

Exchange betting sites provide an excellent platform for punters to enjoy the thrill of horse racing betting. The most significant benefit of betting exchanges is the ability to lay selections, which means you can bet against an outcome instead of just trying to anticipate one. These options open up more possibilities to bet on a horse race.

By using bet exchange sites, you can benefit from more competitive odds than traditional sportsbooks, which means higher potential winnings. Also, accessing the market's liquidity allows you to make trades that get you better prices and better value for your bets.

SpreadEX horse racing

One of the best choices out of these is a site called SpreadEx. The brand has been operating in the UK gaming market for over 25 years and offers players both fixed odds and spread betting options. And if horse racing spread betting isn't something you're already familiar with, the video below will undoubtedly introduce you to it. 

Visit SpreadEx today, claim the site's £40 sign-up offer and enjoy live streams of US Horse racing, for example!

Best betting app for horse racing

Punters mostly placed their horse race wagers in betting shops in the 1900s, in the early 2000s PCs were the primary choice while today betting is happening mostly on mobile devices. A recent Uplatform study indicates that approximately 55% of online bettors use their mobile devices to place bets. That is why horse racing betting apps are also popular at App stores!

So it is crucial to have either a hassle-free sportsbook that scales well on a mobile browser or a well-functional betting app where to bet on horse racing. A prime example of such a brand is William Hill, whose betting app is one of the best in the industry.

William Hill horse racing app

William Hill offers one of the leading mobile apps for customers to place bets on sports and horse racing. The app is available for iOS and Android devices and allows users to access the same markets and odds as the website.

The app is user-friendly and easy to navigate, with various features such as live streaming, in-play betting, and cash outs. The app allows users to access their accounts and manage their bets, deposits, and withdrawals.

It's almost like you don't even need to go to the racetrack anymore - with "WH" you can watch and bet on the horses from the comfort of your couch!


+ User-friendly interface
+ Mobile bonuses
+ Live streams


- Limited customer support thought the app

William Hill: Try out horse racing app »

This is what William Hill horse racing betting app looks like on mobile

Virtual horse racing betting sites

Modern horse betting started in Great Britain in the early 1600s during the reign of King James I. In the 2020s, traditional horse racing betting has seen the rise of virtual horse racing to accompany it, which is enjoying increasing popularity like all other virtual sports betting.

Ladbrokes virtual horse racing betting site

Ladbrokes virtual horse racing is a feature offered by the bookmaker that allows customers to place bets on simulated horse races. These computer programs generated races occur regularly. Ladbrokes virtual horse racing allows customers to bet on races 24/7 and includes a variety of markets, such as outright winner and place. The virtual horse racing feature has realistic graphics and commentary, providing a similar experience to watching true-life horse racing.


+ Wide range of virtual horse racing betting odds
+ Realistic racing simulation
+ Regular schedule for virtual horse racing competitions


- To follow the simulation, you need a reliable internet connection and a stable device

Ladbrokes: Try out Virtual horse racing »

This is what Ladbrokes virtual horse racing betting looks like on mobile

Horse racing betting sites comparison

A huge variety of the best bookmakers in the UK provides plenty of opportunities for horse racing betting. Some of the bookmakers are experienced spinners, while others are newcomers.

Some sites offer big payouts and great bonuses, some offer quality live streams, some offer early BOGs, and some offer an all-in-one package.

We have hand-picked five horse racing betting sites and compared their features. You can visit each of the sites in the comparison table via a link in this Bojokos article.

betting sites comparison for horse racing betting

Check out selection of horse racing betting sites

Best payment methods for horse racing betting

Different betting sites offer various payment methods for deposits and withdrawals. Each brand has its way of working and its unique terms and conditions. As a horse racing bettor, we recommend you check out Skrill, Paypal and mobile phone bill payment methods, especially for their speed and privacy.

skrill & Paypal betting

You can bet on horse races online with Skrill and PayPal, two popular e-wallets. There are several benefits to using these e-wallets, including the following:

Easy Deposits and Withdrawals: E-wallets allow you to deposit and withdraw money quickly and easily without entering your debit card information every time.

Security: E-wallets are an extra layer of protection, serving as a middleman between your bank account and the online betting site. In other words, Skrill and PayPal ensure that your personal and financial information remains protected by not sharing it with the betting site.

Speed: Transaction times with e-wallets like Skrill and PayPal are usually much faster than cards and bank transfers. 

Acceptance: Many online betting sites support Skrill and Paypal as a banking methods. You can learn more about the bookmakers that support these services in the dedicated articles on Skrill betting sites and Paypal betting sites.

Mobile phone betting

One of the payment methods currently gaining popularity on betting sites is using a mobile phone bill for deposits. Pay by phone serves three significant benefits regarding other payment methods. 

  1. Bet now, pay later: Bet using a mobile phone bill allows you to deposit to the betting site directly, but you pay it later when the mobile phone bill comes to your home. 
  2. Control your funds: There are relatively low limits when you use mobile phone credit for betting. Limits help you keep your spending under control. 
  3. Privacy: If you prefer to keep your online betting activity private, mobile phone bill betting allows them to do so, as it does not leave any trace on bank statements or card transactions. 

We have good news for you if you're interested in this topic. At Bojoko, we always keep an eye on the newest betting trends and banking methods. 

That is why we have our bet using mobile phone bill, which lists all the new pay-by-phone betting sites and shares knowledge about the subject. 

Betting strategies for horse racing

When it comes to sports betting, no outcome is guaranteed. However, studying the data, following industry news and understanding a few key things can quickly increase your chances of winning at horse racing betting.

Horse racing is a sport that involves many variables, such as the horse's form, the track conditions, the jockey, and the trainer. Each of these factors can have a significant impact on the outcome of a race. Therefore, bookies offer many different types allowing bettors to focus on various aspects of the race.

Here are a few things we recommend you understand if you're wondering how to bet on horse racing and win. 

 Horse racing betting is about finding value, not just picking the winner.
Andrew Beyer

Biggest horse racing events 2024

Horse racing is a popular sport for betting, generating billions of dollars in revenue globally. Reports indicate that hundreds of millions of dollars are wagered yearly on the Kentucky Derby alone in the United States.

Let's take a quick look at the most significant horse racing events of 2023, so you know when to be ready for your horse racing bets.

When: March 2023
Where: Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, UK
Track: Cheltenham Racecourse (Turf)

Cheltenham Festival is widely considered the highlight of the jump racing season. Owners, jockeys and trainers all dream of winning at the Cheltenham Festival, cementing their place in history alongside legendary horses like Denman, Kauto Star and Istabraq.

The Prestbury Cup, introduced in recent years, has heightened the excitement by celebrating the ongoing rivalry between Great Britain and Ireland. It is a competition between the two nations to accumulate the most Cheltenham Festival winners.

For bettors, the Cheltenham Festival will offer dozens of different starts to bet on over four days!

When: March 2023
Where: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Track: Meydan Racecourse (Dirt)

The Dubai World Cup is the pride of the Middle East when it comes to horse racing. Thanks to sheikhs and oil billionaires, it has become the richest horse race in the world. From a British perspective, it is pleasing to note that 2023 Sports personality of the year nominee Frankie Dettori has the most wins in Dubai as a jockey (2000, 2003, 2006, 2022).

With betting not allowed in the UAE, the only option for bettors is horse racing online betting. However, due to the time difference, the race has yet to become as popular among punters as other festivals.

When: April 2023
Where: Aintree, Merseyside, UK
Track: Aintree Racecourse (Turf)

The Grand National, "the ultimate test of horse and rider," has won a special place in the hearts of the British people. More than 150,000 bettors are set alight by the race track, and more than 6 million viewers watch the race on TV every year.

The Grand National is a steeplechase race, making it more difficult to guess its outcome than on a flat track. The race has seen big odds winners, such as last year's winning horse Noble Yeats with a starting price of a hefty 50/1.

When: May 2023
Where: Louisville, Kentucky, USA
Track: Churchill Downs Racecourse (Dirt)

There is no doubt that the Kentucky Derby is the most prestigious horse race in America. It is the first jewel of the Triple Crown of Thoroughbred Racing. A saying describes the Kentucky Derby as "the Super Bowl and Mardi Gras rolled into one." This bout is not only a race anymore; it is more like a month-long festival season for Louisvillians and one of the year's leading events for horse racing bettors.

When: June 2023
Where: Epsom, Surrey, UK
Track: Epsom Downs Racecourse (Turf)

As one of the oldest sporting events, the Epsom Derby dates back to 1780. This race is also the most significant flat race in the UK, and there is as much interest in it worldwide as in the Grand National. There will never be a Derby winner who wins the race more than once since it is a race for three-year-olds. Despite this, many flat racing legends have won here and continued to enjoy impressive careers.

With betting in mind, it is interesting to remember that before the 2022 Epsom Derby, for no less than seven years in a row, a win went to a horse other than the favourite, and four of the five winners went off at odds of 16/1 or more!

When: June 2023
Where: Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead, Berkshire, UK
Track: Ascot Racecourse (Turf)

The Royal Ascot is one of the UK's most significant and best horse race events. Ascot's five racing days begin with the Royal Procession at 2 pm, as the King and other members of the royal family parade down the straight mile in their Royal Landaus while the National Anthem is played and the Royal Standard is raised. So, if you want to feel like royalty, Royal Ascot is the place to be – but don't expect the King to share his horse racing betting tips with you.

Royal Ascot's annual prize money is close to £10 million, and the betting turnover leaves no one cold. Many betting sites also provide special Royal Ascot betting promotions.

When: October 2023
Where: Paris, France
Track: Longchamp Racecourse (Turf)

One of the most prestigious racing events in the world is the Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe, also known as "Arc." It gathers the finest thoroughbreds and jockeys from around the globe to compete for almost £3 million main prize at turf track. It is also common knowledge that race enthusiasts look up to the winners of the Paris Longchamp racecourse as world champions of the sport.

Betting sites are into Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe, and most provide horse racing odds for every day of the Arc meeting. Which horse are you betting on to win?

If you want to see the entire UK 2023 horse racing calendar in full, we recommend you visit the British Horseracing Authority (BHA) homepage. 

Common questions about horse racing betting

  • Compare the betting sites, their odds, markets, bonuses and payment methods.
  • Decide which horse racing event you want to start betting on, for example, the Cheltenham Festival.
  • Get to know the horses, jockeys, tracks, starting orders and the different slots.
  • Choose your horse and bet on a single winner, TOP 3, pools, Heinz, Yankee or with any bet types that suit you best!

Each way betting in horse racing allows you to bet on a horse to either win or place (finish in the top few positions). In essence, it's a win bet and a place bet combined. The bet amount is split between the two, covering winning and covering placing.

Winning big, let's say £100,000, with horse racing betting is a significant amount of money and requires a combination of luck and strategy. Winning these kinds of jackpots requires research and possibly advice from experienced bettors and tipsters. These factors, combined with luck in an accumulator bet, can produce large sums of money.

Choosing the best horse racing bet site depends on your personal preferences and requirements. You can find out what the experts at Bojoko think are the best horse racing bookmakers and their selection criteria here.

The biggest payout on UK horse racing betting sites is £1 million. Some bookies offering this amount are Bet365, Coral, Ladbrokes, William Hill, and Betfred.

Here is a full list of maximum payouts

There are many high-quality horse racing betting apps on the market, and everyone is sure to find an app that suits their preferences. In Bojokos' opinion, the William Hill mobile app is one of the best. You can read more about it here.

It is impossible to know with 100% accuracy which horse will win the race. However, the most likely outcome of a correct bet can be increased by studying statistics, the horse, the jockey, and the track. We cover these and other essentials in a separate section.

SP stands for "Starting Price" in horse racing betting. It refers to the odds offered on a horse when the race starts. Starting prices are determined by the amount of money bet on each horse, which can change until the race begins.

A Trixie bet is a type of multiple horse racing bet consisting of four separate bets on three selections. It includes three doubles and one treble, covering all possible combinations of two and three picks.

A Round Robin bet is a type of multiple bet in horse racing that involves making multiple combinations from a set of selections. It consists of 10 bets, made up of three-selection permutations, covering all possible combinations of two, three, and four selections.

Since various factors influence a race's outcome, there is no single most profitable bet in horse racing. 

If you want returns on "safe" bets then prefer each-way betting to increase your chances of a return on your investment. You can also bet on favourites and have a higher chance of winning, but the returns are often lower.

Betting on value and high odds or system bets can lead to higher odds and bigger payouts, but the risks are also greater.

A Lucky 15 bet is a multiple horse racing bet consisting of 15 individual bets covering four horses. It includes four singles, six doubles, four trebles and a four-horse accumulator.

A Lucky 31 bet is a multiple horse racing bet consisting of 31 individual bets covering five horses. It includes five singles, ten doubles, ten trebles, five four-horse accumulators and a five-horse accumulator.

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