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Bojoko helps you choose the best casino loyalty programs.  Online casinos offer various loyalty and VIP programs to bring more value to their active players and win their regular custom. There are various loyalty schemes available and knowing what each one entails, will help you use the scheme to your advantage. As the name suggests, these schemes are designed for loyal customers who pick a casino to play in regularly and stick to it.

Best casino loyalty programs in the UK

When reviewing UK casinos, our casino experts pay close attention to a variety of factors, including the availability of loyalty schemes, how easy it is to join them and the rewards they can claim.

Not all casinos offer the same type of loyalty scheme. Apply filters and browse the various available online casinos with loyalty schemes. Find the best casino loyalty programs listed on Bojoko!

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uk online casinos with loyalty programs

Bojoko helps you find casinos with loyalty programs

Choosing a casino based on the quality of its loyalty program can seem like a daunting task. After all, you're looking to commit to a casino where you'll be playing for a long while, not just the next time you feel like a slots session.

This guide aims to make your choice as easy as possible. We test the casinos and see which actually works. Our experts rate and review the casinos to see how they really are for a real-money player when you actually deposit and play.

One thing we focus on when testing the casinos is the withdrawals. Our experts play with real money and go through the entire withdrawal process. This way we can make sure that the casinos actually pay out to the players and do so in a timely manner.

Find the best loyalty programs

What is a loyalty program?

There are as many online casinos as there are leaves in the park these days. With new UK casinos popping up at an increasing rate, there's fierce competition to capture the hearts of loyal players.

Since there's a lot that overlaps from one casino to the other, online casinos use different methods to acquire new players, and the competition for repeat customers is especially intense. One of their means of attracting players to their offerings over and over again is to offer different loyalty schemes.

How do loyalty programs work?

Loyalty programs work in a variety of ways. Although they tend to vary from one casino to another, most casinos tend to opt for the points system. This scheme works by automatically enrolling players into a loyalty program. Players can earn points by placing bets on real money games. In the majority of cases, slot games earn players the most points, while table games and live casinos provide players with fewer points.  Once players have collected enough points, they can exchange them for rewards. 

Some casinos go a step further and provide a multi-level loyalty scheme. It works the same way, but players can move up between levels and unlock different rewards.


Loyalty and casino VIP programs are a system of gradual rewards, often combined with fair terms and conditions, for an overall great experience for long-term players.

Casinos have two main ways of rewarding players:

Most casino loyalty programs adopt either of these approaches; the best online casinos combine both of them.

Loyalty and VIP programs are increasingly being incorporated into gamified aspects of the casino. In such settings, players benefit from an immersive gaming experience that feels more like playing a video game.


Very often, online casinos develop their own currency or points system for rewarding regulars. This is frequently named after the casino or its mascot. You earn casino currency by playing the casino's games. Some casinos also hand out points for deposits or just for logging in regularly.

You can exchange your casino points for a selection of prizes at the casino. Free spins and new casino bonus offers are the most common prizes, but some casinos may also convert your points to no deposit bonuses, cold, hard cash or even cool gadgets like iPhones and smartwatches. Even luxury holidays bought with casino points have materialised for players in the past!

How the points are accrued depends on the casino. The rule of thumb is:

However, this is just a general example and you should always check what each casino's point system entails before playing or deciding to go loyal.

The game you play will also affect the number of points earned. This principle works in the same way as contribution percentages for bonus wagering requirements.

Most online casino slots earn you 1 point for every £10 you bet, whereas you have to bet £100 in table games, live dealer games and certain high RTP slots for the same point. On the other hand, playing bingo can earn you 1 point for every £5 you bet.


The levels system has become a very popular element of casino online loyalty programs. Every time you place a bet, you get a little closer to the next level. Levels in online casinos work similarly to the ones in video games.

You can monitor your progress by checking the bar or meter in the casino website, game interface or player account dashboard. When the bar is full, you advance to the next level and get your reward.

Better known as ‘gamification', casinos apply elements from traditional games (most commonly video games) to non-gaming environments or activities that encourage interaction and engagement with those domains. 

Here are some examples of these elements:

How is casino gamification applied to UK operators?

When you choose a great gamification casino, here are some features you're likely to encounter:

Gamification promotes player participation and engagement by turning the casino experience into a journey, rewarding active players with great perks at regular intervals and enabling the social aspect of casino games.

The rewards unlocked by playing through levels can be either predetermined or random. Some casino loyalty programs list all of the levels with their corresponding rewards upfront. Others invite you to spin a wheel with the chance of scoring ever better bonuses.


Casino adventures are full of opportunities to scoop up rewards. Advancing through levels and completing quests is when you'll most typically be rewarded, but depending on the casino, you might also receive something when you least expect it.

The rewards can be either set in stone or have some random element to them. For example, you may know how many free spins you can score by completing a quest, but for a level-up reward, you get to spin a wheel and score at random.

One thing is always certain: higher levels equal better booty.

There are several types of rewards you may encounter on your journey:

Like the bonuses acquired with casino points, level up rewards also come in all shapes and sizes. Free spins, big spins, deposit and no deposit bonuses, cash without wagering requirements and loads of goodies can be yours when you climb through those levels.

Benefits of VIP programs

There are various rewards awaiting players depending on their VIP status. Although the rewards are handsome nonetheless, the type of reward will heavily depend on your status.

Here are some of the benefits awaiting VIPs:

Swift payout process

Casinos will go out of their way to make sure their VIPs are catered for. You will receive a higher deposit threshold and fast withdrawals without delay.

High limit games

VIPs can make larger deposits and play high-roller specific games.

Personal account managers

Players can enjoy 24/7 VIP customer support and an account manager available to supply you with your casino gaming needs.

Special invites

Top-tier VIPs will be personally invited to special events, including all-expenses-paid trips, sports events and personalised gifts.

The difference between loyalty and casino VIP programs

The term "VIP program" has recently suffered from some inflation. When casino VIP levels kick off from the very first £10 players deposit, it doesn't really mean these casinos roll out the red carpet for any Tom, Dick and Harry. Instead, it's just another name for a casino loyalty program. Don't be fooled by those fancy three letters!

Fret not, because there's still genuine, exclusive VIP treatment to be enjoyed by high rollers. These VIP casinos offer tangible gifts with a personal touch that makes all the difference.

True casino VIP programs usually combine casino points with a tier-based system, where every new level brings additional luxurious benefits to the table.

The first levels generally offer presents on birthdays and casino membership anniversaries, in addition to standard casino point accumulation which can later be exchanged for real-life gifts.

You'll gain points more quickly in the higher levels and the casino will appoint a dedicated account manager for you, in addition to receiving exclusive bonuses and invites to VIP events.

Most casino VIP programs clearly outline what it takes to become a VIP. Others play it mysterious and only invite their most valued players to indulge in exclusive perks. 

How to join a casino loyalty program

Joining a loyalty program is a no-brainer. It is important that if you want to join such a scheme that you are sure of what kind of program is available. 

Some casinos have a minimum deposit threshold which players must meet before they are personally invited by the casino to join.

Other casinos have a points system, whereby players gain points by wagering on games. Not all games earn you the same amount of points. Usually, slot games earn players more points than table games and live casinos, but this may vary from one casino to another.

If you are looking to sign up to a casino with the aim of joining a casino loyalty program, then you must check what the requirements are beforehand.  Other casinos might invite you to complete missions in order to release a variety of prizes.

Follow the below steps in order to join a loyalty scheme:

 Find a casino with a loyalty scheme

1. Find a casino with a loyalty scheme

User our selection tool to find a casino with a loyalty program.

Read the user and expert review

2. Read the user and expert review

Read what our experts and other users have said about the casino and its loyalty features. Their personal experiences will help you see what it's like to play there.

Go to the casino

3. Go to the casino

There is a big green ‘PLAY HERE' button on every review page that takes you straight to the casino. If we have any special bonus offers, that button is the way to get them.

 Join the casino loyalty program

4. Join the loyalty program

Sign up for a casino account and check whether you need to opt in for the loyalty scheme or if it's automatic.

Use our bonus selection tool to choose the best casino.

Responsible gambling and casino loyalty programs

Although casino loyalty programs have been designed with the aim of rewarding loyal customers, casinos also use incentives programs to retain such players and turn new players into loyal ones.

Rewards programs are in place to reward players with an incentive as they wager and lose on real money games. Though players are expected to not feel good about losing, the loyalty program gives back to the player with a variety of bonuses and other perks.

At the same time, these programs can pose a risk to players who are likely to make more deposits, in a bid to receive such rewards, including cashback. 

Even if a player is not a problem gambler, there is an incentive associated with losing, making the player less likely to feel remorse if there's a perk awaiting them. after losing their bankroll.

Always remember what the purpose of loyalty programs are and never wager more than you can afford.

Casino loyalty programs: FAQ

A loyalty program is a type of rewards scheme that online casinos use in order to give back to loyal players. Such players can receive a variety of casino bonuses, including free spins and deposit offers, by playing at the casino and wagering on real money games.

The loyalty programs vary from one casino to another. While some use a points system, others will invite you to join the program once you have met a minimum deposit quota.

If you don't hop from one casino to another and would like to stay loyal to a casino, then loyalty programs will reward you with a variety of bonuses, including cashback, free spins and bonus cash.

A loyalty scheme rewards players with a variety of bonuses simply for playing at a casino. On the other hand, VIP programs tend to reward high rollers with exclusive gifts, such as trips abroad and sports tickets. VIP programs are usually reserved for players who make substantial deposits at a casino.

It depends on how big your deposits and bet sizes are. High rollers attract the attention of the VIP managers at a casino. You would need to consistently make big deposits in order to join one.


Find the best casino loyalty schemes

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