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Athletics betting is an interesting opportunity to find good value but is often overlooked by many. The athletics world championships men’s and women’s 200m betting is particularly interesting to bettors, and you can find 200m betting tips and a guide for other events as well from this page.

On this page you can also find the best athletics betting sites, some general athletics betting tips and information on the next major championships.

Best athletics betting sites

Below you can find the best athletics betting sites in Bojoko’s opinion. At these bookmakers, you can enjoy the best athletics odds and betting markets.

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Athletics Betting

Athletics world championship betting 2023

The 2022 athletics season has come to a close when it comes to major championships, and the next big thing to look forward to are the 2023 world championships. The athletics world championships 2023 will be held in Budapest, Hungary at the end of August.

The games will be going on from the 19th to the 27th of August, and we're looking forward to one of the most unique championships in recent memory. This is due to the fact that the last games in Oregon were not 2, but just 1 year ago, meaning that the winners have only held their crowns for 12 months.

Athletes like Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce & Fred Kerley (both 100m champions in 2022) will therefore still be in the prime of their careers, but other challengers will of course be hungrier than ever for success in 2023.

Athletics betting online

Athletics Betting Sites

Athletics betting online is possible just like for any other sport. However, as athletics isn't quite as popular a betting sport as say football or rugby, it isn't available at all the bookmakers.

If you are looking for odds, athletics world championships and events of similar scale such as the Olympics are your best bet. For these competitions, odds can usually be found for every event at the best UK bookmakers, and even smaller bookies might often cover the most popular ones, such as the men's and women's 100m finals.

As athletics doesn't have huge popularity among bettors, there aren't many betting markets to enjoy for it either. However, the following bets are usually available for major events such as the Olympics, World and European Championships:

There are sometimes other special athletics bets available at the most popular bookies, but these are quite rare.

Decathlon betting

In addition to the 100 metre dash, the decathlon or in women the heptathlon is the true test of athletic prowess. In these events athletes compete in many different events, all of which gather them points towards a total. The decathlon comprises of 10 events, while in the heptathlon there are 7.

Decathlon betting can be quite rewarding for bettors, as it only takes one slip-up in a single event to ruin an athlete's results, and the whole competition is blown open. Despite this, the winner usually comes from a small group of favourites, but especially in major competitions it's smart to favour athletes who don't often get a 0 point event from a false start or complete failure to register a result from a field event.

Marathon betting

The marathon is the longest running event in major athletics competitions, and also provides some nice betting opportunities. There are only a couple of marathon races in an athletics season, most interesting of which for us in the UK is of course the London Marathon.

In marathon betting it's all about knowing what an athlete's current form is. Some want to win the London, Boston, New York or other similar city marathon, while others put all their eggs in one basket for major competitions like the Olympics or world championships. It's very rare for long distance runners to keep a high level for a whole athletics season, so even some personal research is smart when it comes to marathon athletes.

High Jump betting

High jump is an athletics event where everything can go wrong very fast, as it takes only three failed jumps in a row and the competition is over. There are also some tactics in this, as not clearing a height on your first jump leads to worse results, meaning that athletes often start from different heights despite having a similar level.

Athletes who start their competitions from higher heights have more variance in their results, as starting out too high could lead to them bombing out straight away without sometimes even registering a result.

Javelin throw betting

Javelin throw betting is a favourite of athletics bets among many, and the king of throwing events in athletics. The sport has quite a bit more variance to it than say sprints, as there is no guarantee that an athlete can get a good enough results in just 3-4 rounds of throws.

Conditions and the track of the event are very important for javelin betting. Some athletes throw their javelin in a higher arc than others, and depending on the wind conditions this can lead to one group of athletes having an advantage. Some faster tracks are also suited to some athletes better than others, so remember to do your research.

In major competitions there is first a qualifying round to the final, and even in the final of 12 you need to be in the top 8 after three rounds to be allowed to continue in the final 8 rounds. This means that surprise winners and medallists have been seen over the years, along with some pretty significant failures to qualify from the favourites.

These same rules also apply to other similar events such as hammer & discus throw + shot put, so remember to use the same logic with them as well.

Men’s & Women’s 100m betting

Men's & women's 100m betting odds

The 100 metres is the king of athletics, and the sport that gathers the most attention around the world. This is especially apparent in major competitions such as the world championships, when the whole world stands still for around 10 seconds when the fastest man and woman in the world are decided.

However, despite its popularity, 100m betting is perhaps the least interesting when compared to other sports in athletics. Huge odds and wins are extremely rare, as one of the favourites tends to always take gold and underdogs bettering their PB significantly enough to win or even get a medal seldom happen.

100m betting is all about keeping yourself in check - evaluate the conditions, analyze the form of the athletes and make reliable choices

The most lucrative 100m bets when it comes to odds are in the qualifying phase, where big odds can be found for the favourites to fail to qualify. Here odds on athletes who have a tendency to pick up false starts can be taken advantage of, as there’s no room for error and an athlete is disqualified for jumping the gun just once.

The most interesting 100m bets in 2023 are of course the ones on who'll be the men's and women's 100m world champion, and we here are at Bojoko are going to be covering them intensively once they come about in the summer.

In 100m betting you should also take a look at the odds for results, where the weather conditions and form of the athletes come into play. If the conditions are right, world (or other) record bets can be brought into play, and if the forms of athletes or the weather aren’t taken into account properly in the odds, they can be taken advantage of.

Athletics betting guide - 5 tips for success in 2023

Betting on athletics depends entirely on the sport that you are placing your wagers on. The 100m dash is completely different to say pole vault when it comes to betting, and understanding the intricacies of each sport is of paramount importance.

However, some things are always to be taken into consideration no matter what kind of athletics betting you are doing. By employing the following tips you might find more success with your athletics bet in the future:

Betting on athletics - FAQ

Betting on athletics online is possible at a number of bookmakers, and you can find them all from our list of athletics betting sites. All of the bookies you can find through Bojoko operate under a licence of the United Kingdom Gambling Commission.

There aren’t really any betting sites that have branded themselves on giving out the best betting odds for athletics. This means that the best odds for the men’s and women’s 100m race in the 2023 World championships can be found at bookmakers that offer the best odds and highest payout percentage in general. We will list all the top odds for the favourites in women's and men's 100m races on this page in the summer.

Some of the best sites we recommend to check out for athletics and 100m betting are:

  1. William Hill
  2. Ladbrokes
  3. Fitzdares

In-play betting is possible when betting on athletics, but not for all forms of the sport, and not at nearly all sites. Live betting on athletics is not available for shorter sports, such as the 100m sprint or other similar events, that will finish in under a minute.

Field events such as the javelin, long jump and others can have live odds available, along with the longest running distances, mainly the marathon and the walking competitions.

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