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Football betting is possible on a lot of gambling sites online, and you can find them on this page. By scrolling down you can also find help with your football betting strategy, which will make your football bets even more profitable.

Online football betting in 2023 can be done on all devices that have an internet connection, and with some nice deals available via Bojoko and the bookies covered here you can even bet for free within just a few minutes. So if you want to bet on football, you’ve come to the right place!

Best football betting sites

Check the list of the UK's finest bookmakers that are great for football betting and make the most of all the free bet offers!

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How to bet on football through Bojoko

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Go to the betting site that accepts betting on football

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  • Pick the best football bookie for you
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Register to online football betting site

3. Create an account to kickoff with your football bets

  • Fill the registration form
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Start online football betting

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Online football betting explained

Online football betting is incredibly popular, being without a doubt the sport that has the most bets placed on it worldwide. This is of course mostly due to how followed a sport it is in general, but also because there is a plethora of betting options available for it.

All of this leads to football bets having a market share of over 40% of the betting money spent by UK players. Sports betting online doesn't come bigger than football.

Basically every aspect of the sport Americans mistakenly call “soccer” has a way to be bet on, all the way from how the match actually finishes to the amount of corner kicks or throw-ins. Fouls, time-frame bets and individual bets on a player’s amount of goals, passes, fouls, cards are also available, and the list could go on and on!

Football Betting

This is why the best betting sites always make sure that they have as many types of bets available for each match, especially when it comes to the bigger leagues and games. Placing a bet on football itself is a really simple process:

The whole process of placing a bet on football takes only a couple of minutes no matter which bookie you choose through us. We only showcase older and new bet sites who operate legally under a UK Gambling Commission license, which also guarantees you tax-free winnings.

Football betting strategy guide for beginners

Bet on Football

When it comes to a football betting strategy, no one blueprint always works. There are so many variables when it comes to football gambling that 100% winning bets can never be guaranteed, unless of course you are dealing with matched betting, which is often not allowed.

There are a lot of small things you can do to tilt the odds in your favour however, chiefest of which is betting for free and always with the best odds. Betting on football for free is possible with new customer betting offers, which nearly all bookies in the UK provide for new players.

Taking advantage of these deals on many sites is plain and simply smart, as you will be able to place your bet without any risk of losing money. Creating an account on many sites is also the big-brained move to do, as you get to enjoy more odds, helping you always place your bet with the best odds for football betting online for any match in question.

So betting for free (if possible) and with the best odds is pretty straightforward, but what exactly should you bet on at football betting sites? These guidelines will help you get started:

This is often not allowed, but if possible matched betting is the only way of guaranteeing a profit. For a bet to be considered a “matched bet”, you need to find odds from bookies that contradict each other enough.

This means that by placing a bet on many possible outcomes you will be left with a guaranteed profit. This can be done especially easily when you are betting for free, like with one of the deals we touched on earlier.

The best opportunites for arbitrage betting can be found at live betting sites, where if you have accounts on multiple you can find surefire winners quite often if you work quickly. Another option is of course choosing a betting exchange, where you'll be betting against other punters and not the site itself.

You wouldn’t take a shady stranger on for a strange bar bet that you don’t fully understand, so why bet on football if you have no idea about the match you’re betting on in reality? Betting on leagues and matches where you have knowledge of the teams in question is just downright smarter, as you will be making a more informed decision.

Betting with your heart can often be tempting, and you might feel like you’re making a huge betrayal if you bet against your favourite team. You should cast emotions aside when you try to make money from football bets, and place your trust in numbers and stats over good feelings and hunches.

One of the most important stats to take into account is xGoals, which means expected goals. This can apply to both players and teams as a whole. If the xGoals isn't corresponding to the actual results, you can often find good odds on markets concerning a team's or player's goalscoring.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but 100 apples at once will take you to the hospital. This also applies to betting, where chasing the big wins is in fact not the strategy to go with for long term success.

Single bets, especially ones with only two different outcomes available are the thing to go with for lengthy success, not huge accumulators.

Keeping a record of your bets is a good way of staying on track with how your betting career is going. It also helps to visualise any possible losses and wins that you may have in another environment than a betting site.

This helps the bets become actual money to your mind, not just massive possible winnings on screen when placing a new bet. See what you’ve been doing, and correct your strategy if necessary while keeping up with good bankroll management.

Football betting stats - How you can take advantage of them

In football betting, stats are everything. You always want to place your bet using the most information possible available, and the most useful information after odds that you can use are always statistics. Some of the most important statistics in football include:

No matter what bet you place on football, there is always some kind of statistics available online to give you a more educated opinion on whether a bet is a good one or not. One good place to check out football statistics is FBref.

When it comes to in-play betting the bookmakers often provide these stats to you live, and this information can always be found from our reviews of UK bookmakers.

Live football betting - Enjoy in play wagers

If you really want to up the ante with your football bets, you should definitely try out live football betting. Like the name states, these kinds of bets of course allow you to bet on a football match that is currently happening.

Live Football Betting

This gives you extra opportunity to use any expertise or insights you may have on a match that you've noticed while watching. This gives the edge to players with fast analytical capabilities - or you can just place an in play bet and have more to be excited about while watching!

There aren't quite as many bet options usually available for live football bets compared to before the game has started, but the best football gambling sites still provide dozens of choices. You can also often enjoy live stats from the games available for live betting, and sometimes even watch the match live through the bookies' own live stream service like in the picture above!

UK Football betting sites with live streams

Football betting sites live streams

One thing that football bettors should always take advantage of is football betting sites with live streams. The live streams are probably the most value you can get from a bookmaker completely for free, and there is plenty to watch along with football. Watching live streams on football betting sites can be done completely for free, as usually only need:

There are no monthly payments or any other hidden fees to watching these live streams, and you can enjoy them on leagues such as Serie A, La Liga, Ligue 1, Bundesliga, and some of the most notable cup competitions like the FA Cup.

All that you have to do to keep your stream-watching priviledges is to make sure that you always have some money in your account, as the limit to watching the streams is only £0,01 or you have placed a bet within the last 24 hours.

The streams can be watched on all devices, and the best football betting sites offer the option of watching the streams using full screen on both smart phones and computers. So, if you want to watch the best European football leagues completely for free, check out these football bookmakers with free live streams!

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Football betting offers - Free football bets & more

When it comes to football bet offers, there’s a lot of value to be found from other types of deals than just free bets for football. Some of these are extremely simple, while others may require a bit of calculation on your part to figure out how much extra money you can get.

We’ve done a quick comparison of the most common football bet offers you can get nowadays, so take your pick on how you want to enjoy betting on football for free!

If you want to get free football bets, your best bet is to pick one of the top football bookmakers from our list, where there are plenty of amazing choices that offer deals like bet £5 get £20 as a welcome offer to new players.

These deals work as follows:

  1. Create your account through the link on our list
  2. Make your deposit
  3. Place the required bet
  4. Enjoy the free bet or bets

Oftentimes these welcome offers don't even have any wagering requirements for your winnings, although your stake will most likely not be returned. Be sure to check out the terms & conditions of any offer before accepting them, and at Bojoko these terms can always be easily found from our lists.

When you are getting a matched deposit bonus from a bookmaker, this means that you are getting a certain percentage in bonus money in relation to the amount you deposit. For example, a very common betting bonus is 100%, where your deposit will be doubled. All bonuses aren't quite this good, but like the 50% one up to £50 you can find from our 10Bet review, it's still plenty of free betting money!

Say you deposit £50, which will mean that with a 100% bonus you will get £50+£50 in bonus money = £100 to play with. A 50% bonus will net you €25 in bonus money, a 200% bonus will triple your money etc. These bonuses will often have some kind of wagering requirement for the bonus money, ranging from 4-10x before the bonus money can be withdrawn.

Enhanced odds are probably the most common football betting offer for old players, and can be found at many bookmakers regularly. Many bookies listed at Bojoko in fact offer enhanced football odds every day or at least every week, so always keep an eye out for the “promotions” page at your bookie of choice.

Enhanced odds are quite simply higher odds than what you would find for the same market generally, and they are often announced to much fanfare on the front page of a bookie as well. Sometimes they are in the welcome package as well, such as with LeoVegas, where all new players get 100% enhanced odds for their first bet.

Read our full LeoVegas betting review to find out more!

Cashbacks are probably the least lucrative football bet offers, as they will only provide you with free football betting opportunities if you have already lost. A cashback offer is oftentimes a certain percentage of your net losses over a certain time, so if you are winning there will be no cashback, unless it’s in relation directly to all the bets you made.

Mostly cashbacks are only available on losses and can range from 5%-20%. This means that if you have lost say £100 in the allocated time for the offer, with a 10% cashback you will receive £10 at the end of it. However, one positive about cashback is that there are often no wagering requirements attached to cashback. One of the best choices for cashback promotions is Unibet, so go and read our Unibet betting review to find out more.

Best leagues for football betting online

There are many leagues that you should definitely check out if you want to try football betting online. In general, the best odds can be found in the most followed big leagues around Europe, but some bookmakers have also chosen to excel in all the different smaller leagues as well.

For UK players the smartest leagues to bet on are the ones you know the most about, which are generally UK leagues. Luckily bookmakers understand how important even the smaller British leagues are to people from the United Kingdom, so there are plenty of football bets to enjoy even down to some local and junior leagues.

The Premier League is the most followed football league in the world, and this of course also means that Premier League betting is incredibly popular. Luckily almost all bookies offer Premier League odds at their site.

The amount of different kinds of bets you can find on the Premier League is massive, going all the way to throw-ins, yellow cards and incredible combo bets. This is the case at all bookies you can find through Bojoko, so whichever site you choose, you'll be in good hands.

If you want to find stats for betting on the Premier League, you should definitely check out the Premier League official site.

The Champions League isn't played quite as often the other leagues on this list, but when the legendary theme tune of the UCL starts, sports fan and bettors always take note. This is why Champions League betting is available at almost all bookmakers.

Live streams aren't sadly available nearly ever for Europe's flagship competition, but when it comes to betting markets there's always options galore, no matter the bookmaker that you've ventured to. 

Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund, Bayer Leverkusen and Schalke 04 have millions of followers around the world, which is why Bundesliga betting is of paramount importance to have at your football gambling site. 

Odds on the Bundesliga can always be enjoyed, and the best odds available are usually found at larger bookies, or sites that have some kind of German connection to them. A lot of bookmakers also offer live streams on all Bundesliga matches completely for free!

FC Barcelona and Real Madrid are absolute giants of the game, and you can enjoy all their La Liga matches and other games from the league for free at the best gambling sites for football bets.

Where there are free streams, there are also naturally bets to be made. With a league the size of La Liga, there's no shortage either, so prepare to find odds on nearly everything.

Serie A is another firm favourite for football betting, so naturally it can be found at all self-respecting bookmakers. Live streams can also often be enjoyed completely for free, so if you're interested in betting on Juventus, Inter Milan, AS Roma, AC Milan and others, the bookies from Bojoko have got you covered!

Although PSG's status as the most followed club in France is undeniable, teams like Lyon, Marseille and Lille have put up a good fight in recent years. The Parisians' status as massive favourites in each match also provides some interesting betting options nearly every week.

Bookmakers have covered Ligue 1 very well these days, and there are all sorts of bets available like on all the other top 4 leagues around Europe. Free live streams 

FA Cup betting is extremely big in the UK, but so are all the other cups of Europe's major leagues. All of the biggest bookmakers offer odds on these, and delightfully free streams can also be found very often.

If you're interested in betting on the biggest football tournament in the world, go check out our World Cup betting page. Odds on the World Cup can be found at every self-respecting bookie, but on our page we analyze the best choices, and they of course apply to other international large tournaments as well!

Different types of football bets

Football betting is extremely versatile thanks to the sheer amount of different kinds of bets available. Having knowledge on all of these is imperative in being a successful football bettor, as there isn’t always enough value to be found from more traditional betting options.

We gathered some of the most common and useful bet options below so you can get a quick and clear idea on what to expect.

Win lose draw football bets are the most traditional football bets. As the name states, you are betting on a football match for a certain result to happen, whether it be a win, draw or loss for a certain team.

There is nothing special when it comes to these bets, apart from perhaps that the best odds for football betting can usually be found from these common bets. There is a big rivalry among bookmakers to provide the best value for football bets in these markets, so payouts are nearly always higher than with other types of bets.

Handicap football betting is when you make on a certain thing happening in a match, but one team starts the game with a handicap. The handicap is usually with half goals, like -1.5, 0.5 or 2.5 goals. However, sometimes the handicaps can also be whole goals, and reverse handicaps to give the other teams more goals to start off with are also common.

A half time/full time bet means that you are betting on who will be in the lead of a match at half time, and what the final result will be. There are plenty of different outcomes available to bet on, as draws are also involved:

  • One team leads half time, match ends in draw
  • One team leads half time and at full time
  • One team leads half time, match ends in other team’s win
  • Match is draw at half time, one of the teams wins
  • Match is draw at half time, match ends as draw

Of course these options are available for either team, meaning that altogether there are 9 different ways to make a half time/full time bet. When making a half time full time bet, important things to take into account are that more goals occur in the second half of a football match and the strengths of the teams in comparison to each other.

Btts is an acronym for both teams to score. This of course means that you are betting on whether both teams will score in the match of your choice, or alternatively you can bet on the option that both teams won’t score. There are often also bets available for one team to score or not, sometimes also with a match result (win/lose) available for higher odds.

The obvious thing to take into account with these bets are the defensive and offensive strengths of a team.

An accumulator is a bet with at least four or more selections with all of them needing to win for the bet to be a winning one. The odds on these can rise to astronomical heights, but singles (a bet with only one selection), doubles (two) and triples (three, duh) are much better options for a bettor searching for more consistent profits.

Cash out bets are provided on most, but not all betting sites. These bets give you the opportunity of cashing out your existing bets early for reduced odds, but can be worth it if you feel like your currently winning bet is going to lose. You can also cut your losses in the face of a hopeless situation.

The biggest football gambling bookies also often provide partial and automatic cash outs, where you can cash out a certain percentage of your bet that you want, while automatic cash outs activate when a certain amount is reached.

Football betting app - What features make the best football apps

Football betting apps

A football betting app can be many things, but the things that set the best football apps apart are the features they can offer players. When talking about the most popular sites to bet at every single thing you can do on your computer should be available at the best football betting app along with all the mobile-only offers.

New football betting apps are especially adept at providing the best features on their site for mobile users as well. Below you can find listed some of the features that you would want from betting apps for football.

Nearly all of the football betting apps you can find at Bojoko offer you the opportunity of enjoying not one, but all of these features, especially when talking about newer bookies. With football betting apps with cash out you should take note if only a whole cash out is available, as many of the best betting apps for football like Bet365 also offer partial cash outs.

Live streams through football betting apps actually work better than with a desktop version, as oftentimes it’s much easier to watch full screen on a mobile app than on your computer, where some kind of zooming manually is often required.

#1 - Unibet football betting app

Unibet Football Betting App

Unibet is one of the leading Nordic bookmakers, but they’re also licensed for UK players by the UKGC. Through the app you can enjoy live streams on the likes of the FA Cup, Serie A, the Bundesliga and many other football leagues.

The betting options on the site are some of the best out there, with markets on all UK favourites. When there’s also a tasty welcome deal available, there’s not much more you can ask of a bookie.


+ Amazing selection of sports and other gambling
+ Loads of live streams for top European football leagues


- Not as many UK football leagues to bet on

Try Unibet with their welcome offer here »

#2 - SBK betting app

SBK Football Betting App

SBK is a part of a wave of new football betting apps taking the betting world by storm. Available via Google Play and the App Store, one of the best football apps offers players the chance of enjoying bets on more than 25 categories of sport, cash outs, in-play bets and some of the best odds in the industry.

There are also plenty of other neat features to enjoy on the SBK app, which are covered in the promo video below.


+Great welcome offer
+Very high odds


- No live streams

Find brilliant football odds at SBK here »

#3 - LeoVegas betting app

LeoVegas Football Betting App

Like Unibet, LeoVegas heralds from the Nordics where mobile gambling has always been big. This is evident from the award-winning LeoVegas app, through which betting on football is always a pleasure.

If you want a UK football betting app there are some with more leagues out there, but with Leo you will find one of the best collective betting experiences.


+One of the best mobile betting experiences out there with years of experience
+Great odds


- Not the most football leagues

Play on Leo's award-winning mobile version here »

#4 - Kwiff betting app

Kwiff Football Betting App

Kwiff have one of the most personable betting apps out there. The best apps always try to offer something unique, and at Kwiff this is done with their special supercharged bets. Read our full Kwiff betting review to find out more.

Any bet at any time could be supercharged, so you never know when you might win big! Even the odds in general for betting on football on mobile are very high, but especially for UK leagues.


+ Any bet could be supercharged
+ Fantastic football odds
+ All practical matters handled brilliantly

Enjoy supercharged bets through the Kwiff app here »

List of the best football betting apps

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Football betting - Frequently asked questions

Betting on football online can be done on dozens of different UK sites in 2023. Practically all bookies who provide betting services to players from the United Kingdom have most important football leagues in their ranks, and through Bojoko on this page you can find them all. So if you’re wondering how to place a bet on football, you’ve come to the right place (check out the list of bookies where you can bet on football here)!

Betting on football in an optimal manner requires both skill and luck. There are many strategies that you can employ to create the smartest football bets, which are covered in our football betting strategy on this page. The easiest way to win the most from your football bets every time is to place your bets with the best odds available.

This is why it’s valuable to have an account at many bookmakers, so you can choose to place your bet at the bookie that provides the best value for it. These odds can vary a bunch from site to site, but they are all listed here on this page.

Odds work in football just like with any other type of bet you place. However, they can be shown in many different ways. For example, a 1/1 bet where you win 1 for every 1 you bet can also be shown as a multiplier 2.00. In the odds shown the first number is always how much you win, and the latter is how much you need to bet to win the first number.

For example, with odds of 3/1 you win 3 for every 1 you bet, so with a £10 bet you would win £30. However, you must also remember that with a winning bet your stake will also be returned to you, so in fact you get £30 in winnings + your £10 stake back = £40.

You can get free football bets from a lot of bookies, all of which can be found from our list of football betting offers on this page. We only list safe and trust-worthy UK licensed sites, so that whichever bookmaker you choose through us, your money is safe.

A number of football betting sites also offer their players the option of watching top class leagues like the Bundesliga, Serie A, Ligue 1, La Liga and the FA Cup for free as long as you have an account with money in it at the bookie. You can find the list of football betting sites with live streams here.

It is hard to name just one best football betting app for UK players, as there are so many fantastic bookies to choose from. In general, all the biggest bookmakers from our list of best football betting apps are excellent choices, especially if they are a large stock-listed company with huge resources.

The more resources a football betting app has behind it, the better and faster it generally is. With better technology more features are available, and you can get the best betting experience out there.

2.5 goals in betting usually means a bet where one team has a handicap that can be positive or negative. This means that you are placing a bet where one team starts with minus goals or more goals to start with. In the case of 2,5 goals, you are betting on a match where one team starts 2,5 goals ahead.

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