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If you’re looking for where to bet on darts, Bojoko has got you covered! From this page you can find all darts betting sites available to UK players, and we’ve also gathered our own top 3 -list of bookies with the best darts odds and other aspects that suit darts bets.

By reading on you can also enjoy our darts betting guide, where there’s plenty of tips for you to take advantage of whenever you bet on darts.

Darts Betting - Quick Links

Top 2 Darts Betting Sites

Some prefer older bookies, while others enjoy the newest sports betting sites, but what are the best darts betting sites? Our betting experts have gathered below a comprehensive top 2 list, so that at whichever bookie you choose to bet at, darts will be covered well.

#1 Unibet

Unibet is a familiar name to most people who follow darts, as the Nordic betting site sponsors a number of events across the globe and darts season. Despite not being a UK bookie, Unibet has truly taken our sport to their hearts. Like with all of their betting markets, there’s plenty to be found to bet on darts as well.

Darts Odds Unibet

The site also offers live streams for all players with money on their account, so if you want to watch some free darts and bet live with great odds, Unibet is a fantastic choice. Read our full Unibet betting review to see a more in-depth look at their services.

Create your account at the #1 darts site here »

#2 Bet365

Bet365 is one of the greatest bookmakers out there regardless, but things are even better for darts fans. The site is at the forefront of the sport when it comes to both stature and odds, so you’ll definitely be getting value for your money.

Darts Odds Bet365

Taking things even better, Bet365 also offers free darts streams for many competitions, such as Premier League Darts. All in all, one of the best choices you can make for a bookie, but read our Bet365 betting review if you're not convinced yet.

Watch and bet on the best darts at Bet365 here »

How Do We Rank Darts Betting Sites?

At Bojoko we want to help our readers choose the best darts betting sites (and other sports) for their needs, which is why we of course have to have some ranking methods to do so. There are many ways to rank a bookie, but our betting experts place special emphasis on some key points.

Some of these can also be used as filters in our unique bookie tool in our list of all darts betting sites. Taking advantage of the betting deals should also not be forgotten, but a good welcome deal doesn't always mean a top-quality site. But without further ado, our ranking methods:

Darts Betting Sites

Darts Betting Guide

If you’ve come to our page to find how to bet on darts, our darts betting guide can give you some useful tips to make your bets more profitable. The following tips are not in any particular order, and although some may always be smart to take advantage of, in darts betting there are no guarantees.

Use these tips and you could find more success with your darts bets in the future:

All Darts Betting Sites -List

Below you can find all the betting sites that have darts odds on their page. We only have United Kingdom Gambling Commission -licensed bookies on our page, so whatever you choose from our list of online bookmakers, safety and tax-free winnings are guaranteed.

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Darts Odds & Betting Markets

There are plenty of darts betting markets to choose from, but not quite as many as with other sports where there is more action to bet on. The most common darts betting markets are:

In Play Darts Betting & Live Streams

Darts is one of the sports that you need to experience live to enjoy to the fullest, and this applies to betting as well. Live darts betting is incredibly fun, as the match changes constantly and momentum can swing in a second. When you’re betting on darts, in play betting is one of the easiest ways to bank wins.

This is due to the nature of the sport, where mentality is everything. If a player starts to lose their touch - no matter how much of a favourite they are - it will be tough to recover quickly. Experiencing a darts match live while betting is possible at some bookmakers, who offer free darts streams to players with money in their account.

You too can enjoy these live streams for darts like this:

  1. Choose one of the bookies from our darts betting sites -list
  2. Click on the green “Claim Offer” -button, and you’ll be skyrocketed to the bookmaker in question
  3. Create your account, take advantage of the offer and make your first deposit
  4. Enjoy free darts live streams as long you have money in your betting account

As you could probably read above, usually the only requirement that bookies have for you to watch their darts streams is that you have an account with money in it. This means that you can very easily enjoy live darts for free at a bookie for extended periods of time.

Darts Season Schedule 2024

Darts Betting

The darts season schedule for 2023 is packed with tournaments to bet on. Darts odds are available for competitions nearly a dozen times a month, so if you want to bet on the darts, there’s nearly always something available.

Unlike with many other sports, there isn’t a real break in the darts season, since the sport isn’t quite as physically demanding as many others. But without further ado, let’s see what big tournaments are available!

12. - 13.1 Bahrain Darts Masters
20. - 21.1 Nordic Darts Masters
27. - 29.1 Cazoo Masters

2.2 Cazoo Premier League Night 1, Belfast
9.2 Cazoo Premier League Night 2, Cardiff
16.2 Cazoo Premier League Night 3, Glasgow
23.2 Cazoo Premier League Night 4, Dublin
24. - 26.2 Baltic Sea Darts Open (ET1)

2.3 Cazoo Premier League Night 5, Exeter
3. - 5.3 Cazoo UK Open
9.3 Cazoo Premier League Night 6, Liverpool
16.3 Cazoo Premier League Night 7, Nottingham
23.3 Cazoo Premier League Night 8, Newcastle
24. - 26.3 European Darts Open (ET2)
30.3 Cazoo Premier League Night 9, Berlin
31.3 - 2.4 International Darts Open (ET3)

6.4 Cazoo Premier League Night 10, Birmingham
13.4 Cazoo Premier League Night 11, Brighton
20.4 Cazoo Premier League Night 12, Rotterdam
21. - 23.4 Austrian Darts Open (ET5)
27.4 Cazoo Premier League Night 13, Leeds 
28. - 30.4 Dutch Darts Championship (ET6)

4.5 Cazoo Premier League Night 14, Manchester
5. - 7.5 Belgian Darts Open (ET7)
11.5 Cazoo Premier League Night 15, Sheffield
12. - 14.5 Czech Darts Open (ET8)
18.5 Cazoo Premier League Night 16, Aberdeen
25.5 Cazoo Premier League Play-Offs
26. - 28.5 European Darts Grand Prix (ET9)

2. - 3.6 US Darts Masters
15. - 18.6 Cazoo World Cup of Darts
30.6 - 2.7 European Darts Matchplay (ET10)

15. - 23.7 Betfred World Matchplay
23.7 Betfred Women's World Matchplay

4. - 5.8 New Zealand Darts Masters
11. - 12.8 New South Wales Darts Masters

8. - 10.9 German Darts Open (ET11)
15. - 17.9 Jack's World Series of Darts Finals
22. - 24.9 Hungarian Darts Trophy (ET12)

2. - 8.10 BoyleSports World Grand Prix
13. - 15.10 German Darts Championship (ET13)
26. - 29.10 Cazoo European Championship

11. - 19.11 Cazoo Grand Slam of Darts
24. - 26.11 Cazoo Players Championship Finals
26.11 Winmau World Youth Championship Final

In addition to the tournaments mentioned above, there are plenty of smaller tournaments where you can bet on darts around the year. The 2023 season will reach its climax in December with the PDC World Championship, with the dates yet to be confirmed. Other tournaments will also be announced for later in the year.

FAQ of Darts Betting

You can find the best darts betting sites from this page at Bojoko. We have made our own Top 2 darts betting sites list for you to choose a bookie easily. At the best sites you are guaranteed great odds for darts, a wide selection of betting markets along with live streams to watch the matches for free.

There are loads of different ways of how you can bet on darts in 2023 at different betting sites. These include the likes of outright match betting, correct score, most 180s, nine dart finishes, handicaps, highest checkouts and many others. Not all bookies offer odds on all of these, but from our list of all darts betting sites you can find the ones with the best betting markets for darts.

The amount of sets in a darts match can vary, and usually the more important the game, the more sets a player needs to win to be crowned the victor. You win a set after you’ve won three legs, and normally darts matches can be best of 5 - best of 13 sets.

A match treble in darts betting means that a player has won the whole match, achieved more 180s during it and also has the higher checkout of the players. This bet is one of the most popular on darts betting sites, and odds for match treble can often be found at the biggest bookies.

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