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Casino bonuses let you explore games with more money to bet. There are many different types of bonuses available, so choose carefully. On this page, we explain all the perks and benefits for players old and new. Discover the best UK casino bonuses listed on Bojoko!

Best online casino bonuses in the UK

When compiling and updating the list below, our casino experts pay attention to many factors: wagering requirements, bonus percentage, bonus value and the fine print of the T&Cs. The result is a list of the best UK online casino bonuses found on Bojoko. Not every player has the same taste in bonuses. Try the handy quick filters for different bonus types to find exactly what you're looking for.

Why compare bonuses on Bojoko?

There's a vast number of online casinos operating in the UK and most of them offer bonuses. At first glance, many of these may seem appealing. However, scratching the surface often reveals terms that are less than friendly to the player.

On Bojoko, we ask the casinos to provide tons of details about their bonuses. Our casino listings display all of this info in a clear format. Use our comparison tool to filter and sort casinos based on their bonus details.

In addition, you can read reviews and ratings from genuine players and experienced casino testers.

best online casino bonuses in the uk

Try our quick filters

Quick filters let you browse the casinos offering the best bonuses in each category. Click on the filter name to see the curated, up-to-date list.

Create your own filter

Choosing your own casino specs is super easy:

  1. Go to the bonus list
  2. Open the filter menu
  3. Click on Custom
  4. Pick your filter, select what info you want to see and click on Apply
  5. Click on Show results

Narrow down your search based on 40 criteria. Filter and sort casinos based on bonus sums and percentages, wagering requirements, qualifying minimum deposits etc.

What are casino bonuses?


Casino bonuses are a way for online casinos to attract new players, reward loyal customers and reactivate existing clientele. When you take a bonus, you can play longer and get a better idea of what the casino has to offer.

Bonuses come in many forms. The most common are:

It's also important to understand the difference between deposit and no deposit bonuses:

We cover these in more detail below.

Bonus terms and conditions

All casino bonuses come with some strings attached. The idea is to guide players to use the bonus on casino games and limit the risk to the casinos.

Every casino and every bonus type has its own specific terms. We've explained them in more detail on dedicated pages.

Here's a quick overview of the terms and conditions you may encounter:

This may sound confusing and intimidating. However, we want you to be a well-informed player who's ready for everything. Do your homework and avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Different bonus types

This section gives you an overview of the most common bonus types. Check out the links to find more detailed information on dedicated pages.

No deposit bonuses

Many casinos hand out no deposit casino bonuses to new players when they first create an account. You don't need to make a deposit to claim this bonus - just register and verify your account details.
No deposit bonuses usually include one or more of the following:

How to claim a no deposit bonus?

  1. Choose a casino offering a no deposit bonus
  2. Create and verify your account
  3. Claim the new player sign-up bonus
  4. Bonuses usually come in bonus funds, tied to wagering requirements
  5. Complete the wagering by playing the games
  6. When the wagering is done, the remaining bonus funds are added to your real money balance
  7. Before you can withdraw, you'll need to confirm a banking method by making a deposit

Check out our comprehensive info package about different No deposit bonuses.

Free spins

Free spins are free slot rounds to try out a specific game and the casino. Although they're a popular no deposit bonus type, some spin packages can only be unlocked with a deposit.

Pay attention to bet sizes, minimum deposits and the wagering requirements to determine how good the free spin deal is.

You can find more info on our Free spins page.

Deposit bonuses

Deposit match bonuses give you a certain percentage of your deposit sum as bonus money. If you win with your original deposit, you won't need the casino bonus. If your deposit runs out, the bonus is there as a safety net.

Deposit bonuses differ in the following ways:

The best online casino welcome bonus packages feature decent size bonuses with fair terms. On our Deposit bonuses page, we explain this in more detail. You can also return to our bonus list and apply the Best deposit bonuses quick filter.

How does a deposit bonus work?

  1. Choose a casino with a deposit bonus
  2. Create and verify your account
  3. Choose your bonus and make a qualifying deposit
  4. The bonus funds are credited to your account, separate from your deposit
  5. You first play with your real money balance. The bonus is there as a second chance if your deposit runs out
  6. Play the games with bonus funds to complete the wagering requirements.
  7. After the wagering is done, the remaining bonus funds become real money which you can withdraw

Best casino bonus criteria

"The best casino bonus" doesn't mean the same thing for every player. That's why it's hard to name a single bonus that's the top choice for everyone in every situation.

However, there are some factors that make one bonus more appealing than the other. The best online casino bonus is a combination of:

Use our bonus tool to find the top casino bonuses in each category.

Top 5 casino bonuses

Here's a hand-picked bonus list compiled by Bojoko's experts. All of these casinos offer a top online casino bonus that ticks most boxes listed above:

Click on the links to see detailed info about the bonus. You can also read reviews from our community members and casino testers.

Best bonuses for beginners

If you're only taking your first steps in the world of online gambling, different kinds of bonuses may seem confusing. Pick the wrong bonus and you risk running foul of the terms and conditions.

That's why beginners should do two things:

No deposit bonuses and free spins offer a soft landing. They're perfect for trying out the casino without risking your own money. However, think of these bonuses purely as entertainment. Although you have a theoretical chance to win real money, don't expect to break the bank with freebies.

When you're good and comfortable with the casino, you can move onto deposit bonuses. There, your preferences should be:

Clicking the links will take you to dedicated pages that explain these bonus types in detail.

Bonuses that are unlocked with a small deposit are made for beginners. You can test the casino with real money and the terms are much easier than in no deposit bonuses.

Wagering requirements should also be your priority. The lower the rollover, the less you have to bet to turn the bonus funds into cash.

Best bonuses for experienced players and high rollers

Bonus preferences vary between players. With experience, you'll learn what's important to you and you can factor more information into your decision making.

You may already have your favourite casino to play in. That casino wants to keep you as a customer and that's why the best ones offer continuous perks to their existing players:

In our bonus comparison tool, you'll find quick filters for most of these bonus types. Here are other pages you may want to check out:

Interview: Why do online casinos have bonuses?

It may sound counterproductive for casinos to offer bonuses that increase the players' chance of winning. So, why do they do it? We asked James Booth, the Acquisition Operations Manager of Lindar Media, the company behind MrQ Bingo & Slots.

Why do casinos offer bonuses?

JB: "The casino landscape is an incredibly competitive industry and welcome bonuses are used to give customers the opportunity to trial a casino with less risk and more funds (usually) to try the site before they commit to it.

Once the player is a registered customer of a casino, further bonuses are then used to promote new games, competitions and general activity on the site, again to reduce the risk of the player but also to help the casino differentiate itself from its competitors."

With the increase in taxation in regulated markets, particularly the UK, the cost of giving bonuses is a huge liability for a casino.
James Booth, MrQ

Is it expensive for casinos to offer bonuses?

JB: "With the increase in taxation in regulated markets, particularly the UK, the cost of giving bonuses is a huge liability for a casino. The UK's 'Point of Consumption' (POC) tax means that the casino must pay tax on all wagers even if they are free for the customer, so a 100% bonus can effectively double the tax the casino must pay.

So the casino must weigh up the benefits and liabilities and tread a very fine line to remain profitable. All of that is on the assumption that the player loses: if they win of course the cost to the casino is greater still!"

What kind of results do you expect when creating an exclusive offer for an affiliate like Bojoko?

JB: "Exclusive offers allow our affiliates to differentiate from their competitors so we often see different results whether that be positive or negative based on the offer itself. Giving a range of offers has the impact of broadening our appeal as a player may see an offer they prefer on one site over another. Overall we get more volume but the ROI will vary significantly."

How do you define bonus abuse?

JB: "Bonus abuse for us is a spectrum and not something we can define in a few words. All bonuses are designed to give genuine players an improved chance to test the site and ultimately win, however, we always look for individuals or groups of players who are attempting to take advantage of the site or our genuine players in whichever way, shape or form that may take.

As a UK GC regulated company, we have a responsibility to protect our customers, whether that be in terms of responsible gaming or abuse from third parties."

How do you plan campaigns that aren't easy to abuse?

JB: "This comes with experience. Every bonus is open to abuse no matter how thought through it is, so we continuously monitor current bonuses and use learnings from previous bonuses to help guide this process."

How big a percentage of players manages to complete the wagering on the 1st deposit bonus? What about the no deposit bonus?

JB: "The wonderful thing about MrQ is that 100% of our players meet our wagering requirements and they all get their winnings in cash! The same applies for our no-deposit bonus, whereby customers get spins for verifying their mobile number. Everything won by a player at is paid as cash and free to withdraw."

Read what James Booth says about free spins.

Are bonuses worth taking?

Yes and no.

Bonuses are a paradox. If you play at the casino for the socially accepted reason (i.e. having fun), then all bonuses do the trick. They let you play for longer and enjoy the games.

As a smart player, you want to get some kind of monetary benefit from the bonuses, not just use them for fun. In that case, you have to choose your bonuses carefully.

However, gambling is a hobby where you should expect to lose money instead of winning more. That's why you shouldn't be at the casino to make money. Everything you put on the table usually ends up in the casino's pocket.

The bottom line is this: some bonuses offer you a better chance to win compared to not taking a bonus at all. However, it still doesn't make gambling a hobby with a positive expected value. Manage your expectations and focus on having fun.


You want to convert your casino bonus balance into withdrawable cash. This happens by meeting the wagering requirements. Here's how wagering requirements work:

  • The wagering requirement may apply to the bonus sum (B), your original deposit (D) or both (D+B).
  • Bonus sum x wagering requirement multiplier = total amount to wager.
  • Wagering starts when your deposit amount runs out.
  • Only bets made with bonus money count as wagering.
  • Completing the wagering turns your remaining bonus balance into withdrawable cash.
  • Wagering requirements over 35x (B) can be hard to meet.

This is explained more thoroughly in our guide to wagering requirements.

In addition, we have listed all low wagering bonuses and no wagering bonuses.

Many UK-licensed online casinos use bonus codes to unlock casino bonuses to players. The rewards earned vary from one site to another, but the best online casino bonus codes unlock:

Not all sites require you to enter a casino promotional code to get your bonus. When a new UK casino reviewed on Bojoko features a first deposit or no deposit bonus code, this info is displayed on the listing page. In addition, you can see the bonus codes on our curated casino lists.

  • An online casino bonus code is a case-sensitive combination of letters and numbers.
  • Use the casino bonus code to redeem a special offer when prompted on the casino website.
  • You'll normally be requested to input the code when you create an account or make your first deposit.
  • In some casinos, you may need to contact customer support to redeem your code, although this has now become rare.

On Bojoko, you can find the bonus code in the casino reviews.

Many casinos want to save their most generous bonus offers to trusted partners like Bojoko. With a special bonus code or a unique link, you'll get exclusive casino bonus offers that can't be found anywhere else.

Take a look at our bonus list, apply the Exclusive bonuses quick filter and bag some secret goodies.

Cashback bonuses give you back a percentage of your net losses.

EXAMPLE: A casino offers a 5% cashback bonus. You play through your initial deposit of £100 without winning anything. The casino gives you £5 (5% of £100) as a cashback bonus.

Cashback bonus T&Cs may include time limits, wagering requirements and maximum bonus caps. However, cashbacks are usually given as wager-free cash.

You can find cashback bonuses on our Casino offers page.

Casino VIP programs often celebrate their players' membership anniversaries and birthdays. If your big day is coming up, you may be entitled to some free spins or other rewards.

You'll find such casinos in our guide to casino VIP and loyalty programs.

Some established casinos actively promote their sites on different social media platforms. By following your favourite casinos' social media accounts, you might be able to grab some extra goodies.

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