Casino bonuses [UK]

Casino bonuses let you explore the games with more money to bet. They feature many different kinds of perks and benefits for new depositing players. Discover all the UK online casino bonuses listed on Bojoko!

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18+, new UK players only, be GambleAware | Full apply.

18+, new UK players only, be GambleAware | Full terms apply.

18+, new UK players only, be GambleAware | Full terms apply.

18+, new UK players only, be GambleAware | Full terms apply.

18+, new UK players only, be GambleAware | Full terms apply.

Best online casino bonuses in the UK

When you compare the best UK casino bonuses, there are many factors to account for. To make your search easier, we have created handy quick filters for different bonus types. Use them to find the deals to match your preferences on our top casino bonus list.

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Casino bonus UK

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What are the best casino bonuses?


There's no simple answer for this question. It's relatively easy to separate the good ones from the bad ones but there's no objective way to define the very best casino bonuses in the UK that suit the needs of every player.

Picking a bonus has a lot to do with your personal preferences. Here are some of the key issues players might be thinking when choosing a casino bonus they like the best:

You can find more info about each bonus type in the FAQ section.

Get the first deposit bonus best suited for you

We have collected hundreds of good casino bonuses and we're here to help you find the best first deposit bonus for you.

You can sort all online casinos with a 1st deposit bonus based on their bonus percentage or other criteria. Check out the sites that catch your fancy and grab the best deposit bonus deals.

To make finding your preferred first deposit bonus as easy as possible we have created different quick filters on our casino list. If you want to dig even deeper we recommend creating your own filter to find the casinos best suited for you.

200% casino bonuses in the UK

A 200% deposit bonus triples your bankroll. On top of your original deposit amount, you get twice as much in bonus money to play with.

How does a 200% deposit bonus work?

Here's how to get a 200% deposit bonus in a UK casino:

  1. Find a 200% casino bonus you would like to claim
  2. Carefully read the terms and conditions
  3. Select preferred payment method and make a deposit
  4. Use the bonus code if needed

In UK licensed online casinos, your bonus balance and your real money balance are kept separate. If you take a 200% casino deposit bonus up to £100, here's how it's split:

Go back to the main casino bonus list and use the 200% casino bonus quick filter to see all 200% bonuses listed on Bojoko.

300% deposit bonuses [UK]

300% deposit bonus means you will quadruple your bankroll upon your first deposit. If you deposit £50 you get an additional £150 in deposit bonus and start playing with a total balance of £200.

Unfortunately, 300% bonuses for UK players have become extremely rare. Increased bonus taxes in the UK has made offering a 300% casino deposit bonus financially unsound for the operators.

Bojoko keeps a close look at UK casino bonuses. We'll update our listings immediately if we spot a casino offering 300% bonuses for new players.

400% first deposit bonus

400% first deposit bonus quintuples your original deposit. A 400% casino bonus in a UK licensed casino gives you a massive £400 bonus for a £100 deposit. This means you can start playing slots with a £500 total balance.

Because of the bonus tax, there haven't been any 400% casino bonuses lately. However, you can find bonus percentages both higher and lower. Use the bonus percentage quick filters on our main casino bonus list.

500% first deposit bonus

Taking advantage of a 500% first deposit bonus means you'll be playing with six times the money you deposited. Understandably, casino bonus percentages this high are very uncommon on UK licensed gambling sites.

A typical 500% bonus works like this: when you deposit £10 you'll get £50 in bonus money on top of your deposit.

Return to our main bonus list and use the 500% bonus quick filter to see UK casinos with at least a 500% deposit bonus.

What casino games can you play with 500% first deposit bonuses?

At the moment, BetVictor is the only site that allows players to play slots with a 500% casino bonus. Other casinos with 500 percent bonuses let you wager your bonus in other types of games, most often in bingo.

All casinos listed on Bojoko feature slots and some of them also offer different bingo games. On these sites, a 500% bonus means that if you deposit e.g. £5 you'll get free bingo tickets worth £25. You may also be eligible for some free spins.

Interview: Why do online casinos have bonuses?

It may sound counterproductive for casinos to offer bonuses that increase the players' chance of winning. So, why do they do it? We asked James Booth, the Acquisition Operations Manager of Lindar Media, the company behind MrQ Bingo & Slots.

Why do casinos offer bonuses?

JB: "The casino landscape is an incredibly competitive industry and welcome bonuses are used to give customers the opportunity to trial a casino with less risk and more funds (usually) to try the site before they commit to it.

Once the player is a registered customer of a casino, further bonuses are then used to promote new games, competitions and general activity on the site, again to reduce the risk of the player but also to help the casino differentiate itself from its competitors."

With the increase in taxation in regulated markets, particularly the UK, the cost of giving bonuses is a huge liability for a casino.
James Booth, MrQ Bingo & Slots

Is it expensive for casinos to offer bonuses?

JB: "With the increase in taxation in regulated markets, particularly the UK, the cost of giving bonuses is a huge liability for a casino. The UK's 'Point of Consumption' (POC) tax means that the casino must pay tax on all wagers even if they are free for the customer, so a 100% bonus can effectively double the tax the casino must pay.

So the casino must weigh up the benefits and liabilities and tread a very fine line to remain profitable. All of that is in the assumption that the player loses, if they win of course the cost to the casino is greater still!"

What kind of results do you expect when creating an exclusive offer for an affiliate like Bojoko?

JB: "Exclusive offers allow our affiliates to differentiate from their competitors so we often see different results whether that be positive or negative based on the offer itself. Giving a range of offers has the impact of broadening our appeal as a player may see an offer they prefer on one site over another. Overall we get more volume but the ROI will vary significantly."

How do you define bonus abuse?

JB: "Bonus abuse for us is a spectrum and not something we can define in a few words. All bonuses are designed to give genuine players an improved chance to test the site and ultimately win, however we always look for individuals or groups of players who are attempting to take advantage of the site or our genuine players in whichever way, shape or form that may take.

As a UK GC regulated company, we have a responsibility to protect our customers, whether that be in terms of responsible gaming or abuse from third parties."

How do you plan campaigns that aren't easy to abuse?

JB: "This comes with experience. Every bonus is open to abuse no matter how thought through it is, so we continuously monitor current bonuses and use learnings from previous bonuses to help guide this process."

Why are there different bonuses offered in different markets?

JB: "MrQ is only available in the UK currently but from a general industry perspective each market is regulated differently, with different tax percentages and different ways tax should be paid etc, which is a fundamental reason the difference you often see in different markets.

Unregulated markets and less rigid gambling licenses are often associated with higher, more frequent bonuses which is a result of there being less pressure on the operator to act in a fair, responsible and ethical manner."

How has the tightened regulation (UK bonus tax, Sweden ban on bonuses after the welcome bonus) affected your bonuses overall and free spins especially? Do these changes show only in the related markets or overall?

JB: "Again, MrQ is not available in Sweden but speaking generally, operators find it incredibly difficult to retain players as players move from one casino to the next driven by bonuses they don't have access to if they stay put.

In the UK, bonusing is more flexible, but the UK POC tax puts more pressure on the casino to limit their bonuses and find more innovative ways to retain players. While regulation tightens and constricts operators, the need to innovate and evolve has never been so important."

How big percentage of players manages to complete the wagering on the 1st deposit bonus? What about the no deposit bonus?

JB: "The wonderful thing about MrQ is that 100% of our players meet our wagering requirements and they all get their winning in cash! The same applies for our no-deposit bonus, whereby customers get spins for verifying their mobile number. Everything won by a player at is paid as cash and free to withdraw."

Read what James Booth says about free spins.


How do online casino bonuses work?

Bonuses are a great way to familiarise yourself with the casino. They enable you to try out slots and other games with a bigger gaming bankroll. However, casinos don't want to hand out free cash to everyone who comes asking.

All casino bonuses have terms and conditions you should read thoroughly. These include:

We go through the different terms in our guide to online casino T&Cs.

What are casino bonus wagering requirements?

You want to convert your casino bonus balance into withdrawable cash. This happens by meeting the wagering requirements. Here's how wagering requirements work:

This is explained more thoroughly in our guide to wagering requirements.

In addition, we have listed all low wagering bonuses and no wagering bonuses.

What is a deposit bonus?

Deposit match bonuses give you a certain percentage of your deposit sum as bonus money. If you win with your original deposit, you won't need the casino bonus. If luck is not on your side, the bonus is there as a safety net.

Deposit bonuses differ in the following ways:

What is a casino bonus code?

Many UK licensed online casinos use bonus codes to unlock casino bonuses to players. The rewards earned vary from one site to another, but the best online casino bonus codes feature:

Not all sites require you to enter a casino promotional code to get your bonus. When a new UK casino reviewed on Bojoko features a first deposit or no deposit bonus code, this info is displayed on the listing page. In addition, you can see the bonus codes on our curated casino lists.

How do casino bonus codes work?

On Bojoko, you can find the bonus code in the casino reviews.

What is a new player welcome bonus package?

The best value casino bonuses can usually be found in the new player casino bonus package, i.e. the welcome bonus. Welcome bonus packages are usually broken down into a few separate steps with different bonus sums and percentages.

Picking the best casino welcome bonus in the UK is largely up to your own preferences. When comparing the best online casino welcome bonuses, you should keep an eye on the terms and conditions.

Use the quick filters in our casino bonus list to browse the latest casino bonus deals. Get new casino welcome bonuses when you deposit.

Are there welcome bonuses for highrollers?

Highroller is a person who likes to deposit big and play with huge bets. Standard casino bonuses may seem too low for them. Luckily, some slot sites are offering big casino bonuses for them.

We have listed the highest welcome bonuses available for UK players. You can see them by clicking the Highroller bonuses quick filter on our main casino bonus list. It shows only casino bonuses worth at least £400.

What is a reload bonus?

Your first deposit usually gives you the biggest bonus sum and the highest bonus percentage. However, many casinos also offer reload bonuses for subsequent deposits.

Some reload bonuses are only offered once-a-week or once-a-month. They can only be claimed on certain days. Some online casinos feature reload bonuses that are available any time you like.

What is an insurance promotion?

Insurance bonuses are deposit bonuses that need to be unlocked by contacting the support. If you lose your deposit, the insurance bonus kicks in and gives you a second chance at the games. Insurance promotions usually come with a wagering requirement and a maximum conversion.

What is a no deposit bonus?

No deposit casino bonuses are given to new players when they first create an account. You don't need to make a deposit, just register and verify your account details.

No deposit bonuses usually include one or more of the following:

Check out our comprehensive info package about different no deposit bonuses.

What are free spins?

Free spins are free slot rounds to try out the game and the casino. There are a few different types of free spins:

Pay attention to bet sizes, minimum deposits and the wagering requirements to determine how good the free spins offer is.

You can find more info on our free spins page.

What is a slot bonus?

Any type of bonus that can be used to play online slots can be labelled as a slots bonus. The overwhelming majority of casino bonuses falls into this category.

What is a cashback bonus?

Cashback bonuses are a percentage of the net losses that is given back to the player.

EXAMPLE: A casino offers a 5% cashback bonus. You play through your initial deposit of £100 without winning anything. The casino gives you £5 (5% of £100) as a cashback bonus.

Cashback bonus T&Cs may include time limits, wagering requirements and maximum bonus caps. However, cashbacks are usually given as wager-free cash.

You can find cashback bonuses on our offers page.

What are forfeitable casino bonuses?

In the old days, UK casinos could get away with great-sounding bonuses that weren't good for the player.

The old bonus rules bundled your real money balance and bonus money together. The wagering requirements were usually impossible to meet. If you took a non-forfeitable bonus, playing and winning with real money became irrelevant.

Starting 31st October 2018, all UK casino bonuses have to be forfeitable bonuses. You can forfeit your casino bonus and withdraw your real money deposit and winnings any time you want.

What is a sticky bonus?

A sticky bonus is the exact opposite of the forfeitable bonus. In a sticky bonus, the wagering requirement is usually low and the bonus percentage high. So far so good. However, the initial bonus sum is deducted from your balance when you withdraw our winnings. The sticky bonus itself can never be withdrawn.

A sticky bonus isn't usually a good deal for the player. In recent years, sticky bonuses have disappeared from the UK casinos.

How to earn casino loyalty points?

Many casinos have a loyalty or VIP program that uses a point system to reward active players. Some also use casino points in their casino gamification.

Casino currency or comp points are earned by:

Casino cash can be used to buy different types of bonuses or physical merchandise.

Some casinos give out casino currency with the first deposit. This incentivises new players to get involved with the loyalty scheme.

How to find exclusive bonus offers?

Many casinos want to save their most generous casino deposit bonus offers to trusted partners like Bojoko. With a special bonus code or a unique link, you'll get exclusive casino bonus offers that can't be found anywhere else.

Take a look at our best casino bonus list, apply the Exclusive bonuses quick filter and bag some secret goodies.

What are birthday bonuses?

Casino VIP programs often celebrate their players' membership anniversaries and birthdays. If your big day is coming up, you may be entitled to some free spins or other rewards.

What are referral offers?

Some sites offer a referral bonus to players who invite their friends to create an account and deposit. Referral bonuses can be:

Are there still banking method bonuses?

From the casinos' point of view, some banking methods are more beneficial than others. Understandably, casinos try to channel the players to use these methods.

The most common way is to remove handling fees. However, casinos also offer additional bonuses for people using the preferred banking methods. The bonus percentages aren't big, but they're sometimes added on top of your standard deposit bonus.

Banking method bonuses aren't as common as they were a couple of years ago. Also the set of payment methods available in online casinos have become more similar.

What are social media promotions?

Some established casinos actively promote their sites on different social media platforms. By following your favourite casinos' social media accounts, you might be able to grab some extra goodies.

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