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UK Betting site reviews

By Joel Kelly. Updated:

Bojoko is here to help find top quality betting reviews for every bookmaker. A sportsbook review at our site is always written by our own, independent betting experts, who conduct their reviews with their own names and faces.

At Bojoko we actually try out every aspect of the site and don’t hide behind an alias. We are real people who enjoy sportsbooks, which is why we give it to you straight, no matter the bookmaker or part of it our expert is testing. We want what’s best for our readers, and you can also leave bookie reviews of any site yourself!

Enjoy trusted online sports betting reviews at Bojoko

Here at Bojoko, we are a betting community, consisting of our site’s team, our betting experts and you, the readers. Below you can find some of the best betting sites available through us in our humble opinion, so choose below to filter the sites by:

You can also customise the filters of our bookmaker tool through the three vertical dots next to the list options to find just the kinds of sites you want. Each row of the list has a button that takes you straight to the site, while you can find the full sportsbook review by our team and experts by clicking the arrow on the bottom of each row.

Bookmaker reviews - Quick links

If you are interested in learning more about our bookmaker reviews and how they are made, click on the quick links below to reach any section of this site that you want to learn more about.

UK betting reviews

Bojoko’s sportsbook reviews explained

Bojoko helps avid bettors find betting sites that suit your specific needs and wants, which is why we have our experts test, compare and review all the sites personally. Our sportsbook reviews mean that the site has been fully tested from A to Z, so that if you yourself choose to create an account, there will be no surprises as long as you've read our expert review.

At Bojoko we only deal with bookmakers we trust, which is why we have chosen a policy of only doing business with bookies operating under the UK Gambling Commission license. This means that any site you choose through us is 100% legal, and pays out tax-free winnings to UK players. Sports betting should be fun, but safety is even more important.

In addition to more traditional bookmakers, we also review any UK betting exchanges that are released. At these sites you don't bet against "the house", as the odds are created by other bettors whose bets determine the prices you can get.

Our experts don't hold back on any criticism a site deserves.

Despite this, not all bookmakers are created equal, which is why our experts don’t hold back on any criticism a site deserves. Oftentimes a site is not perfect or bad all around, which is why our experts assign a rating to each aspect of a site, which you can find more information on below.

If you want to see some examples of our reviews, check out these ones:

About our review experts

Our betting experts all have extensive experience in the industry, enjoying the services of countless bookmakers over careers that have spanned many years, if not decades, covering more than simple football betting. This gives our experts unique insights into what makes a betting site worthy of praise, no matter what aspect we are talking about.

At Bojoko we want to be as transparent and connected to our readers as possible, which is why we require all of our experts to give out their opinions using their real names and faces. Often in the betting industry praise can be lavished anonymously on some undeserving bookmakers in some reviews, and when you venture to the site the reality can be very different.

This is why our experts have chosen to stand behind their opinions with their own names showing, and you can enjoy the benefit of their real-world experiences through our sportsbook reviews before deciding if a bookie is right for you or not.

You can find the latest Bojoko expert betting reviews below:

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Things we compare in our online betting reviews

Bojoko and our betting experts love to be thorough in our bookmaker reviews since there are plenty of features and functionalities to be tested on each site. We have divided these into different sections, which include everything from actually betting on the site to more practical stuff, that needs to be working smoothly for an enjoyable betting experience.

Below you can find some of the criteria our experts use while conducting online betting reviews, so you can know exactly what a certain amount of Bojoko points means.

New customer betting offers

Everyone loves welcome offers, and for many bettors, they are the main push to try out bookies. Our experts test and compare the welcoming bonus, free bet and other new customer betting offers for you, all the way from acquiring the offer to how easy it is to complete its wagering requirements.

A true steal that only brings value to the players. This could be a completely wagering-free offer, or a massive bonus with easy terms to fulfill
Pretty similar to the bonus mentioned before, except free bet might be without wagering or bonus money wagering only 5x
Average welcome offer, like a free bet or a bonus in the range of £50-100/100% (wagering around 7-10x).
Small bonus available with wagering requirements or terms that aren't the best (for example 50%/£100 with a wagering requirement of higher than 10x).
No welcome offers available.

The betting/user experience and design

The title probably explains this well enough, but actually placing your bets on a site, and how that makes you feel compared to others is incredibly important. Be sure to take note that some of these criterias might be subject to personal preference of the reviewer or you as a reader, but our experts are very good at giving an objective viewpoint and general idea of these things, especially when it comes to the actual betting users’ experiences.

This category of course includes all aspects of the site, as some bookies aren't great in other aspects but might be one of the best in-play betting sites.

A stunning visual and betting experience.
An otherwise well-designed site, that has a few simple problems that catch the eye of our reviewer.
Some problems either with the functionality of the site or if the site is slightly ugly.
A lot of problems that are prevalent on the site, both visually and when actually placing your bets.
A terrible betting experience, where the platform is very hard to use and looks generally underwhelming.


The odds are probably the single most important factor in sports betting. The odds you bet with can have a huge impact on your success in the long run. It is very important to understand what level of odds the betting site has. In our reviews, we show the payout percentage of each site's odds, so you know what level of odds you can expect to bet with. This is also reflected in the points given from the odds.

Very high odds close to being the best on the market. You should definitely bet on sites that get the highest points.
Good odds overall that can be recommended.
Average odds that are found on many sites already. Not bad but not the best.
Poor odds that are not often recommendable. Only use if they are not available elsewhere.
Very low odds not worth betting with.


The selection of betting markets and events is also a very important factor. If you can't find the events you want to bet on, it's a clear sign to move elsewhere. The best sites that get the highest points are those that have the most betting markets available.

Exceptional offering of markets and events, not missing anything and a lot of specials available also.
Good amount of markets available.
Decent amount of markets available, but a noticeable shortage.
Slightly more markets available, but still poor selection.
Only very few events and markets available.

Banking options

Money makes the world go round, and this applies to you as well. This is why good depositing and withdrawal options are inherently a part of any successful bookie in the UK, and preferably the waiting times are also satisfactory. In comparison if two sites are otherwise equal, smooth money transfers can tip the scales.

All traditional and a lot of rarer payment options can be used, with fast withdrawal times without additional fees.
Good options for both deposits and withdrawals, but some methods take time when it comes to making withdrawals.
Decent payment options, but the withdrawals can take a bit too long to earn a higher grade.
Amount of methods available are severely lacking, or there are significant wait times and fees when it comes to withdrawals.
Bojoko does not recommend putting any money into this site due to the unreliability of the payment options.

customer support

A fully fledged customer service is nowadays required to be considered a top betting site, consisting of at least live chat and email support. Preferably these should be available 24/7, but naturally this isn’t always the case. Mobile support and other options can also be available, and our expert will test and compare the waiting time of each site’s customer service and it’s quality.

All traditional methods of customer support are available, and they can be enjoyed with fast response times around the clock or almost at any time.
Some nice customer support is available, but not around the clock or the response times are slightly lacking.
One of the main types of providing customer support is missing, like live chat, email, FAQ or phone support.
Severe flaws when it comes to serving customers, either with the ways you can contact support or the quality of it.
Non-existent customer service options, and bad service when there are people available.

Reviews of the newest betting sites

At Bojoko we pride ourselves on keeping up with the latest trends, which is why we are always on the lookout for newly licensed UK bookmakers. One of our most important criteria is that we only list and review UKGC-licensed bookmakers. You can be sure that when a fresh-faced bookie with a license hits the market, it will be listed and reviewed on Bojoko in no time. 

These days the newest sports betting sites in the UK are of decent quality and getting pretty good review scores. New betting sites are usually geared up with platforms that guarantee them a decent set of odds, user experience, customer support, and other things that are needed to be worthy of trying out. Go and explore all the newest betting sites and enjoy their new features and bonuses!

Frequently asked questions about betting reviews

Bojoko’s aim is to be the best help in choosing betting sites for players from the UK, which is why our goal is to review them all. From our reviews you will get the full picture of playing on the site, since our betting experts test every single aspect you might want to know about.

This includes banking, bet sign up offers, customer support, mobile betting, live streams and plenty more stuff. Our expert gives their honest assessment of the bookmaker, and if you want, readers can also leave their experiences of any betting site available at Bojoko.

All of Bojoko’s betting experts have years of experience in the industry, and have tried out tens if not hundreds of bookmakers over the years. This means they know what to expect from a top-quality site, and if this is not achieved, our experts won’t hesitate to comment on it with some harsh truths.

At our site we have an extremely transparent policy, which is why all of our sportsbook expert reviews are written with the real names and faces of our experts visible, instead of hiding behind mysterious aliases like “Paul the Punter”. At Bojoko, you know who is giving out the information, and we can always stand behind it.

Bojoko tries to review as many betting sites for our readers as possible, but we do have strict criteria on what kind of sites we want to promote. We only accept trust-worthy and legal sites that offer tax-free winnings, which in essence means sites working under a UK Gambling Commission license. Unlicensed sites are not allowed to operate in the United Kingdom, and they should always be avoided. We're interested in both traditional sports betting as well as betting on esports, virtual sports, and entertainment like TV shows.

Bojoko's goal is to help you choose betting sites, which is why our experts have compared hundreds of bookies over the years. Instead of stars our experts use our own Bojoko balls, with 5 balls being the maximum amount, indicating a perfect experience and 1 being the minimum. Our experts have given each sector of the site it's own review with thorough written explanations behind it, so you'll know exactly what to expect from a bookie through us.

Joel Kelly

Article by:

Joel Kelly

Joel has worked in the iGaming industry for nearly a third of his life, with almost a decade of experience with casinos, sports betting and poker. During this time he has had the opportunity of testing dozens of different bookies, casinos and poker sites, with his focus currently being managing Bojoko's UK sports betting content.

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