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Casino Midaur cover
Midaur review »

1st deposit bonus: 300 % / £600

Bonus code: -

No deposit bonus: -

Rating (Overall): 3

Wagering requirements: 40x (B)

Casino apply.

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Casino Rise Casino cover
Rise Casino review »

1st deposit bonus: 50 es

Bonus code: LOVE100

No deposit bonus: -

Rating (Overall): 2.4

Wagering requirements: No

Casino apply.

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Casino BlueFox Casino cover
BlueFox Casino review »

1st deposit bonus: 100 % / £200 + 25 es

Bonus code: 25WAR

No deposit bonus: 5 es

Rating (Overall): 3

Wagering requirements: 50x (B)

Casino apply.

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Casino Slotty Vegas cover
Slotty Vegas review »

1st deposit bonus: 100 % / £500 + 50 es

Bonus code: -

No deposit bonus: -

Rating (Overall): 4.2

Wagering requirements: 30x (B)

Casino apply.

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Casino bgo cover
bgo review »

1st deposit bonus: 100 es

Bonus code: -

No deposit bonus: 10 es

Rating (Overall): 3.9

Wagering requirements: No

Casino apply.

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Casino AhtiGames cover
AhtiGames review »

1st deposit bonus: 100 es

Bonus code: -

No deposit bonus: -

Rating (Overall): 3.7

Wagering requirements: 60x (B)

Casino apply.

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Casino cover review »

1st deposit bonus: 100 % / £210 + 11 es

Bonus code: -

No deposit bonus: -

Rating (Overall): 4.6

Wagering requirements: 20x (D)

Casino apply.

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Casino Vegas Hero cover
Vegas Hero review »

1st deposit bonus: 100 % / £200 + 50 es

Bonus code: -

No deposit bonus: -

Rating (Overall): -

Wagering requirements: 40x (B)

Casino apply.

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Casino Slot Planet cover
Slot Planet review »

1st deposit bonus: 100 % / £555

Bonus code: -

No deposit bonus: £10 + 10 es

Rating (Overall): 4.2

Wagering requirements: 35x (D+B)

Casino apply.

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Casino 21 Casino cover
21 Casino review »

1st deposit bonus: 121 % / £65000 + 10 es

Bonus code: -

No deposit bonus: 21 es

Rating (Overall): 4.2

Wagering requirements: 35x (B)

Casino apply.

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We’re not content with simply presenting you with the best casinos in the business. Here you’ll also find comprehensive analyses of all the casino’s features, specially curated featured games, ongoing bonuses and online casino offers (UK), and banking and support information.

Spare yourself time and skim through our community’s user reviews to size up any casino in one go. We know you crave an experience created just for you, so our casino reviews present the information you look for in a simple, accurate way. 

Just as no two online casinos are created identical, so are players’ preferences different. One man's perfection is another man's poison.

Our community keeps this truth alive with the best casino reviews around. The information in our user reviews is authentic and unbiased, compiled by players sharing a similar mindset to you. 

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How to recognise the best casino review

Online casino reviews are an opportunity for you to learn as much as possible about the gaming experience from the best source of them all – first-hand experience. You can get to know what the important properties of a casino are before committing to any particular one, so we highly recommend reading casino reviews before you choose a casino to play in.

When sifting through the lot to find the best user reviews, this is what you should seek out:


Our user reviews are compiled by enthusiastic players who have joined our community and played games for a while. Read about the highlights of any casino as well as leave your own review when you’re ready to share your personal experience with everyone. 

Remember to be thorough and fair in your descriptions – giving back means a lot to us. Your input is invaluable in helping us make the online casino industry a better one for all.

What you should consider when selecting online casinos


Bonuses are what most players probably first look at when they read online casino reviews and compare casinos. These famous giveaways are exclusive to online casinos and tough to classify due to the sheer breadth of the ranges on offer. All casino bonuses come with their own terms and conditions, so pay attention to the rules and wagering requirements in addition to the numbers that whet your appetite for gameplay.

Bonuses are offered by casinos as an incentive to players. They're often given out with deposits, alongside betting conditions called wagering requirements that must be met before any winnings can be claimed. Welcome and no deposit bonuses generally come in the form of extra spins for use in online slot games and video slots, while deposit bonuses are usually a combination of extra spins and a deposit match bonus.

Our reviewing system has been built to accommodate accurate criticism from the player’s point of view, so our UK casino reviews discuss the ins and outs of the bonuses for your personal benefit.

Here's a guide to help you out when rating a casino’s bonuses:

Extra spins or extra casino money with no deposit, attractive first deposit bonus (at least 100%/£100) with moderate wagering requirements (35-45x) and player-friendly bonus terms and conditions.
One or more of the above elements are missing, the wagering requirements may be too high (50x or higher).
Average bonus value with acceptable terms and conditions (for example 100%/£100 deposit bonus with a 50x [25x D+B] wagering requirement and no welcome bonus).
Low bonus value with passable wagering requirements and terms and conditions (for example 50%/£100 with a wagering requirement of 40x or higher).
No bonuses offered at all.


For players, a nice-looking and well-functioning casino is essential for a positive and pleasant experience. The best online casino reviews will touch upon this crucial aspect and report on the site’s functionality and looks.

With so many casinos cropping up and competing in today’s market, players are becoming ever more exacting in their assessment of the usability of an online casino. You'll also be greatly swayed by the user experience it offers. Usability might be a subjective element of the casino experience, but savvy casino players have gotten used to what works and what doesn’t.

Here's a guide to help you rate a casino’s appearance and usability:

Every element works and runs smoothly and the casino’s design and user interface are pleasant to look at and use.
The functionality of the site is slightly impaired or the design is not fully convincing.
Use of the site is not easy or the graphics are not convincing.
Significant number of technical and aesthetic issues with the site.
Very poor usability that makes decisive gameplay highly difficult.


A high-quality, diverse gaming selection is amongst the top selection criteria for players. The average number of games offered by online casinos is around 450. Members of the Bojoko community will sometimes describe the game as bright and fun, while other users may prefer a more traditional feel and underline this feature in their comments. For most players, the more games an online casino offers, the better it is, but others will favour quality over quantity.

Use this guide when rating a casino’s game selection:

Large number of different, engaging games of all types, including mobile and live casino games with highly respected game providers such as NetEnt and Microgaming (total number of games is above 600).
Game variety falls short of highest levels (no live casino or games are only slots) or casino does not have the most popular game providers (total number of games is above 500).
Number of games below average and missing most popular game providers (total number of games is around 400).
Inadequate assortment of games, top games from providers such as NetEnt missing (total number of games is under 350).
Neither the number of games nor their quality is convincing (total number of games is under 250).


As a rule of thumb, all online casinos on our site provide a minimum level of customer support to their players. However, we appreciate a hefty dose of attentive and dedicated customer care, so scan the casino review in front of you for this one feature that impacts all the rest. At the most basic level, reviews will comment on the types of customer support channels provided by the casino and how effectively they are managed.

Here's a guide to help you rate a casino’s customer support function:

Live chat immediately available and excellent email response speed. Friendly and well-mannered customer care in general.
Good customer service but could do with improvement in speed or friendliness.
Customer service channels are acceptable but limited in their scope and usefulness (e.g. live chat is missing).
Extensive shortcomings in the level of customer service provided.
Customer service provided is very poor and not practical at all.


A credible online casino should also focus on making transactions to and from the casino simple and efficient. Players will want to know how easy and safe it is to transfer money for playing games in any given casino. When you have a good grasp of how money transfers work for a specific online casino, you can play with more ease of mind.

Here's how you can rate a casino’s money transfers or transactions:

Most common withdrawal methods are offered and quickly processed, money transfers are free or carry a minor fee.
Withdrawals are not efficient enough or money transfers include high and unnecessary costs.
Withdrawals paid out at a slower-than-average rate.
Withdrawals are too slow with additional transfer costs.
Depositing and withdrawing of money is not recommended because money transfers are not reliable.


As the industry continues its big shift to mobile-friendliness, more and more casinos are mentioning this characteristic in their reviews. Increasingly, mobile apps and devices are favoured over the traditional desktop playing station by players in the UK and beyond.

If you’re a gamer on the go, check the user ratings for the mobile experience in the online casino reviews. The best online casino review for you is one that analyses mobile functionality from the lens of the player. Keep your eyes peeled for advanced and innovative features that streamline the online casino experience and introduce exciting new things to the market.

Here's a guide for rating a casino’s mobile performance:

Exceptional mobile casino, user-friendly site, diverse selection of games and top-quality basic features.
Missing or defective elements from an otherwise acceptable mobile casino, such as low number of games or lack of money transferability.
Mobile site having obvious shortcomings that hamper the gaming experience.
Very primitive mobile site lacking significant features found in the desktop version.
No mobile functionality whatsoever.

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