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Bojoko helps you find crash gambling sites. Crash gambling is an innovative style of gambling that has taken players by storm. Crash games are a relatively new game mechanic that takes ideas from the world of stocks and cryptocurrencies. You need to be on your toes and know when to make quick decisions.

Play in casinos with crash gambling games UK

Crash games are making their way to the UK casinos, but your options are still pretty limited. It is not easy to find a casino that has multiple game options or sometimes even one game.

We have made this easier for you. Here, you can learn about crash games, find the best crash gambling sites and see what other people have thought about them.

Check out our list of great crash betting sites and pick the one you like the most.

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Read more about crash gaming

On this page, you will learn all about crash gambling and find the best sites to play crash betting games.


Bojoko helps you find crash gambling games

On Bojoko, you can find everything there is to know about gambling and betting sites. We teach you about the games, how to play them and help you find the best gambling sites for you to play them in.

Crash gambling isn't yet as big as slots or classic table games, which makes it hard for players to discover them. This is what we are here for. We will teach you how to play crash games and show where they are available.

We don't just list casinos, we test them and review them. Our experts play on the sites to see how they really work. They deposit real money, play and make sure that withdrawals actually work like they should. Their ratings are genuine and show you how the casinos are for a regular player.


Find the best crash gambling sites

See what crash gambling looks like and how they work


Crash gambling, or crash betting as it is sometimes known, is a type of gambling where the game gets more valuable until it suddenly comes crashing down. You as a player need to guess when that will happen and cash out while you are ahead.

As a player, you have very little control over what happens in the game. You just need to set your wager and bail out before you think the game will end. These games are often called push-your-luck games and this mechanic is often seen in boardgames.

The rise of crash gambling games began in 2021 and they really got popular in 2022. Crash gambling games are often multiplayer games, where all players have the same round, and possibly played with a live dealer. This creates a social experience, but can lead to pressure for some players not wanting to be the first one out.

The crash mechanic can adapt to many different styles. The games are varied and the themes can be basically anything. Crash games also work perfectly on mobile casinos.

Best crash gambling sites UK

UK players have some options when it comes to crash gambling sites. The fight over the title of best crash gambling casinos has picked up and many sites are throwing their hat in the game. The best crash gambling sites will have multiple crash games, but there are many great options with one good crash game.

If you want to try out some of the most popular crash betting games, you can play them on the following casinos:

Barz Casino

Barz has games for all tastes, even crash gambling

Barz is the place to be if you are a crash gambling fan. They have multiple games, including Maverick, Cash or Crash and Aviator.

As for the casino itself, Barz is a clean and simple site that makes playing easy. They have a lot of games, easy design, quick search options, and above all, really good banking tools.

It wasn't really a surprise that Barz is one of the best crash gambling sites, as they are good at everything. Read the Barz casino review and see for yourself.

Play on Barz »

Queen Vegas

Queen Vegas is a classy casino with easy design

Queen Vegas is a classy casino that goes for the historic and royal theme. Their crash gambling selection goes more heavily on the live versions with games like Cash or Crash.

The visual design of Queen Vegas is something people generally like. It stands out and feels unique. Let's not forget that the casino is perfect for mobile users and has versatile gaming options as well.

It is easy to recommend Queen Vegas to UK players, as this casino has a very UK vibe. Read the Queen Vegas review and see how the casino plays out.

Play on Queen Vegas »


Casushi is a colourful casino that has plenty of crash gambling games

If you want some colour in your life, then Casushi is the casino for you. This happy little camper is something unique. If you feel like casino themes are too serious, then take a look at Casushi and see if this site will bring a smile to your face.

Casushi's crash gambling options are nice. You get a little bit of both worlds, as you can play Maverick as well as Cash or Crash, one for solo gaming and one for that social live feel.

One thing that really separates Casushi from other casinos is their loyalty programmes. They really know how to take care of their customers. Read the Casushi casino review and see more.

Play on Casushi »

These are just the tip of the iceberg. You can find many other crash gambling sites here on Bojoko. You can check out our list of online casinos and filter the casinos that match your preferences.

How to play crash gambling

Crash Gambling Sites UK

Crash gambling is a surprisingly easy game mechanic, even though some of the games may look a bit confusing. In the end, you have very little decision-making, but what little you have makes these games really interesting.

The premise of these games is that the game becomes more valuable as time goes on and you need to guess when to stop. If you don't stop in time, the game round will crash and everyone loses their bets.

You get to choose the bet level you are using and some games have the option of autoplay. If you use autoplay, then you set both a wager and the multiplier where the game will cash you out. After the round starts, you only have one action left, and that is to cash out.

A crash game round goes as follows:

  1. Choose your bet
  2. Use auto play and set your cash out multiplier (optional)
  3. Watch as the round multiplier rises
  4. Cash out when you think it has reached high enough

Crash gambling strategy

Crash gambling games look at first like they might have some strategic elements in them, or tactics that will put you ahead. Every casino game that has some player control is bound to draw a lot of speculation and strategising.

As a player, you control when you want to bail out, which leads to two possible common strategies, go big or go small. Go big wants you to only bail out when the multiplier has reached high enough and go small cashes out with tiny wins in rapid succession.

Unfortunately neither of these strategies are actually valid. Crash games are purely random and fair, and you have no control over what the final multiplier will be. The reality is that no tactic or strategy can provide a steady and positive outcome. You can have hot streaks, but eventually you will get a cold streak due to randomness and lose more.

The best strategy is to play the way you feel good. If you like a steady stream of small wins, then bail out at 1.1x every round and you get a lot of hits. If you want to make a big splash, then try to get those 8x or bigger multipliers. This is basically the same as comparing low variance slots and high variance slots as a strategic choice.

Best crash gambling games UK

There aren't yet many options when it comes to crash casino games, as they are still in their infancy. That being said, the number of available games has grown and keeps growing all the time.

Here are some crash money games that are common and often show up in UK casinos. These games have been showing up all over, but looking at independent online casinos is your best bet for finding them.

Maverick is a popular release from AD LUNAM, a game developer under the 1x2 Network brand. It brings you easy-to-follow gameplay where you need to follow the biplane until it flies away.

The round starts when the plane takes off and you need to guess how long will it take until the plane flies off the screen, and the game ends. The longer it stays on the screen, the higher the multiplier is going to be.

You can either manually stop your bet before the round ends, or set an auto cashout at certain multiplier.

Maverick is available on casinos that have games from 1x2 Network.

Play Maverick in 21 Casino.

Maverick is a Crash Gambling game that where you take a risk and push your luck

Cash or Crash is a popular live casino game from Evolution. It takes the crash gambling concept and puts on a fairly literal theme on it. You are going up in a blimp and each successful pull takes you higher, until you come crashing down.

The game revolves around colourful balls. Every green ball increases your payout, the golden ball gives you a single-use shield and the red ball makes it all come crashing down.

You need to know when the game has gone long enough and cash out before you think the game is going to end. You can take all or just take half and continue the game.

Cash or Crash is available on most of the casinos that have Evolution live games.

Play Cash or Crash in PlaySunny.

Cash or Crash gambling game

Aviator is a popular crash game from Spribe. It has taken its rightful place on the front page of many UK casinos. It combines the visual elements of a WW2 fighter plane and combines it with a user-interface more closely related to stock markets.

Before a round starts, you need to choose your bet and that's it. Then you just wait for the plane to start flying and increase the win multiplier. Cash out when you think the plane has gone far enough, as it will suddenly fly away and zero out the multiplier for everyone left in the game.

Aviator is developed by Spribe, but is distributed in the UK by Relax Gaming.

Play Aviator in Jackpot Village.

Aviator crash gambling game

F777 Fighter is one of the earliest online crash games and it was made by OnlyPlay. Here, you take off in your fighter jet from an aircraft carrier and try to fly for as long as possible.

All you need to do is choose your bet and hope that the flight is long. The longer the fighter jet remains airborne, the bigger the winning multiplier is. At any moment your plane may blow up, which ends the current run and drops the multiplier to zero. You can get a bonus if you come in contact with a refueling plane before you explode.

OnlyPlay is currently making its way to UK casinos and their games will be soon available.

F777 Fighter crash gambling game

Bitcoin Crash game

Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies have been linked to crash betting as well. Games have been themed around them or they can be played with cryptocurrencies. Crypto is a suitable theme, as they show the very same market behaviour.

Crash gambling has been said to have started out from short term investing, where you need to be fast and highs and lows are steep. This then evolved into a form of fair casino gambling.

In the UK, you aren't allowed to play crypto crash games. Using cryptocurrencies on online casinos is forbidden by the UKGC.

Crash betting and responsible gambling

Crash betting is a form of gambling just as any other game. Even though the different style of gameplay might seem better for you, the odds are still not in your favour. The longer you play, the likelier it is that the casino will win.

Crash gambling, just like every other form of gambling, is only to be viewed as entertainment. It is not a way to fix any financial issues. You should never play with money you can't afford to lose.

When you play on online casinos, it is wise to set yourself limits, even if you don't think you have problems keeping your gambling under control. Reality checks are a good way to keep on top of what's going on and know when it's time to stop.


Crash gambling games are online casino games that use the crash mechanic. The game round will constantly grow in value, until it suddenly comes crashing down and everyone loses their bets.

In these games, you need to guess when this will happen and cash out before that. The longer you hang on, the more money you will win. This also increases the chance of you losing everything.

Playing crash gambling games is easy. You just need to set your wager and then cash out before you think the game will end. There is no indication on when this will happen, so your guess is as good as any.

Games like Cash or Crash will have clear odds for each increasing step. There are a limited and known number of green and red balls. The number of green balls will decrease every successful round, and thus, the higher the game goes, the bigger the odds are for a crash.

Crash games are still a bit few in numbers, but you can find them fairly easily on UK casinos.

The most popular crash games are developed or distributed by Evolution and Relax, which are a common sight on UK casinos. Some of the best UK crash gambling casinos are:


Crash gambling games are randomised just like any other form of gambling. There is no real way to play better or predict the outcome of a round.

The same principle of gambling is true here as with any other game. The odds of a small win are better than the odds of a big win. So you can get more small wins if you cash out early, but eventually there will be streaks where you lose more than you win.

No matter which way you play, the odds are always in the casino's favour.


Find the best crash gambling sites


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