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Say hello to the most potentially lucrative and life-changing casino games ever. Give our progressive UKjackpot slots a go if you're in the mood for scoring gold!

Progressive jackpot slots are, hands down, the treasure chest of online casinos. Offering millions of pounds as the top slot machine jackpot prize, progressive slots present you with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make a staggering leap forward if you’re one of the lucky few who hit the jackpot.

Choose from our selection of the best jackpot slots casino online. Customise the list and try out several jackpot games based on your favourite criteria. 

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Play progressive online slot machines

UK jackpot slots offer you the chance of winning life-changing fortunes. Play progressive online slot machines and pocket some massive moolah.

Jackpot slots
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Casino Videoslots.com cover
Videoslots.com review »

1st deposit bonus: 100 % / £210 + 11 es

Bonus code: -

No deposit bonus: -

Number of slots: 2275

Wagering requirements: 20x (D)

Casino apply.

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Casino Slotty Vegas cover
Slotty Vegas review »

1st deposit bonus: 100 % / £150 + 50 es

Bonus code: -

No deposit bonus: -

Number of slots: 680

Wagering requirements: 30x (D+B)

Casino apply.

Play now »
Casino RedSpins cover
RedSpins review »

1st deposit bonus: 200 % / £50 + 50 es

Bonus code: -

No deposit bonus: 10 es

Number of slots: 500

Wagering requirements: 40x (D+B)

Casino apply.

Play now »
Casino Dragonara Casino cover
Dragonara Casino review »

1st deposit bonus: 150 % / £200 + 50 es

Bonus code: -

No deposit bonus: -

Number of slots: 700

Wagering requirements: 40x (D+B)

Casino apply.

Play now »
Casino Midaur cover
Midaur review »

1st deposit bonus: 300 % / £600

Bonus code: -

No deposit bonus: -

Number of slots: 1500

Wagering requirements: 40x (B)

Casino apply.

Play now »
Casino Grosvenor Casino cover
Grosvenor Casino review »

1st deposit bonus: 100 % / £20

Bonus code: -

No deposit bonus: -

Number of slots: 356

Wagering requirements: 5x (B)

Casino apply.

Play now »
Casino PLAYOJO cover
PLAYOJO review »

1st deposit bonus: 50 es

Bonus code: -

No deposit bonus: -

Number of slots: 800

Wagering requirements: No

Casino apply.

Play now »
Casino PlayFrank cover
PlayFrank review »

1st deposit bonus: 100 % / £100 + 50 es

Bonus code: -

No deposit bonus: -

Number of slots: 1100

Wagering requirements: 35x (D+B)

Casino apply.

Play now »
Casino Slot Planet cover
Slot Planet review »

1st deposit bonus: 100 % / £555

Bonus code: -

No deposit bonus: -

Number of slots: 800

Wagering requirements: 35x (D+B)

Casino apply.

Play now »
Casino PlayMillion cover
PlayMillion review »

1st deposit bonus: 100 % / £100 + 25 es

Bonus code: SPIN100

No deposit bonus: -

Number of slots: 800

Wagering requirements: 30x (D+B)

Casino apply.

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What are jackpot slots?

All the fuss about jackpot slots is founded. With one spin of the reels in UK online slots, players can land on the jackpot payline and bag the enormous prize in the bat of an eyelid. 

Although the odds are slim for each individual, the possibility of laying your hands on the life-changing sum of money continues to power the popularity of progressive slots online.

With so many progressive slots fans, the industry has stepped up its game and produced a wonderful array of jackpot-based slots that are immensely fun to play and can bring some serious quid home if you get lucky.


Whoever pools their money into these jackpots can be the next big winner, so it’s always great to participate in the draw for the perfect payline that might just turn your day into gold.

Although big jackpot slots might seem straightforward to play, we recommend gathering as much information as possible about the experience beforehand.

You’re always bound to make the best choices this way. The potential of progressive slots to overhaul the life of the average player is too big to ignore!

Important stuff to learn about jackpot slots


The difference between progressive and fixed jackpots is how the jackpot accumulates and won in the game. Progressive slots have jackpots that keep “progressing” from a baseline amount. 

Every time a player wagers money to spin the reels, a percentage of the bet is absorbed by the jackpot. Since progressive jackpots frequently pool in funds from players’ bets across several slot games, they keep growing in value until they’re won. There’s officially no limit to how big progressive jackpots can grow.

Fixed jackpot slots, on the other hand, have a jackpot that is set at a definite amount that doesn’t change. Fixed jackpots don’t accumulate from players’ wagering in slot games. Instead, a lump sum is offered as the jackpot prize money to whoever hits the winning payline. The jackpot amount is independent of the wagering in the slot game.

While fixed jackpot slots offer a guaranteed sum in prize money, progressive slots have the most exciting and lucrative jackpots.


Progressive slots can either be casino-specific or game-specific. Casino-specific progressive slots have a progressive jackpot that accumulates only from slot games played in one particular casino. 

EXAMPLE: Cosmic Fortune is a popular casino-specific progressive slot which is available in several different online casinos but only draws money for its jackpot from one.

Game-specific progressive slots work differently, and offer a wider opportunity for the jackpot to expand. 

EXAMPLE: The progressive slot Mega Fortune draws in funds from bets placed in a single slot game present in several different casinos. This is what makes it a game-specific progressive slot. 

Mega Fortune’s advantage, in fact, is that its constantly increasing jackpot doesn’t just accumulate from one game, but many. This significantly increases the rate at which the jackpot reaches the higher numbers and ensures a jackpot amount that is always attractive.


Game providers that develop jackpot slots have become renowned for their jackpot slot creations. These slots quickly gain a large fanbase and many plays, so these game providers are often singled out. The makers of the best progressive slot machines with the potential to positively overturn a player’s life are rightly revered.

Microgaming and NetEnt are the absolute leaders of the pack for progressive slots. Microgaming is the creator of Mega Moolah and Mega Moolah Isis – currently two of the biggest jackpot slots in existence. 

NetEnt has Mega Fortune as a crowning achievement in its production of progressive slots. These game providers have crafted big jackpot slots that entertain, amuse and delight millions of players worldwide with their exceptional graphics, themes, game architecture and of course, incredible jackpots.

Apart from the jackpot figures, players also take into consideration the overall progressive slots experience furnished by the game provider. This depends entirely on subjective taste. 

If you’re partial towards some jungle-themed fun with a crisp interface and as many as 25 paylines, Microgaming has the jackpot slot for you.

An elegant, luxurious theme highlights NetEnt’s cornerstone progressive slot. Players who want to aim for the jackpot while gazing at the life pleasures it could lead to can trust that NetEnt has created just that ambience for them. 

Players who are big into jackpot slots can stick to a trusted, favourite game provider to play the progressive slots that satisfy them best.


Factors with a major influence on progressive jackpot slots are random number generators (RNGs), which form an important part of the software technology behind slot games. 

Random number generators are the mechanism that ensures randomness in a slot game or machine.

RNGs are programmed to produce a totally random outcome for every spin of the reels in a slot game. This works through the RNG’s generation of up to many thousands of random numbers per second. 

Due to this random number generation, each spin produces an equal chance of winning the coveted jackpot. This is what ensures the fairness of jackpot slot machines and the completely random outcome of the spins.


Some major factors influencing jackpot slot games are “return to player” (RTP), volatility and jackpot odds. When aiming for the jackpot in progressive slots, taking these into consideration will make a world of difference.

RTP is the simplest to work out to your advantage: simply check what the slot game’s RTP is from the game’s rules or terms and conditions. This number, expressed as a percentage, indicates the ratio of payouts to the total wagering for the game over time.

A perfect RTP of 100% means that the player’s chances of winning are equal to those of the casino. The higher the RTP, the smaller the house edge and the greater the chance of you reaping back a significant portion of the money you put in.

EXAMPLE: If a slot’s RTP is 96%, it will pay you back £96 for every £100 you bet over an extended period. 


Volatility is the relationship between the frequency and the size of slot games’ payouts. Jackpot casino slots with low volatility, for example, will produce frequent winnings of a modest value.

In high-volatility jackpot slots, it’s tougher to win money but when you do, the payouts tend to be larger.

The average player can play any jackpot slot with lower volatility as these offer a minimum return that's higher than that for high-volatility slots. 

It’s better for newbies to risk less and get humble rewards every so often rather than go for the high stakes while biting their nails for a decent payout for a long time. However, the choice is yours and you can go for any slots volatility as long as it suits your gameplay objectives well.

Jackpot odds are a hard-and-fast ratio that simply informs you how likely you are to win the jackpot in jackpot slots. 

EXAMPLE: The jackpot odds for Mega Moolah can be something like 1:3,200,000. This means you quite literally have one in a 3.2 million chance of hitting the jackpot. 

It’s easy to compare jackpot odds in progressive slots – the lower the ratio, the higher your chances of scoring that life-changing win.


Progressive slots sometimes have other jackpots to be won aside from the major prize. Progressive slot games can feature multiple in-game jackpots as well as the multi-tiered progressive jackpot. 

Special in-game jackpots can be won just through the payline-and-bonus-symbol combinations in the game. If you hit a certain payline and get a certain set of bonus or jackpot symbols as described in the game rules, you can score the in-game jackpot.

The jackpot tied to progressive slots is also often split into multiple different – and smaller – jackpots. 

EXAMPLE: In Mega Moolah, the jackpot is split into “mega”, “major”, “minor” and “mini” jackpots. Each of these has a different sum that accumulates in the same way from players’ bets.

You can win the “mini” jackpot before you ever get the chance to win the “mega” jackpot, so it’s good to play jackpot games that don’t just have one pot of gold.

Progressive slots payments and money transfers


For withdrawals.

Withdrawing your winnings is where it gets a little more complicated, as not all of these depositing methods have a complementary withdrawal function. If you’d like to move your money in between online casinos, specialised casino e-wallets such as Skrill and Neteller are your best option.

Both Skrill and Neteller are fit for making larger-than-average withdrawals, although the withdrawal limits might vary from one casino to the other and still won’t run into the six figures.

For record-breakers.

Guinness World Record breaker Jon Heywood’s £13,209,300 progressive slots win in October 2015 was awarded to him by Betway in the form of a giant cheque. It’s common for such large sums to be transferred to the winner by means of a cheque.

Cheques bypass the risk of any money getting lost in transit in online transactions. They'll always be thoroughly verified for transfers reaching very high amounts. Fees and limits don’t generally apply as long as the transaction is certified legitimate by all parties concerned. 

Other withdrawal options might fleece you as you try to claim your winnings, placing exorbitant fees and limits on the jackpot amount you should pocket. Wire transfers and online bank transfers can also be used to withdraw winnings.

When you’ve won a jackpot from progressive slots, choose your withdrawal method wisely. Check and double-check which banking option is going to offer you the best deal.


For different jackpot slots.

Jackpot slots and progressive slots online can be won in different currencies, so keep this in mind when aiming for the top prize. Microgaming, for instance, has 17 different progressive jackpots and each of them will have a different jackpot amount.

The same progressive UK jackpot slots will also be available in different countries and currencies, although the default currency for Mega Moolah, for example, is GBP (£).

For the same prize.

As a standard, progressive jackpots retain the same numbers across different currencies. If you hit a jackpot of £1,000,000 on Mega Moolah, for example, but you’re accessing the slot game from Europe, you’ll receive €1,000,000 in winnings. The same jackpot would be equivalent to $1,000,000 in US dollars.

In other cases, however, such as with the record jackpot slots win in October 2015 by Jon Heywood, the jackpot winnings are converted from one currency to another. Jon won €17,879,645 in a foreign currency at Betway, which was converted to his native £13,209,300. The same sum was worth $20,062,600 at the time.

To avoid conversion charges.

The exchange rate at the time of winning or withdrawing the final sum is normally used to calculate the conversion. 

If you’re a player based in the UK, progressive slots like Mega Moolah put you at an advantage due to their default currency. If you were to win the jackpot, you wouldn’t have to use the exchange rate to convert the money you won to your own currency. 

Currency conversions generally carry charges that would be quite hefty for the sums in question. Playing jackpot slots and progressive slots in your own currency is always the best option.


For winners.

Jackpot winnings can either be paid out in a lump sum or rolled out in instalments over an agreed period of time with the casino. It’s important to check the terms and conditions of the casino and jackpot slots games to see how you would be paid in case you land a jackpot win. These terms and conditions will let you know how the casino intends to give you your winnings when large jackpots are concerned.

For jurisdictions.

If the jackpot win is substantial and the online casino falls under a particular jurisdiction, taxes will most probably be applicable to the winnings. Typically, you’ll need to declare the amount won to the relevant authorities and sort out paperwork associated with this unexpected source of income.

Some jackpot winners prefer spreading out their jackpot payouts over a longer period to avoid very high taxes that cut through the size of their winnings. It might also make sense to split the payouts for money management reasons.

For casinos.

Before the payout stage, the casino will also verify that you have played by the rules and have no outstanding issues in your player account. It pays to stick to the rules and know the terms and conditions as your jackpot win may even be nullified if you’re found to be in breach of the slot game or casino’s terms and conditions.


For players.

Seed values are the jackpot’s default or original amount, from which the jackpot starts building up. Seed values can be as low as zero and as high as £1,000,000, and they vary amongst jackpot slots and progressive slots. 

EXAMPLE: Mega Moolah's “mini” jackpot seed value is £10, the “minor” jackpot seed value is £100, the “major” jackpot seed value is £10,000 and the “mega” jackpot has a whopping seed value of £1,000,000. 

When the jackpot is won, the jackpot amount reverts to the seed value.

For different currencies.

Currencies also play a role in jackpot seed values and may result in anomalies when you play progressive slots in different currencies. Mega Moolah’s default currency is pounds sterling, as we’ve already mentioned, but it can be played in other currencies in different online casinos across the world.

If the jackpot is won in another such currency, the seed value will be reset to a different value than those listed above as it will be calculated on the basis of the currency the jackpot was won in. If a player wins the Mega Moolah “mega” jackpot in euros, for instance, the seed value of the new jackpot will be based on the current exchange rate of euros to pounds sterling.

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