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Discover the biggest jackpot slots on Bojoko. Progressive slots can hold up to tens of millions of pounds worth of jackpots, and it can all come pouring over you with a single spin.

But are all jackpot games made equal, or are there some that just aren't worth it? Here, we will teach you everything you need to know about jackpots, how they work and what you need to look for.

Find the Best Selection of Jackpot Games

Below, you can find UK-licensed casinos with the biggest selection of progressive jackpot slots on Bojoko. To narrow down your search criteria beyond the jackpots, try our ready-made filters. You can also create your custom filter and choose your own specs.

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Jackpot slots

Find Jackpot Info Relevant to You

For your convenience, this page is built to advance from basics for beginners to more detailed information for jackpot experts.

Beginner Level

As a beginner, you're not completely sure what progressive jackpot slots are. Or, how they are different from regular slots. Starting from this point, you'll learn what progressive jackpots actually are, who makes them and which are the most popular.

Read about jackpots: Beginner level

Intermediate Level

As an intermediate-level player, you're pretty familiar with jackpot slots. You might even have a favourite slot or a game supplier. Now you want to know more about how jackpots work. Why some slots have more than one jackpot, and why the same game can have different-sized jackpots in another casino.

Read about jackpots: Intermediate level

Expert Level

For when you want to get down to the nitty-gritty! On the expert level, we'll focus more on numbers and statistics, as well as the RTP and volatility of jackpot games.

Read about jackpots: Expert level

Also, we answer the common questions about jackpot slots in our FAQ section.

How We Rate Games

How Bojoko rates casino games

We rate games, including jackpot slots, very thoroughly and transparently. We gather all the information available, collect all data and play the slot to see how it works. Our casino experts have worked in the gambling industry for a long time and have plenty of experience when it comes to games.

When we look at casino games, these are some of the key features we check:

Jackpot slots have that one very important thing that separates them from normal slot games - the grand prize that keeps on growing with every bet made. So, it's really not rocket science to figure out what's the appeal of playing them.

On Bojoko, you can read all about jackpots online. Above, you see a list consisting of casinos carrying jackpot games. Clicking on any of them will give you more information about a certain casino. The casino reviews can also help you choose the right place to play jackpots.

How To Find Casinos With Jackpot Slots

Find a casino with jackpot slots from our list

1. Find a casino with jackpot slots from our list

Here on Bojoko, we have a huge list of casinos with jackpot slots. You can use ready-made filters to narrow it down or add personal ones to find the perfect casino for you.

Read the expert and user reviews

2. Read the expert and user reviews

After choosing a casino, you can read what our experts and other users have said about it. Their personal experiences will help you see what it's like to play there.

Go to the casino

3. Go to the casino

Every review page has a green ‘PLAY HERE' button that takes you directly to the casino. If we have any kind of a special bonus offer for that casino, the button is the way to get them.

Register and play

4. Register and play

When you get to the casino, you need to register an account. Just follow the instructions, fill out the required details and verify your email if asked. Then you are free to deposit and play all the best jackpot slots.

Find casinos with jackpot slots

Beginner Level: What Jackpot Slots Are?

Generally, jackpot slots are slot games that have a sizable "grand prize". There are two main types of jackpot slots:

Fixed means that the jackpot doesn't grow, while the progressive jackpot grows until it's won. What's common for both types is that with one spin, players can land on the jackpot and bag the enormous prize in the blink of an eye.

The rules for triggering a jackpot vary. The most simple way is to collect enough Jackpot symbols with one spin. Many progressive slots online have something called a jackpot game, which is a separate bonus round.

Today, there are quite a few multi-million jackpots that are the most popular among the players. However, two of these are the best-known for their massive win history:

These first two big jackpot slots can usually be found on most jackpot casino sites. Both of them have multi-tiered progressive prizes - and have been seen, many times, carrying eight-figured jackpots. The third on the list is a smaller jackpot slot, but one that is much more common because of it.

You can find where to play Mega Moolah on our dedicated slot game page, as well as a list of Divine Fortune online casinos.

Live Jackpot Slots

Jackpot slots can also be played in a more social environment. Playtech pioneered live jackpot slots that are right now available among their live casino games. You get to play together with other players, and a host is there to chat with you.

These live slots are simple but might look a bit odd when you start. There is only one slot machine that is shared by every player. You can pay to join in for a certain amount of rounds with a wager of your choice. If there are any winning symbols, every player who joined in wins. Winnings are shown as multipliers and not in straight cash.

Winning a jackpot is naturally a wild event in a live environment, as every player is a winner. This is also why the live jackpot slots have smaller jackpots and not massive multi-million pots.

Playtech was the first developer to get a live jackpot slot out and others, like Evolution, are following suit. The game selection is currently fairly limited but is likely to grow fast.

Crash Game Jackpots

Crash games offer increasing payouts that can reach jackpot sizes. These games are an instant game variant where you have to guess how much the multiplier will grow until it's time to cash out your winnings.

In some crash games, the prize can go as high as 20,000 times your bet, creating jackpot payouts. These games offer a thrilling race against time and risk.

Our crash game page shows the best crash gambling games and sites for UK players. Discover the ins and outs, and see if you can cash out jackpot wins in crash gambling.

Jackpot Game Developers

Progressive jackpot slots online

Game providers, like NetEnt and Microgaming, have become renowned for their jackpot slot creations. NetEnt and Microgaming feature jackpots that have gained a large fanbase and many plays, so these game providers are often singled out.

Two of the biggest jackpot slots are Microgaming slots, Mega Moolah and Mega Moolah Goddess. NetEnt slot games include Mega Fortune and Mega Fortune Dreams as the crowning achievements in their library of progressive slots.

These two suppliers have crafted big jackpot slots that entertain millions of players worldwide. However, they're not the only ones. While playing at online slot sites, you might also bump into these names:

Among the others, Red Tiger is an interesting one. They don't have any progressive multi-million slots, but in 2019, they unveiled an entirely new concept of "Daily Drop" jackpots. I'll explain more about these games in the section on jackpot seed values at the expert level.

Games Global also made headlines with their WOWpot. In January of 2024, the pot was finally won at a staggering 38 million Euros. At that point, this doubled the previous record for the largest jackpot ever.

Jackpot Slots in the UK

Generally speaking, only the bigger game providers make progressive jackpot slots. These providers have also acquired the license of the UK Gambling Commission. This is needed to bring world-class progressive slots to players in Great Britain.

UK Gambling Commission licenses and regulates operators providing gambling in Great Britain, both casino operators and game suppliers.

The operator or supplier first pays an application fee and then an annual fee to UKGC for the license, so it's not just a one-off thing for the license holder. They actively need to upkeep the license by paying the fees, or the license expires.

Check whether the casino has an active license before playing. Legit casinos need to be licensed by UKGC. On Bojoko, you'll only find licensed sites.

Every slot needs to be individually licensed. This means that the game supplier has to fill out a new application at UKCG for each slot they wish to be available for UK players.

The application is very detailed, and it has several requirements for the slot - even the source code gets an inspection. For more information, you can read about the UK slot licensing process here.

Progressive vs Fixed Jackpots

Progressive jackpot slots have one or more jackpots that keep on growing. The progressive slots online always take a percentage of your bet and add it to the jackpot pool. So, the more people play the same game, the more aggressively the prize keeps climbing. This goes on until one fortunate customer plays the magic spin and triggers the jackpot.

✅ Pros:

❌ Cons:

Fixed jackpot slots have a jackpot that is set at a definite amount that doesn't change. Fixed jackpots don't accumulate from players' wagering in slot games. Instead, a lump sum is offered as the jackpot prize money to whoever hits the winning payline. The jackpot amount is independent of the wagering in the slot game.

✅ Pros:

❌ Cons:

Odds of Winning a Jackpot

At this point, you know the basics of progressive jackpot slots and probably can't wait to get started! But, on Bojoko, we are committed to playing responsibly and also want you to know the hard, cold facts in plain English.

Let's put it simply; if you would buy a ticket to the National Lottery, your odds of winning the jackpot are around 45,057,474 to 1. The odds of winning a jackpot at any progressive game are even slimmer. But what makes the difference is that you have about the same odds with every spin.

So, when playing jackpot slots, these are some of the facts that are good to keep in mind:

Intermediate Level: How Do Jackpots Work?

What makes one jackpot slot different or better than the next, and what to take into consideration while playing? After learning the basics, it's time to dive deeper.

Multiple Jackpots in One Game

Progressive jackpot slots sometimes have other jackpots to be won aside from the major prize. Progressive slot games can feature multiple in-game jackpots as well as the multi-tiered progressive jackpot.

EXAMPLE: In Mega Moolah, the jackpot is split into "mega", "major", "minor" and "mini" jackpots. Each of these has a different sum that accumulates in the same way from players' bets.

However, the same slot can also have both progressive and fixed jackpots.

EXAMPLE: In Divine Fortune, only the "mega" jackpot is progressive. "Major" and "minor" jackpots are fixed and depend on the size of your bet.

Casino-Specific vs Game-Specific Jackpots

Progressive slots online can either be casino-specific or game-specific.

Usually, casino-specific slots are called local jackpots and game-specific are pooled or networked jackpots.

A local progressive slot has a progressive jackpot that accumulates only from a slot played in one casino. These slots can be available in several different online casinos but only draw money for their jackpot from one.

Examples of local progressive jackpots:

Pooled progressive slots work differently, offering a wider opportunity for the jackpot to expand. The progressive slots draw in funds from bets placed in a single slot game present in several different casinos. This is what makes it a game-specific progressive slot.

In other words, you are playing the same slot and compete for the same jackpot at Casino A as your friend at Casino B.

Examples of pooled progressive jackpots:

Best Banking Methods for Jackpot Hunters

What is the best method for transferring hefty lumps of money from the casino to your pockets?

We strongly recommend e-wallets, like Skrill and Neteller. Both of these are a very common sight at a jackpot slots casino.

Skrill and Neteller are great for making larger-than-average withdrawals. Although, the withdrawal limits might vary from one casino to the other and still won't run into the six figures.

But Skrill and Neteller are both usually excluded from claiming bonuses in the casinos' terms & conditions.

Other withdrawal options might fleece you as you try to claim your winnings. This usually happens by placing exorbitant fees and limits on the jackpot amount.

Wire transfers and online bank transfers can also be used to withdraw winnings. When you've won a jackpot from progressive slots, choose your withdrawal method wisely. Check and double-check which banking option is going to offer you the best deal.

Who Pays the Jackpots?

When a player wins a jackpot, it's not always the casino that hands out the money but the game providers instead.

With networked progressive jackpot slots, like Mega Fortune, the jackpots are paid by the game suppliers.

This way, even smaller slot sites can afford to offer big jackpots. They don't have to risk their finances having to pay out a multi-million pooled jackpot shared by several other casinos.

Local progressive jackpots are paid by the site where the prize was won.

Depending on who pays the jackpot and where the jackpot was won, the prize may be paid in either single or several instalments. Normally, big progressive jackpots are paid in a lump sum. However, there can be restrictions made by the casinos themselves. These restrictions may dictate a maximum limit for a monthly payout anywhere from a few thousand quid to several tens of thousands.

Different Currencies in Jackpot Games

Jackpot slots and progressive slots online can be won in different currencies, so keep this in mind when aiming for the top prize.

As a standard, progressive jackpots retain the same numbers across different currencies. This is generally done because it minimizes the chance for the players to use a lower currency value and abuse the system.

EXAMPLE: If you hit a jackpot of £1,000,000 on Mega Moolah, but you're accessing the slot game from Europe, you'll receive €1,000,000 in winnings. The same jackpot would be equivalent to $1,000,000 in US dollars.

However, this isn't always the case, and the jackpot can be converted to the player's native currency at the time of transaction.

Expert Level: Technical Information About Jackpots

Like almost every casino game, jackpot slots have more than meets the eye. Several things are affecting how the jackpots are compiled, how they are potentially won, and what the odds are for a player to hit the big wins.

Jackpot Seeds

Seed values are the jackpot's default or original amount from which the jackpot starts building up. Seed values can be as low as zero and as high as £1,000,000, and they vary amongst jackpot slots and progressive slot machines.

This means that when the jackpot is won, the jackpot amount reverts to the seed value.

EXAMPLE: Mega Moolah has four "levels" of jackpots:

EXAMPLE: Mega Moolah's major jackpot seeds at £10,000. This jackpot climbs to £20,000, and someone wins it. After the win, the major jackpot reverts to the seed value of £10,000.

Red Tiger's "Daily Drop" jackpot games are curiosities that need to be addressed here. The "Daily Drop" games are pooled jackpot slots that have different-sized jackpots; Daily Drop, Super Drop, Mega Drop and/or Hourly Drop. The available jackpots vary from operator to operator.

These "Daily Drop" jackpots can have daily or even hourly jackpots that must drop within a set time limit. The seed of the Daily Drop jackpot is roughly around £10,000. Meaning that every day, it starts from there and keeps on growing until it's won - which needs to happen within the time frame of 24 hours.

Jackpot Random Number Generators

Random number generators, or RNGs for short, are the mechanism that ensures randomness in a slot game or machine. RNGs produce a random outcome for every single spin of the reels.

Because of the RNG, the next outcome is not, in any way, dependable of the previous spin and its result.

Due to this random number generation, each spin produces an equal chance of winning the coveted jackpot. This is what ensures the fairness of jackpot slot machines and the completely random outcome of the spins.

RTP in Jackpot Slots Online

Return to player (RTP) is one of the major factors influencing jackpot games together with volatility and winning odds. To put it simply, RTP indicates the ratio of payouts to the total wagering for the game over time.

EXAMPLE: If a slot's RTP is 97%, it will pay you back £97 for every £100 you bet over an extended period. The remaining £3 stays with the house.

So, the higher the RTP, the smaller the house edge and the greater the chance of you reaping back of the money you put in.

Examples of jackpot slots RTPs:

One could easily translate this into a guideline. It would say that if you want the best chances of winning, you should always play the slots with the highest RTP. While theoretically true, it's not possible to simplify the big picture that much. In the end, it's the combination of RTP, volatility, and variance which creates happy accidents.

But, let's face it, your chances of actually winning a jackpot are next to none. Even when the jackpots are calculated into the games' RTP, the jackpot games are generally not the highest-paying games. If you exclude the rarely occurring jackpot from the RTP, the payout percentage is even worse.

It can be helpful to check out our list of the best payout casino sites. These casinos have the highest average RTPs, which means their games are generally set to a higher RTP value.

Volatility and Jackpot Odds

Volatility is the relationship between the frequency and the size of slot games' payouts. Jackpot casino slots with low volatility, for example, will produce frequent winnings of a modest value.

In high-volatility jackpot slots, it's tougher to win money, but when you do, the payouts tend to be larger.

Your average player might choose to play a slot with lower volatility, as they have a higher win rate. Sure, the regular wins are smaller, but they do happen more often, which makes the game feel more fun.

Average win frequencies:

I would love to include the actual odds for winning any of the jackpots mentioned above. However, the game suppliers do not give this information, and it's very hard to find such numbers. Many long-time players have tried to do the math and uncover the secrets of jackpot odds. But, even their results are only guessed at best.

There could be various reasons for the suppliers not publishing the odds for winning the jackpots. The most probable of them being "they're not great".

By telling the players how slim their chances of winning are, the providers likely are afraid of losing the interest of their customers.

Newest Progressive Slots

Progressive slots are a treat from game providers and not something we get all the time. When new progressive slots are released, it is always interesting. We check the games and see if any are worth your time.

Here are some of the more notable new progressive slots:

Snake's Gold Dream Drop has a progressive jackpot

Snake's Gold Dream Drop was released at the tale end of 2023 by Relax Gaming. It has an Aztec theme, and the game is visually stunning.

One of the bigger draws of Snake's Gold, apart from its jackpot, is that the game itself is interesting. You could play this easily even if it didn't have the Dream Drop feature.

Dream Drop was Relax Gaming's way of entering the progressive jackpot market. The games have five tiers of jackpots, Rapid, Mini, Maxi, Major and Mega. Each has an ever-increasing seed value, and the Mega jackpot has already handed out several million-pound wins.

Vegas Night Life is a small jackpot slot

Vegas Night Life is one of NetEnt's latest progressive slots, though it is from 2020. NetEnt hit it big with their first few progressive slots, but the later iterations have not been as popular.

Vegas Night Life returns to the classic, glamorous visual style that Mega Fortune had, but now we get to enjoy it the Vegas way.

Here, you are aiming for the Cash Stacker mechanic, which lets you play for the three jackpots, Mini, Midi and Mega.

Even though this is a NetEnt game, this is not a large jackpot slot. The game has a low volatility, and the jackpot hovers around several thousand Pounds. This is more of a casual progressive slot.

WowPot jackpots are in the millions

The Finer Reels of Life is a classic game that was released all the way back in 2013. On its tenth anniversary in 2023, Games Global released a new WowPot version of the game, which livened it up a lot.

The big draw of this game is obviously the WowPot, which is a networked progressive jackpot that spans multiple games. All WowPot games play for the same jackpot, so you can find the one you like the most.

The biggest jackpot ever won from the WowPot family was a whopping 38 million Euros or roughly 33 million Pounds at the time.

You can also look at our newest slot releases page to see what games have been released lately.

Slot Alternatives

Jackpot games are popular for a good reason. We all want to be millionaires. But there are other games that provide a different kind of gambling experience.

You can also try out these slot game categories:

Jackpot Slots and Responsible Gaming

Gambling is always risky. Every single game on a casino is designed so that, eventually, the casino will win. This includes slots with massive jackpots.

The gigantic jackpot is simply there to make you want to play. The idea that one good spin would change your life is very enticing and that is what the casino is banking on. The bigger the jackpot is, the more people have already lost money to it.

It is very important to understand that casino games are for entertainment purposes and not a solution to financial problems. Every casino game has a negative statistical outcome for the player, which means the more you play, the more likely it is that the casino will win.

Knowing more about the games and how they work is important for responsible gaming. The better you understand how these games work, the better you can keep control.

Jackpot FAQs

Yes, you can play jackpot slots online for free. After registering to a UK casino, you can usually play demo versions of the games. However, not all jackpot games are available as demos.

To win a slot machine jackpot, you need to trigger the jackpot feature. As the jackpot slot machines are completely random, you can't affect the result of the round while the game is running.

Just make sure you know if there are special requirements on the bet level to activate the jackpot feature. Some games may require you to have all lines active, or the feature will not start. Others may increase the likelihood of the feature activating if the coin size is increased. These can be found in the slot rules.

The jackpot is triggered differently between slots. Some jackpot slots only require you to land a certain number of assigned jackpot symbols in the base game. But, a common sight is a jackpot game that needs to be activated first. In these kinds of slots, you only have the chance to win a jackpot by triggering the jackpot game. For example, Mega Fortune uses the jackpot game feature.

Jackpot slots can be better than regular slots, but it entirely depends on what you're looking for. Usually, jackpot slots do have a lower RTP, meaning that they are stingier with payouts and pay less in winnings than regular slots. On the other hand, jackpot slots can have a massive, progressive prize - something you'd never see in regular games.

You don't need to pay taxes or other fees if you win a jackpot if you live in Great Britain and are playing games at online slot sites.

However, if you happen to play at a casino that operates outside of the territory of Great Britain, you might be obliged to pay taxes.

On Bojoko, you'll only find regulated online casinos licensed by the UK Gambling Commission. If you play on any of the casinos you find here, you will not need to worry about taxes while gambling.

A hot jackpot game is a game slot where the progressive jackpot has been growing undisturbed for a good while and is attracting attention. Usually, at this point, the growing number of players makes the jackpot grow even more rapidly. When the game is hot, the jackpot can grow as much as £30,000 in a day.

To this day, the biggest online jackpot ever won was €38,461,200.95, which dropped on December 20th 2023 on the Wheel of Wishes WowPot!™ progressive slot.

Before this, the record-holding jackpot was €19,430,723.60, won on Microgaming's Absolootly Mad: Mega Moolah in April 2021.


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