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The best roulette online casinos in the UK are right here. We at Bojoko want to make your life easier and help you find the roulette sites that suit you.

Roulette is a popular game and nearly every casino has a roulette of some kind. This makes finding the right roulette casino difficult.

With so many options, it is smart to have someone by your side. Bojoko is your guide to discovering excellent online casinos for roulette. With decades of experience in online gambling, we can help you pick the finest roulette casinos.

List of UK Roulette Sites

Below you can find a complete list of roulette casinos for UK players. All these roulette websites are reviewed and tested by Bojoko's experts. Compare sites and add your own filtering if you are looking for a specific feature.

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Discover the best UK roulette sites

Top 5 Best Roulette Sites in the UK

Looking for the best roulette sites in the UK? We picked these five roulette casinos for you as the top-5 sites.

There are plenty of online casinos in the UK that offer a roulette table of sorts, and you can find more on our top online casinos UK page. Though, some of them are clearly better than others, so picking the right one does matter.

Best online roulette sites in June 2024:

  1. Unibet400%/£40
  2. Videoslots100%/£200 + 11 bonus spins
  3. MrQ Casino5 free spins + 30 bonus spins
  4. Bingostars300%/£60 + 20 bonus spins
  5. Party Casino120 bonus spins


Unibet is one of the best roulette casinos in the UK

The best online roulette casino is Unibet.

Unibet is a name that you will hear often when talking about the best online casinos for anything. Simply put, they are good at everything they do, and they do everything.

Unibet has a good number of table games available, which means that you get to enjoy roulettes both alone against a computer or live with other people against a real croupier.

What really makes Unibet a good choice for UK players is their history, experience and knowledge. They have been in business for a long time, and they know how to make a good product that players will like. The site is easy to use, they have plenty of deposit methods and it all runs perfectly well on mobile devices.

Play on Unibet Casino »


VideoSlots has multiple online roulette games

The top roulette casino for those who want versatility and options is Videoslots.

Now here is a casino that is packed with literally everything, and that is not an exaggeration. Videoslots is one of, if not the largest online casino in the UK when it comes to the sheer number of games.

Sure, most of those games are slots, but table games and live casino are not an afterthought here. I always say that if you want to find some specific game and don't know where to look, always start with Videoslots.

Now, Videoslots is not without its weaknesses. Their visual design leaves something to be desired. The site feels like it hasn't been updated in ages, which will probably turn some players away. Don't worry though, the site works just fine, it just looks old.

Play on Videoslots Casino »

MrQ Casino

Play online roulette on MrQ Casino

MrQ is a wonderful roulette site for beginners and those who want more from their casino platform.

MrQ casino is a rising star that just doesn't stop. In their first year or two, they had already risen to the top of the UK casino market, and they simply haven't stopped improving and innovating.

They may not be the biggest casino, but they do everything the right way. When you start looking at the little things, you notice that they have paid attention to the smallest detail. This makes playing there a delight.

You could pick a massive casino site that has everything or go with a site like MrQ Casino, which has more heart than most of the biggest brands.

Play on MrQ Casino »


BingoStars is the place for UK online roulette

BingoStars is the roulette casino of choice for social gaming.

BingoStars is a name you wouldn't associate with roulette straight away, but they have something special. In addition to all their bingo stuff, they have an insanely large number of live casino tables. This means you get to play so many different live roulettes in one place.

As a roulette player, you get to enjoy quite a remarkable number of different roulette variants and versions in one casino. They have plenty of different types, bet sizes, themes and mechanics available.

The casino site is colourful and easy even for beginners. They have clearly labeled everything and finding the right game is a piece of cake.

Play on Bingostars »

Party Casino

Party Casino is the home of roulette online game

Party Casino is a long-running casino brand that has served UK roulette players for decades.

Party Casino is a popular online casino in the UK, and for a good reason. They have been in the business since the late 90s, and people love a site with a long history.

Party Casino has made their site very player-friendly. Joining in, even as an absolute beginner, is a breeze, which is something I always love to see in a casino. Gatekeeping your site for only experienced players is a bad move in my books.

But what about those roulettes? Party Casino has a nice library of both regular table games as well as live casino tables. There, you can find a lot of interesting roulette tables to try.

Play on Party Casino »

Top 5 Best Roulette Sites - Summary

Below is a summary of the best 5 roulette sites, ranked by our casino experts. You can compare the bonuses, wagering, and deposit limits to see which one caters to you best.

Rank Casino Bonus Wagering Min Dep
1. Unibet 400%/£40 50x (B) £5
2. Videoslots 100%/£200 + 11 bonus spins 35x (B) £10
3. MrQ Casino 5 free spins + 30 bonus spins - -
4. Bingostars 300%/£60 + 20 bonus spins 40x (B) £10
5. Party Casino 120 bonus spins 10x £10

How We Rate the Best Roulette Casinos

We rate and review all the roulette casinos we list on Bojoko through a rigorous and impartial lens. Our goal is to be as accurate as possible and that our information is useful to the player. No one cares about a review that reads like an advertisement and misses all the bad stuff.

The first step is always to test the casino. Our experts create accounts, play on the casino and see how it works on a fundamental level. If you don't go to the casino, how can you tell what it is really like from a player's point of view?

We have a long list of items we check, and roulette games are a part of it.

Every casino has their table games checked and tested, both regular and live versions. If something is missing or not working correctly, we make a note of it and tell you about it.

You can read more about our review process and see how the casino ratings are formed.

How Do You Play Roulette?

Roulette is an easy game at heart, even if the felt markings and different bets may seem confusing at first. Here is a quick summary of how to play roulette.

The game can be boiled down to just a few simple steps:

  1. You choose the value of your betting chips
  2. Players make their bets
  3. The croupier spins the roulette wheel and drops the ball
  4. All bets that match the number the ball lands on win

These are the basics, and you can read more on our how to play roulette page. Plus, we have a free roulette app available. You can download our online roulette simulator to play for free and learn the game without risk.

On a core level, roulette is just that simple. Pick your chip value, place your bets and see if they win. But I know this isn't what you wanted to hear, so let's take a deeper dive into roulette betting.

All the different bets you can make in roulette

These are the simplest bets to make. Just choose a number, put your chip on a single number and if the ball lands on it, you win.

The odds for this bet are low, but on the other hand, the payout is high.

Straight up covers only 1 number and pays 35:1.

These bets are all alike and only differ in numbers. If you place your chips between two, three or even in the corner of four different numbers, you end up betting on any of them. If any of the numbers are called that your chip covers, you win.

By choosing multiple numbers, you increase your odds, but your payout decreases at the same rate.

Split covers 2 numbers, pays 17:1, trio is 3 with 11:1 and corner is 4 numbers with 8:1 pay.

These bets function the same way as the previous category, but the chip is placed at the side of a single or double line. Instead of picking numbers that are touching, you cover numbers that are in a row across the felt.

The more numbers you choose, your odds are increased while your payout decreases.

Steet is 3 numbers paying 11:1 and line is 6 numbers paying 5:1.

Now we are looking at even bigger areas. These are the three sectors at the side that cover 12 numbers each. They are often listed as the 1st 12, the 2nd twelve and the 3rd twelve. Placing your bet on them will win if the hit is between 1-12, 13-24 or 25-36.

This bet is 12 numbers and the payout is 2:1.

These are bets that have become famous and known even to players who aren't that familiar with roulette. They are very simple bets that quickly tell you what they mean. If the number is odd or even, or black or red, you win if you can guess it.

Apart from the zero sector, these bets cover half of the numbers just split differently. You get a lot of coverage, but your payout is small.

Both bets cover 18 numbers and only pays out 1:1.

Key Factors of Top Roulette Sites

When you look at a casino and ponder whether it is right for you as a roulette player, there are certain things you should pay attention to.

Here are some of the key factors that high-quality roulette sites excel at. If a site does all these well, you know it is a casino worthy of your time.

Safety & the Licence

Every time your money is on the line, be it online shopping, gambling or anything, you want to know that everything is safe and legit. For online gambling, licences are the key here.

In the UK, all online casinos that provide services to British players must have a UKGC gambling licence. It is not illegal to play on unlicensed casinos, but it is a potential risk.

To get a licence, a casino must undergo specific tests and fulfil specific criteria when it comes to data safety, digital security and financial safety. Something a fly-by-night scam operation can't do.

If there is only one thing you check, the gambling licence is that thing. If a casino has one from the UKGC, you know it has passed the checks.

Selection of Roulette Games

Playing roulette online is easy and accessible

Roulette is a common game, and if a casino has any kind of table games, they have roulette. Though, this doesn't mean that every casino is equal when it comes to their roulette selection.

You can expect to find a handful of basic roulettes, but what you want to see is a list that covers dozens, even hundreds of tables. The more variation there is, the likelier it is that you find one that is perfect for you.

Be it regular European, French, American, speed roulette, auto roulette, multi-ball, multi-table, lightning, real dealer roulette or any one of the many other types of games, a good casino has options.

And then there are live roulettes, which are a whole different category all by themselves.

Roulette Bonuses

Bonuses are common on online casinos, but getting good roulette bonuses isn't. A top roulette site has a bonus that is designed to be used in table games.

Most regular deposit bonuses can technically be used on roulette, but they only contribute 10% to the bonus wagering. Wagering is not easy even with a 100% contribution, but dropping it down to 10% makes it somewhat impossible.

You can find casinos that offer roulette bonuses. Those bonus offers are often smaller than slot bonuses, but absolutely worth it if you like table games.

You can find a roulette bonus and other offers on our dedicated roulette bonuses.

Live Roulette

Playing on your own is fun, but sometimes you just want that realistic and social experience, and that is where live roulette comes in. Live tables are played with other people while a real human croupier runs the game.

Live casinos, and thus, live roulette is available on many UK casinos. There are plenty of options when it comes to live tables in both game style and also theme. A top roulette site offers you the option of playing your favourite roulette games as live or regular versions.

Payment Methods

Using money on any online service needs to be safe and easy, and gambling is no exception. When you look for the best roulette casino, checking the available transfer methods is an important thing.

The best thing is to see a lot of different options. We all have our preferences, so having just one method will exclude some players.

Debit cards, eWallets, mobile deposits and even prepaid vouchers are all good choices. A good roulette casino will have them all available for UK players.

Low House Edge

One reason people like roulette is the comparatively low house edge compared to other games. That being said, your choices can make a difference even within this one single game type.

A good roulette casino is one that has a lower house edge, meaning that in the long term, players win more.

One way a casino can do this is by having the best roulette variants available. French roulette is known for having the lowest house edge, so offering that is a way to stand out.

UKGC does require that the return to player value of all games is readily available, which means the casino needs to tell you somehow what the house edge is.

If you want to play any non-standard roulette game like Mini Roulette or Roulette Royale, it is good to check how the house edge on those compares.

Mobile Roulette

Mobile gambling is the name of the game nowadays, as most UK players play on their phones or tablets. Casinos have paid attention and taken this into account, but there is still work to do for some.

Top roulette casinos offer a wide selection of games for mobile users and do it in a way that is easy and accessible. These days mobile players are not an afterthought, and some of the best mobile casinos operate with a mobile-first attitude.

Table games are ones that casinos tend to overlook, so it is something to pay attention to. Mobile roulette is readily available on good mobile casinos.

You can see this clearly when you check out the newest Microgaming casinos and see how well they work on mobile.

New Roulette Casinos

When it comes to new roulette casinos, you are spoilt for choice. Because nearly every online casino has some kind of roulette, you get a lot of options.

This means that you can better pick according to your preferences, and not just take what is there. As you can see from all the best new casino sites we have reviewed, there are a lot of other features you can compare.

When you pick a new roulette casino, we recommend you pay attention to deposit and withdrawal methods, mobile usability, the number of table games in total and whether the bonus can be used on table games.

Here are the newest roulette casinos we have reviewed:

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Why Should You Play Roulette Online

Online roulette offers more variety, easier access to games, better perks for players and a faster gameplay option. These are big differences when it comes to offline roulette.

Brick-and-mortar casinos have been a social place where playing alongside other people was a draw. Now, people tend to prefer privacy, better services and most of all, easy access.

You can enjoy roulette online on nearly every single casino. The options have become somewhat limitless, but you might ask the question, why exactly would you choose online casinos?

Here are some of the main reasons why you should play roulette online:

Looking at these, it all boils down to comfort and choice. Online, things are just simply easier and you have access to much more than you ever could offline. A brick-and-mortar casino might have a couple of dozen tables, while online casinos can have up to a couple of hundred.

One of the big draws of online gambling is the bonuses. Even though table games are often in a lesser role, you can still get bonus money from casinos to play roulette. Bonus money comes with terms, but it can be rolled over to real money.

Different Roulette Casino Games for Real Money

Even though roulette is at heart always the same game, it has many different variations. Some of these have different rules while some alter the roulette wheel and its sectors. It is important to know the basics, so you know which game to choose.

Here are the three big roulette versions that you will come across on online casinos as well as in brick-and-mortar establishments. Other versions often change how the round is played or how you can bet, these versions alter the core of the game.

French Roulette

French roulette is the best roulette for players

French Roulette is the cream of the crop. This is the best roulette variant for the player. The rules include small additions that take away a little of the house edge.

The wheel only has one zero, just like the European variant, but the French version has either a La Partage or En Prison feature. Both of these can help the player in case the ball lands on the zero sector.

With La Partage, you will get half of your bet back if the ball lands on zero. With En Prison, your bet is locked for a round and given back if it would win the next round.

For example, you bet 10 chips on black and the ball lands on zero. La Partage would give you back 5 chips immediately, while En Prison would lock them up, and if the next spin is black, you get all 10 back.

Speaking of numbers, this increases the return to player value of 1:1 bets from 97.30% to 98.65%.

European Roulette

European roulette is a common online roulette game

European Roulette is the most common option that is available basically everywhere online. This is your standard roulette and often the go-to option due to availability.

If you are looking for a simple roulette game with none of the more complicated rules, then this is your game.

Compared to the French version, European Roulette also has only one zero sector, but it lacks the La Partage and En Prison features. This makes the game simpler to play than the French variant, but on the other hand, takes away one safety feature.

In a way, you could say that this is the bare-bones version of roulette with just the standard rules.

American Roulette

American roulette is not good for players

American Roulette is a game you should avoid if possible. It was created by greedy casino owners who wanted to reduce the players' chances.

This game features two zero sectors, a regular zero and a double zero. This is not good for the player and increases the odds of you losing you money every round. In terms of numbers, the return to player value drops from 97.30% to 94.74% for all bets.

In Las Vegas, you may even come across triple zero tables, which are basically a joke. No self-respecting online casino will have these tables.

Alternative Online Casino Table Games

Roulette is a thrilling game, but sometimes you want to try something different.

Here are some of the best roulette alternatives that you can find on online casinos.


Blackjack is one of the most popular table games

Blackjack is a legendary table game and readily available on UK online casinos.

As a concept, blackjack is a very simple game. All players and the dealer are dealt cards and you need to get as close to 21 without going over. You get two cards at first and then can either ask for more or stop where you are. Simple, right?

Blackjack is one of the most strategic table games available on online casinos. There are plenty of different strategies, play patterns and betting styles that you can use. You can even count cards if you are good enough to do so.

Blackjack comes in all sorts of variants. For starters, it can be played against a computer or played live with real croupier. Then there are tons of different small variations on game styles and bet levels you can try. Though, most players seem to feel that the original is the best.


Baccarat is a unique alternative for roulette

Baccarat is a classy table game often seen in movies. You can also play it online.

Baccarat is one the simplest games to play, as all you are doing is betting on who will win, the player or the bank. You are not the one who makes any gameplay decisions, but rather guess who wins. On a base level, baccarat is very similar to playing red or black in roulette.

That being said, just making a bet for one or the other wouldn't be that interesting. That is why there are more betting options for more detailed guesses. There are even different baccarat variants that change the gameplay up a little. Punto Banco, Chemin de Fer and Baccarat Banque spice things up a bit.

Baccarat is often associated with social gambling, as you don't need to focus so deeply on your own decisions. The leisurely gameplay allows you to carry a conversation while playing.


Yes, you can play roulette online for real money. Roulette is a very common game on UK online casinos, and there are several different versions available.

You can play on your own, or try live roulette, where a real human croupier runs the table. Both have different roulette variants available as well as multiple bet sizes.

Yes, you it is possible to win in online roulette. The games online are fair and work just like a real roulette table. The result is always random and you have the same odds of winning online as you do when playing on an actual table.

Your choices in the game and the strategies you use may affect your long-term changes, but the game always comes down to luck.

You can play roulette for real money on nearly every online casino. We suggest sites like Unibet, VideoSlots and MrQ. All of these sites are highly rated and offer multiple versions of online roulette.

If you are interested in live roulette, where you play with real humans, you should take a look at BingoStars or PlayMillion. These casinos have a large number of live casino games available for UK players.

The roulette casino we say is the best is Unibet. They are highly rated by our reviewers and popular with British players. Unibet is your one-stop shop for all online gambling, which means they have roulette available as well.

Unibet has always been a great option for players wanting pretty much anything. The casino has something for everyone.


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