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Best payout online casino UK

By Lauri Ronkainen, Updated:

Bojoko is here to help you find casinos with high payouts. When gambling online with real money, it would be smart to sign up to casino operators that have good payout rates. Why would you want to play somewhere where you theoretically get back less money?

Picking the right best payout online casino UK gives you better chances of higher returns.

Choose the best payout online casinos

All of the casino operators below have some of the highest payout rates in the UK. Not only does that make them some of the best payout online casinos, but they also have games with a high payout rate too. Use the filters to narrow down your search.

Best payout casinos

Bojoko helps you find the highest payouts

There are benefits to signing up to the best payout casinos as recommended on Bojoko, namely:

We list the casinos on our site and update the data often to make it more accurate. But we don't just stop there. We test the casinos and our experts write reviews of their experiences alongside regular users just like you.

One important feature on our reviews is verified withdrawals. We test the withdrawal process with real money to see that the casino actually pays out and does it in a reasonable time frame.


Find the payout casinos

What is the Return to Player (RTP)?

Also known as the payout percentage, the RTP is calculated by the total amount of bets wagered by players against what the casino pays back in winnings.

The RTP cannot be applied to a single player. Instead, it is compared to all players. Some players will get away with nothing, while others could possibly hit a jackpot.

When we talk about the RTP or payout percentage, we are actually talking about two different things:

  1. The payout rate of a single casino
  2. The payout rate in a specific game

Below, we'll look at these more closely.

Casino payout rate

A great payout casino in the UK is one that is consistently and continually paying high payouts in the games offered.

Casino payout rate = All player winnings ÷ all player losses.

This should not be confused with the game RTP. The game RTP is calculated by the total amount of winnings returned to players divided by the total amount of bets placed by players. That percentage is only applicable to that specific game.

On the other hand, the casino payout rate factors in all games and payouts.

How is the RTP data verified?

Data and statistics are verified by independent third parties who run rigorous tests on a regular basis.

Calculating the payout percentages of casino games is relatively straightforward. However, for casino brands, it is slightly more challenging.

To calculate the RTP of a casino, test houses calculate how many stakes were placed by the players across the total amount of wagers against the total payouts.

The higher the payout percentage is, the more the casino is paying back to players.

Independent test houses who are in charge of statistics and data include:

How to find a best payout casino

Find a high payout casino from our list

1. Find a best payout casino from our list

We have a massive list of high-payout casinos here on Bojoko. Use the ready-made filters to fine-tune your search, or add personal filters to find that perfect casino.

Read casino reviews of best payout casinos

2. Read our expert and user reviews

When you have chosen a high-payout casino, you can read what our experts and other users have said about it. Their personal experiences will give you a clear idea of what it's like to play there.

Go to the UK high payout casino

3. Go to the casino

You can find a big green ‘PLAY HERE' button on every review page. That button will take you directly to that casino and will activate any special bonus offers we might have for it.

Register and play at the best payout uk casino

4. Register and play

When you get to the casino, you need to first register an account. Just fill the required information and verify your email if asked. After that, you are ready to deposit and play.

Find best payout casinos

Highest payout online casino games

Besides signing up to a high payout UK casino, you should also look into playing games with a high payout rate.

This overview should give you a solid idea of what to look out for when searching for the highest payout casino games. Game variants can affect the rates considerably. Before you sit down at the table, know what you're playing.

We have covered each game and the main versions in our Guide to casino games.

Here are some casino games with the highest average payout rate:

Blackjack – 99% average

Blackjack is easily one of the best casino games with the highest payout rate out there. If you have a strategy in place and make the right decision, you lower the house edge slightly.

Although blackjack is available in different variations, the RTP barely changes across the board. The RTP rate does not take side bets into consideration. Side bets, e.g. insurance and 21 + 3 lower the payout rate considerably.

Baccarat –  98.9% average

Baccarat also shares a high payout rate amongst card and table games. The game does not have many variants and with very few options available, there is very little difference from standard gameplay.

Craps – 98% average

Craps is also another popular game available in RNG or live dealer modes. The pass line has better odds than other options, which might explain why the average payout is quite high.

Casino games with a lower payout rate

The games with the lowest RTP include online slot games (depending on game supplier), Keno (86%) and online scratch cards (80%).

The following are some of the games that have low payout rates and that you should tread with care. If you are aiming to have fun and not expecting much in return, these would do:

Online slots - 96% average

Slot games have come a long way since launching online. The payout rate has gone up considerably over recent years, due to the industry's competitive streak.

With advances in technology, more slot games introduced in-game features, such as free spin bonuses rounds, wilds and multipliers. This can result in varying payout rates, which is why it is recommended that you research slot games before sitting down to play. 

Although many game suppliers hide the payout rate for their games, there are many more who openly supply it. Watch out for lesser-known game suppliers who might have lower RTP rates. On Bojoko, all online slot reviews list key facts and figures of the game, including the RTP.  On Bojoko, all online slot reviews list key facts and figures of the game, including the RTP.

Land-based slot games, on the other hand, have a depleted lower payout rate. This could be down to overhead costs and other expenses incurred in running a fully-fledged casino. The RTP of games at land-based casinos is not openly available.

Poker - 96% average

There are different types of online poker games out there all offering varying payout rates. Some such as Jacks or Better can have a high payout rate of 99%. However, you need to factor in your skills as well as the game variant you are playing. 

Don't head into the game thinking you'll win your money back if you don't know how to play it and don't understand the rules.

Roulette – 97% average

Touted as one of the best casino games in the world following blackjack, roulette is yet another game with a high RTP. Roulette is available in different variants.  Choose your version carefully. In American roulette, the house edge is twice as high as that of the European variant.

Casino promotions with a high payout rate

Payout rates are the key sales points for casino operators since they rely heavily on free spins and other casino bonuses.

This is the info you need to calculate the value of your casino bonus: 

On our deposit bonuses page, we have carefully explained how to calculate the value of your bonus.

In most cases, casinos will not attempt to reduce the value of their promotions and offers, since their payout rate depends on it.

Pay attention to terms and conditions. Within the fine print, you will be able to learn more about any wagering requirements, caps on winnings and game exclusions that may apply. These are all vital details that can either encourage or put you off a casino or bonus.

The house edge and payout rates

The house edge also plays a big hand when it comes to payout rates. The house edge is a percentage that consists of all the money coming in from casino players over how much the casino generates profits. 

You can learn more in detail about how the house edge affects your overall gameplay and bankroll on our Casino Games page.

Online casinos are ultimately businesses and they have to generate profits as well as pay their staff, manage their systems and payout winnings.

The higher the house edge percentage it is, the more the casino is likely to keep for itself.

Best payout online casinos UK with no withdrawal fees

Make sure that the best payout casino of your choice does not charge you any withdrawal fees.

Though still slightly common across the board, some casinos have entirely waived them, which would mean that it could spare you a couple of pounds in excess charges.

Here are some key notes when it comes to withdrawal fees:

How to maximise your casino payouts

Choosing the next best payout online casino UK should not be that difficult. Simply follow the below steps to have the best possible experience.

Best payout casinos and responsible gaming

Even the best casino you can find is still a casino. It is a business that makes money from its players.

Gambling is always risky and you can never find a casino that gives players the edge. Statistically speaking, the player will eventually lose no matter how good the casino is.

Always stay in control of you gambling. Play responsibly and don't try to fix financial problems with gambling.


Check out the Bojoko list of the top payout casinos. The RTP rates of the games are determined by the game manufacturers and not the casino sites themselves.

The casino payout percentage rate is made up of the percentage of bets paid back to players as winnings or rewards.

The payout rate is mostly calculated on the selection of high RTP games that the casino has available, along with the casino bonuses and low wagering requirements that they have on offer. This can be further combined with cashback as well as loyalty schemes giving players a good chance of winning some money back.

Usually, live dealer games such as Blackjack and Baccarat have the best payout rate, provided you have a good strategy in place and ample skill at the games in question.


Find the best payout casinos


Lauri Ronkainen

Article by:

Lauri Ronkainen

Lauri was the Head of Content at Bojoko. He worked in online gambling from 2016 to 2021, reviewing hundreds of online casinos, bonuses and games. Lauri has a masters degree in history from the University of Tampere. He is a live casino aficionado who has also created his very own roulette strategy.
Ville Saari

Article by:

Ville Saari

Ville is an industry veteran, who has written thousands of gambling-related reviews and articles since 2009. He is an IT engineer with a passion for game and strategy optimisation, and to teach the world to play better.

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