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Slingo games have been a popular genre that hit the UK market like a storm. It combines two British favourites into one and does it well. Slots and bingo together, what more could players want.

Slingo is also the name of the original game developer who created these games. Slingo Inc. was acquired by RealNetworks in 2013 and then sold to Gaming Realms in 2015.

Play in Casinos With Slingo Games UK

There are plenty of great options for UK punters. You can find amazing new Slingo sites, as well as enjoy all the best Slingo sites that have a longer history. With so many options available, it can be a bit difficult to find the right one for you.

This is where we come in. Bojoko is here to help you find the best Slingo casino that suits you just right.

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Bojoko Helps You Find Slingo sites

Bojoko is here to help you find the right Slingo site for you. On Bojoko, you can learn about Slingo games and find Slingo casino sites where you can play them.

We don't simply list every UK casino here, we test and review them. You can read honest expert reviews and user comments about the sites and see how they actually function. The casinos are also tested with real money to make sure that the deposits and withdrawals work like promised.

See What Slingo Games Look Like and How They Work

Slingo is the amalgamation of slots and bingo. It combines the two games and makes a whole new gambling experience. UK gamblers have always had a special fascination with bingo, so it was no surprise that Slingo became popular.

Slingo, or sometimes called Slingo bingo, is one of those "simple but complex" games that people generally enjoy. It may look a bit complicated when you first start to play, but the mechanics are simple. Just spin the wheels and see which numbers come up.

Like slots, you don't have that much control over what goes on in the game. Unlike slots, you do get to make certain choices that can affect the outcome of the game. It is still a game of chance and not a game of skill.

How To Play Slingo

Slingo Inca Trail on mobile casino

There are many different Slingo games available on the market, but they all have the same basic structure. Knowing how one Slingo works is knowing how all of them work.

What makes playing Slingo fun is that you get a lot of bang for your buck. One round of Slingo can last over a minute. Even if you just use the initial wager, you get a lot of gameplay for it.

It is important to know that a game of Slingo can quickly become more expensive than you initially thought. Due to the additional spins, a round that started at £1 can quickly cost you £50.

Here is how a regular round of Slingo goes:

Basic Steps

Special Symbols

Other symbols are numbers which fill a square if the shown number is found on that column.

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What Makes The Games Different

The big difference between Slingo games is what the prizes are. The basic idea is the same, the more Slingos you get, the better your prize is. How those prizes are handled is what often changes.

Simplest way that there is, is a direct win. You can see what you get and it is easy to calculate whether extra spins are worth it. But with different games come different wins.

In Rainbow Riches Slingo, you get better and better bonus games, which have increasing multipliers for your base bet. In Starburst Slingo, you get ever-improving win spins in an actual Starburst slot.

You can try out different online Slingo games and see which feels the best for you.

Best Slingo Games

There are plenty of different Slingo games that vary between theme, prizes, RTP and volatility. Here are some of the more popular Slingo games that you can try.

Best slot site for Slingo Rainbow Riches

Slingo Rainbow Riches is perhaps the most popular Slingo game online, and it's not hard to see why. The theme of the game is based on Irish folklore with your standard leprechauns and faeries, and it has bonus games available as wins, which then multiply your initial bet.

Every bonus game is a random game where you see how big of a multiplier you can get. Flipping coins, picking mushrooms or just walking on the road to riches, your multiplier can grow up to 1,000x.

  • RTP: 95.60%
  • Max Win: 1,000x
  • Respins: infinite

Best place to play Slingo Starburst

Starburst Slingo rides on the coattails of the Starburst slot. It looks the part and you can even get to spin the slot for wins.

The prizes are one of this game's more interesting features. They are all different kinds of Win Spins in Starburst. Depending on how many lines you get, you can get better and better Win Spins with guaranteed wilds or big symbols. This means that calculating the max win is basically impossible.

In addition to the standard special symbols, you also get instant win symbols. Alone, they do nothing, but getting at least three will give you a prize. Maximum is 2.5x the bet.

  • RTP: 96.50%
  • Max Win: varies
  • Respins: 40 (can vary)

Best casino for Slingo Reel King

Slingo Reel King is a fairly standard Slingo game with cash prizes. The more lines you hit, the bigger the price is.

As an additional feature, each reel can randomly "ding" on each spin. If you get enough of the reels to ding at once, you get an extra bonus. There are several tiers of bonuses that can give better and better prizes. Though you may hear the reels ding often, getting enough to win is not easy.

  • RTP: 95.00%
  • Max Win: 500x
  • Respins: 11

How To Find The Best Slingo Sites

Find a Slingo online casino from our casino list

1. Find a Slingo casino from our casino list

We have a plethora of great Slingo casinos for UK gamblers. Check out the casino list and see which interests you.

Read the casino reviews from our experts

2. Read the reviews from our experts

When you have found a casino that you like, you can see what our experts have thought about it.

Go to the Slingo casino

3. Go to the casino

Every casino review page has a big ‘PLAY HERE' button that will take you straight to the casino. That button will also activate any possible special bonus offers we might have for that particular casino.

Sign up and start playing

4. Register and play

Start off by signing up and create a an account. Then you can make your first deposit and play Slingo games.

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Slingo Strategy

Slingo is a game of chance, pure and simple. Though, there are certain choices you can make during your game. There are two main factors you can control, the number of spins and the jokers.

Buying More Spins

The big Slingo strategy is to know how long you can play and how many extra spins you can buy. Some Slingo games have a limited number of spins available, which is information you can use to your advantage by knowing when to stop. If you have only two spins available but still need multiple squares to get any good wins, you can simply stop.

As the extra spins get more expensive the further you get, you need to have a budget. When you have nearly filled the screen, those new spins may cost you even 20x your initial wager. There is no point in spending tons of money to fill one square when the reward does not cover it. You must know when to simply stop.

Jokers and Super Jokers

Apart from buying new spins, the main gameplay strategy comes with joker symbols. They give you control over which number is hit. Regular joker works on that column and a super joker will give you any square.

With normal jokers, you should be looking at which squares will complete Slingos the fastest. If there are no obvious choices, then pick one that has the most possible lines going through it.

Super jokers give you more control, as they let you choose a square on any column. Normally, the same rules apply as with regular jokers, but there is one thing to note. When you are getting close to filling the entire Slingo card, you want the missing squares to be on different columns. It is easier to hit three horizontal squares than three vertical squares. So use your Super joker to fill a square on a column that has the least amount of hits already.

Cheaper Full House

If you are aiming to get a full house, or every line filled, on the round, then there is a different strategy to use with wilds.

The cost of the round depends on how many squares are left and how many filled lines you already have. This means that strategically picking the square for wilds and super wilds can make it cheaper to go for every line.

This time, always choose those squares that give you the least amount of Slingos. The squares that have horizontal, vertical and a diagonal line going through them should be the last squares you fill.

EXAMPLE: In Slingo Rainbow Riches with a wager of £1, having two squares missing will cost you £27 if you are at 6 lines or £60 if you are at 8 lines. Both require only two hits to get a full house, but the other is noticeably cheaper.

Slingo Payouts

Slingo games may look alike, but the games have plenty of room to be unique. One of the big parts is the payouts. From game volatility and RTP (Return-To-Player) to actual monetary payouts, different slingos are great for different players.

We recommend having a look at our separate best payout casinos page for all the best paying casinos overall.

Slingo Bonus

Finding a bonus to play Slingo games is not that easy. Sites often limit the games that casino welcome bonus can be used on, and especially wagered on, and Slingos are often excluded. This doesn't mean that you can't find a Slingo bonus, but it does mean that it is difficult.

There is also a reason why you don't want to wager your bonus on Slingo. Bonuses have a maximum bet limit, which will disqualify you if you go above it. Slingos will easily go above these limits and you can't really finish a game without disqualifying yourself.

Slingo bonuses are hard to come by

There is the occasional casino that specifically promotes Slingos, and there you can find Slingo bonuses for new and old players. These may include free Slingo spins or bonus money that can freely be used on Slingos.

If you are just looking for a way to play Slingo games for free to pass the time, then you can try them out in demo mode. Casinos often provide their customers with a demo option which lets you try out the games before putting any money in. If you just want to play, then this is one way to enjoy free Slingo. You can also play Slingo demo games on the game developer's website.

Explore Alternative Games

Slingo is not the only option if you want to play something other than slots.

Try out these games and see if they are more up your alley.


Plinko is a fun, simple game where you drop balls down a board, which then bounce around on pegs, and land in a random slot with a prize on it.

These games are somewhat new to online casinos. More new Plinko games are added all the time, and the games themselves are getting more diverse.

Check out our Plinko gambling page and learn more.

Crash Gambling

Crash Gambling is a unique game mechanic that has skyrocketed in both popularity and theme-wise.

These games are all about knowing when to take the money and run. There is an ever-increasing multiplier that keeps on running until it suddenly crashes. You can stop at any point, but if you wait too long, the crash will stop the round, and you lose.

Crash games are available in both RNG and live versions, though the RNG games are also played by multiple people at the same time.

Read more about Crash Gambling games.

Slingo Games and Responsible Gambling

Slingo, just like any other form of gambling, is entertainment and not a way to make money. Only gamble with what you can afford to lose and never chase losses.

Slingo can be a more problematic game, as it gives you an illusion of control, even though the game is random. Also the ability to purchase new spins with an ever increasing price can become very costly. A round that starts off small can quickly be very expensive. The game will eventually warn you about the high cost of new spins.

To protect the players, most Slingo games have a Play Control feature, which lets you manually limit how many rounds you can play or how big the wager can get. These features will help you end the game before you lose more than you meant to.


Slingo is the amalgamation of slots and bingo. The game takes the random spins of a slot and combines it with a bingo scorecard.

Your goal is to get Slingos, or in other words, fill vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines like in bingo, and the more you fill, the better wins you get. There are special symbols as well for instant cash prizes and to make it easier, or harder, to get Slingos.

You can play Slingo games on casinos you can find on our Slingo casino list.

Slingo games may look a little confusing, but they are very simple games. All you need to do is spin the wheel and try to get as many correct numbers on the board.

Here's how a regular Slingo game is played out:

  1. Set your wager
  2. Start the base spins
  3. Buy additional spins if needed
  4. Collect your win

You can read more detailed instructions on how Slingo works on our How to Play Slingo guide.

Slingo games have become very popular and can be played on multiple UK online casinos. Finding them is not a chore and you can easily focus on other casino features to find the right place to play Slingo games.

Check our casino list to see all the casinos that have Slingo games available.

Now that Slingo games have become more popular, the rate of new games has increased. There are often between 3 and 6 new Slingo releases every year. Though, this number can fluctuate heavily depending on the current trends.

Original concept of Slingo was created in 1994, but the game really took off on the mid 2010s.

Yes, but only to a degree. The game is random and the Slingo strategies will not be as useful as other games, like blackjack.

Slingo strategies revolve around using wilds and super wilds effectively, and knowing how many extra spins are needed for a decent win and knowing when to stop.

Yes. You can try out free Slingo games on some casinos and on the Slingo game developer's website.

Slingo demo game lets you try out the game and see if you like it. You can play for free, but naturally you can't win real money this way.

Slingo bonus is not something you see every day. Slingos are often excluded when it comes to bonuses and sometimes can't even be used to wager bonuses. Always check the terms and conditions to make sure.

That being said, there are the occasional site that promotes Slingo games. These sites have bonuses that are only usable on Slingo games. These are rare, but not impossible to find.

Yes. Slingos are 100% mobile compatible. You can play every Slingo game on any modern phone or tablet and they are found on mobile casinos just like any other game.

When playing on mobile, the game layout is obviously different due to the screen orientation. The payouts are no longer visible on the initial screen, but can be accessed with a button.


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