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At Bojoko, we showcase the best cricket betting sites in the UK on this page. If you're looking for cricket free bet offers, we've got you covered, along with some general cricket betting tips, cricket odds, in-play bets and more.

Cricket Betting Sites

Top 2 UK cricket betting sites

Below you can find quick showcases of the top 2 cricket betting sites in Bojoko’s opinion. By clicking on the links below beneath each bookie you can go straight to creating your account.

#1 Bet365

Bet365 Cricket Odds

Bet365 is in Bojoko’s opinion the #1 cricket betting site, and for good reason. The odds available at the bookie can handle comparison to anyone when it comes to cricket, as you could expect from a multiple award-winning bookmaker. The British bookie has won the best online bookmaker award 5 times in recent years.

One of the best parts of betting on cricket at Bet365 is the fact that you can also watch a lot of the games live as long as you have an account with money on the site. A lot of the best cricket matches in the UK and internationally are available this way, and you can place your live bets at the same time.

The user interface for this is first class, easy to use and can be whole-heartedly recommended. Read our full Bet365 betting review to find out more. 

If you’re still without a Bet365 account, as a new customer you will also be entitled to the bookie’s welcome offer, which offers players £50 in free value for an £10 investment. You can get £50 in free bets by clicking on the link below, depositing at least £10 and then by placing a bet of £10, after which the free bets will be added to your account promptly. The free bets must be used at minimum odds of 1/5.

Get £50 in free cricket bets at Bet365 here »

#2 Betfred

Betfred Cricket Odds

If you are looking for cricket betting sites that have as good welcome offers as possible, you should look no further than Betfred. With over 50 years of experience providing cricket betting to UK players, it’s hard to wrong with a bookie of this calibre. For more info, read our full Betfred betting review.

Whenever a major cricket competition is happening, Betfred will be there with interesting campaigns, like enhanced odds or other offers. The cricket odds in general are high enough to enjoy regularly, but whenever these special cricket offers are available, things get even sweeter.

However, the sweetest deal of all you can find by clicking below, as just a £10 deposit and bet will give you £40 in bonuses! £30 will be in free sports bets and you’ll also receive 50 free spins for the casino worth 20p a pop.

Enjoy Betfred's £40 welcome offer here for £10! »

All best cricket betting sites with free bet offers (UK)

Here we have listed all the UK's best cricket betting sites in our opinion that provide players with free sports bets upon sign up.

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Cricket betting online in the UK - All cricket bets available in 2023

Cricket Betting

Cricket betting online has never been easier, as there are plenty of betting markets available today, and more being invented every year. The bigger the bookmaker, the better the betting options usually are, and the more ways you can find to get an edge with your bets.

The most common cricket bets in 2023 are:

At the best cricket bookmakers in the UK there are plenty of other bets to be found as well, and this is especially true for more followed and important matches. Our top 3 sites provide excellent betting markets for even small games as well, so take advantage of all the options available to you!

Live cricket betting - Enjoy in play cricket odds

Perhaps the most interesting way that you can enjoy your cricket bets is live cricket betting. In-play cricket odds are available at all the best cricket betting sites listed on this page, but only the very best like our top 3 provide enough in-play markets for true cricket enthusiasts.

While you’re placing your bets, some sites like Bet365 also provide the fantastic option of watching the games live at the same time. This option is always available for no extra charge, as you simply need an account with money in it at the site in question.

If you’re an avid watcher of the sport, you can also notice plenty of helpful tips during the game that others might miss, leading to even further success with your cricket bets. There is a short window of time when you can react to these changes in momentum etc. so with live cricket bets + the live streams available you can find greater success with ease.

Cricket betting odds 2023

Cricket Betting Odds

If you want to find cricket betting odds in 2023, there are a number of tournaments and leagues to enjoy from across the globe. International tournaments and test matches are also carried out across the year, along with T20 events and Hundred’s matches here in England.

Most UK betting sites of course provide odds mainly for UK and international cricket events, but at the biggest bookies odds can also be found for events foreign events in the likes of Australia, India, Bangladesh, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, the West Indies, Pakistan and South Africa.

The most important cricket betting odds each year are for the Ashes, which feature test matches between England and Australia. In 2023 the Ashes are set to be moved back without a test in August, towards an even later time at the end of the year. This is due to scheduling conflicts with other events.

Below you will find the best odds for the Big Bash, Cricket World Cup 2023 and T20 World Cup 2024.

Big Bash odds: 

Odds courtesy of BetUK - Sign up and claim your £30 free bet offer!

World Cup 2023 odds: 

Odds provided by 888 - Sign up and claim 3 x £10 free bet tokens!

Ashes Series 2023 odds: 

Odds courtesy of Bet365 - Open an account and redeem your £50 free bet!

T20 World Cup 2024 odds: 

Odds published by Betfred - Open an account and redeem your £40 sign-up bonus!

Cricket betting tips - General guidelines for online cricket bets

Bojoko have composed below a list of cricket betting tips that you should adhere to when choosing your online cricket bets. These of course do not apply to every single situation as a whole, but some of them are guidelines that you should ignore at your peril.

  1. Bet for free when possible - A lot of cricket bookmakers in the UK like the ones you can find on this page provide free bets to new players, like bet £10 get £40 deals. These welcome offers often don’t even have any wagering requirements for your winnings, and should be taken advantage of whenever possible.

  2. Always find the best odds for your bets - If you’re going to place a bet, it’s a complete travesty in the long run if you don’t do your research and find the best odds for it. You need to go through all the cricket betting sites you have accounts on to find the highest value for your possible winnings, which is why it’s so smart to have betting accounts on many different sites.

  3. Make evaluations based on the pitch inspections - There are many types of cricket pitches across the UK and the world, and they can produce varied results for the bowlers and batters. The best pitches in mint conditions often suit batters more, while in rougher terrain bowlers are at an advantage. The toss also affects the conditions, since one team will get to bat on an unharmed pitch at first.

  4. Weather can determine a lot - With outdoor sports, weather is always a key thing to take note of, and cricket is no exception. Especially on our rainy island the weather often dictates how long a match will last, and humid conditions also affect the ball itself, along with of course tactics and which kinds of bowlers have an advantage. In MLB baseball betting, there have even been studies on the impact of weather on matches. 

  5. Read cricket betting tips - If you’re a complete rookie when it comes to cricket betting, scouring the internet for cricket betting tips is always a smart move.

Cricket betting - FAQ

If you want to bet on cricket online today, you’ve come to the right place. From this page you can find all of the cricket betting sites available to UK players in 2023, along with a comprehensive cricket betting guide with all the different cricket bets you can make online showcased.

There are loads of cricket betting sites that UK players can access legally, but there can be major differences in quality between them. That’s why Bojoko has listed the top 3 cricket betting sites here, along with all their strengths and weaknesses to see what kinds of players they suit best.

Handicap betting in cricket works like in any other sport, meaning that the other team will either have points added or decreased in their final total to determine a different outcome than the reality of the match.

However, with cricket these handicap numbers available at the bookies are often significantly higher than with other sports, such as - or +50 runs etc. Handicaps can refer to both runs and wickets, and these bets are also available live.

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