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Snooker betting sites

Joel Kelly, Updated

Snooker might not be the most fast-paced ball game out there, but snooker betting is one way of making it significantly more exciting. On this page you can browse the best snooker betting sites along with all the snooker odds you can find to bet on.

We also provide our readers a snooker betting guide & some strategy advice to help you, so continue reading if betting on snooker, outright odds and watching the world's best snooker for free interests you!

Best snooker betting sites

Below you can find the best snooker betting sites in Bojoko's opinion. Click on the filters of our bookmaker tool to find new bet sites for you with just the features that you want, like live streams, a welcome offer and many others.

How to bet on snooker through Bojoko

Find the best snooker betting sites at Bojoko

1. Find a snooker betting site that peaks your interest

Check out our list of snooker betting sites and find the one that seems to suit you the best using the filters of our bookmaker tool.

Find Snooker Odds through our reviews

2. Read reviews about sites that offer snooker odds

A lot of bookmakers offer snooker odds, and our betting experts have reviewed them all. Read our honest snooker betting sites reviews and see what it's actually like to play at them.

Snooker Betting Odds

3. Create accounts and redeem snooker betting offers through our links

Click on the green links in the list to venture to your snooker betting site of choice. Follow the instructions on the landing page to create your account.

Latest snooker odds

4. Bet on snooker and watch the games live for free at some bookies

Once you've created an account you can get started with your snooker bets. Don't forget that some bookies also offer free snooker live streams to players with money in their accounts!

Find the best snooker betting sites here
Snooker Betting Sites

Snooker betting guide

Snooker betting is extremely interesting compared to many other sports, as the pure ability of the players is often very close to each other. In other words, mentality, momentum and the length of a match are much more important considerations, and understanding the effects of these can lead to profitable bets.

Snooker matches can in extremely rare cases be decided by just one frame, but most of the time a best of 5, best of 7, 9 or 11 can be expected. However, in the most important tournaments such as when you’re considering snooker world championship betting the matches can go up to a best of 35! The amount of frames is always an important consideration with your bets.

A draw is not possible in a snooker match, which also brings the amount of bets available down significantly. Instead, bettors should look to match winners, frame winners, handicap bets and snooker-specific bets for their profits. These can be done nicely in conjunction while taking the effects of momentum into consideration like this:

Betting on snooker & player tendencies

In addition to momentum, another very important thing to think about when choosing a snooker betting strategy is the tendencies of a player. This can be implemented like this:

Handling pressure is also important. This comes into play especially when the stakes are high, particurlarly in finals and semi-finals, where favouring a more seasoned pro is often smart. Youngsters playing their first big games can often need some time to adjust, crumbling under the pressure of facing a big name when a trophy is up for grabs.

Live snooker betting - In play bets the key to success

Live snooker betting is arguably the most profitable way to bet on snooker, as any snooker game can change in the blink of an eye. One small developing twitch in a player’s posture, a bad-mouthed comment from the crowd or a crushing missed shot - basically anything - can make momentum shift.

Noticing these changes can make or break an in play snooker betting session, as live snooker odds change quickly, but not quickly enough to not be taken advantage of. The other key is to choose what to bet on, as there are some, but not many betting options to find when snooker betting.

Act fast with your bets when you sense a momentum shift - the bookies are fast to react, but you can be faster

The most obvious live snooker odds that can be taken advantage of are bets on the winner of the current or next frame, but +- handicap bets are also a good option when thinking about the final outcome of a game. Seeing the favourite struggling a bit could be a good opportunity for a +handicap bet on the underdog.

Snooker betting odds - Outright and other bets available

Snooker Betting

Snooker betting odds might seem like a simple affair, and compared to a lot of sports they actually are. There isn’t quite so much to find in the world of the bouncing balls except outright snooker bets as one would hope, but other bets can still be found. Let’s first talk about outright bets, which most of the time means:

These bets are extremely simple, and also the most common form of snooker bets. However, like we mentioned above, live snooker odds can bring great additional value in the form of bets on who will win the next frame, or a certain frame during the match. In-play bets can often include, but aren’t limited to:

In addition to these, traditional handicap bets for both a match and frames can also be found at most snooker betting sites, along with all manners of special bets, like the amount of centuries in a tournament, will there be a maximum break, player bets and many others.

Snooker betting schedule 2022

Betting on snooker is possible nearly around the year in 2022, and there are many bigger and smaller events to enjoy. The snooker season usually starts around September, culminating in the World Snooker Championship at the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield in April and May.

Between these months there are dozens of tournaments where betting on the snooker is possible, and most bookies offer odds on snooker even for the smaller tournaments. However, the truly great snooker betting events are the major Triple Crown tournaments, which are:

Winning these three tournaments in the duration of your career earns you the Triple Crown, with the most respected achievement being achieving the crown during just one season. In 2022 the season is almost at an end, but the following tournaments are still to be played:

Free snooker live streams at bookmakers

If you want to watch the snooker at the same time as you’re betting on a match, free snooker live streams at the best betting sites are a fantastic option. This may sound too good to be true, but at the bookies a “free snooker tv” is really a thing.

These free live streams for snooker can be watched at bookmakers where you have an account free of charge. Usually the only requirement to be able to watch the snooker for free is that you have some money in your account. Free snooker streams await with these simple steps:

  1. Choose one of the bookies that offer live streams from the list above
  2. Click on the green button to go to the site
  3. Create your account and make a deposit
  4. Enjoy the welcome offer along with free snooker live streams around the year!

These live streams aren’t thankfully limited to just snooker, as you can enjoy the likes of the top European football leagues, other British favourite sports, ATP/Grand Slam tennis and much much more.

Snooker betting FAQ

Yes, indeed, you can bet on snooker online. We've listed all the best sites to place your snooker bets on this page, and there's also a handy snooker betting guide to enjoy!

The best snooker odds today can be found at bookmakers working under a United Kingdom Gambling Commission license. At Bojoko we only list sites that have this license, so our list of snooker betting sites is perfect for anyone interested in the greatest and latest snooker odds.

If you want to try betting on the snooker, it can be done easily through Bojoko. We provide players with expert reviews and honest opinions on all the snooker betting sites available safely and legally to UK players, and we also showcase all the snooker betting offers that provide you the option of betting on snooker for free.

The best tournaments for betting on snooker are the three tournaments that make up the “Triple Crown” achievement, which are the World Championship, the UK Championship and the Invitational Masters. However, there are good snooker tournaments to bet on nearly around the year.

These tournaments are held every year, and you can find more snooker betting odds for these three tournaments than any others. The World Snooker Championship is naturally the most popular out of the three.

Joel Kelly

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Joel Kelly

Joel has worked in the iGaming industry for nearly a third of his life, with almost a decade of experience with casinos, sports betting and poker. During this time he has had the opportunity of testing dozens of different bookies, casinos and poker sites, with his focus currently being managing Bojoko's UK sports betting content.

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