Best Live In-Play Betting Sites UK

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Best in-play betting sites: On this page we have covered all bookmakers that provide live betting odds, including live streaming betting sites for UK players.

Best In-Play-Betting Sites

List of all live betting sites

Below you can find a bigger list of in play betting sites and their offers. All of these sites have a relatively good in-play section.

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In-play betting - Quick links

Best in-play betting sites 2024 - Top 3

There are plenty of in-play betting sites available for UK players online, but some are leaps and bounds above others. Bojoko has listed the best in-play betting sites of 2023 below, so you can get an introduction to what live sports betting can be at its best.


Unibet live betting

Unibet is the best in-play betting site. Unibet is one of the biggest betting companies in the Nordics, but luckily their fantastic services are available to enjoy for UK players also. In-play betting is one of their biggest strengths. What tops it up is their live streaming service that broadcasts plenty of different sports.

The unibet interface is very pleasing to use and easy to navigate. The live odds available are some of the highest on the market. There is also a £40 cashback offer for all new players joining. 

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Bet365 is no stranger to most. The well known bookie has one of the best live betting platforms. The selection of different sports, good odds and a live streaming service makes it a clear pick for our list.

Within the live betting there is an extensive stat service which can help you make better decision when placing in-play bets. You can find something to bet on in-play pretty much 24/7 on Bet365.

All new players can redeem £30 in free bets after joining. 

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If you simply want to maximize any possible profits from live sports bets, 10Bet is an optimal choice, as illustrated by our table of the payout percentages of in-play betting sites here.

Although the site isn't quite a perfect 10 in terms of all of their services since there aren't any live streams available, the simple monetary value of betting at the site makes having an account at them a must.

New players will also be treated to a 50% first deposit bonus up to £50 as long as you deposit at least £15 with the code PLAY10. You can find more info of the bookie from our full 10Bet betting review.

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What sites offer the best live betting odds?

Like in all betting, odds are the most important thing what comes to finding value and making profits. It's no different in in-play betting as the odds play a massive part in what kind of returns you can expect to make. This makes it absolutely vital to select bookies that have a good payout rate on their in play odds.

Below you can find our comparison chart of five top live betting sites offering the highest odds. 

Live bet sites odds comparison

Most common live bets available at online bookies

There are dozens of betting odds available pre match, but the most common live bets available at live betting sites can still provide ample opportunity for both fun and possible monetary profit.

At larger bookmakers there are a massive amount of other options as well, but these live betting odds can be found for almost all markets at bookies who provide live bets:

Live stream betting

Live Streaming Betting Sites

If you are going to be enjoying in-play bets, the most entertaining and smartest way to enjoy them is via live stream betting. Many of the biggest bookmakers also provide live streams of the biggest sporting leagues in the world. For example, the sites listed below provide live streams for players with an account at them on:

top 5 live streaming betting sites in 2023

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How to enjoy betting sites with live streaming through Bojoko

Find in-play betting sites at Bojoko

1. Scour our list for the right live stream bookie for you

  • Check our list for the best live stream betting sites
  • Use our search filters to enhance your search
  • Compare different live bookies
Go to your chosen betting site with live streaming

2. Click on the link that takes you to the bookie

  • Choose the best live bookie for you
  • Click on the green Play Here button
  • You will be taken to the betting site
Create an account and start live sports betting

3. Create your account and deposit

  • Fill the forms to create an account
  • Confirm your information if necessary
  • Claim sign-up offers if the bookie has one
  • Make a deposit
Enjoy live stream betting after you have an account

4. Enjoy the live streams and bet

  • Click on the Play logo to watch a stream (or other equivalent)
  • Keep at least £1 in your account to enjoy the live streams
  • Place in-play bets while watching the games and enjoy!
Start live stream betting here

In-play betting tips - Bojoko's live betting guide

Watching the live streams of matches that you are betting on is absolutely crucial to your live sports betting success. If you don’t know exactly what you are betting on, you might as well be making shots in the dark.

Live streaming betting sites are the best choice as your bookie for this reason, since they provide the opportunity to both make your analysis and place your bets in the same place. However, it’s perfectly fine to watch the game elsewhere as well - just as long as you’re making deductions.

Whenever you place a live bet without using the best live odds available, you are making a mistake. This is why it’s smart having accounts on many different in-play betting sites, which you can create through our list fast and easily.

Although a single bet placed without the best live betting odds out there isn’t a disaster, little strokes fell great oaks. Doing your due diligence when it comes to the odds can affect long-term profits greatly.

The only better thing than placing your bets with the highest odds available is betting for free, which is luckily possible as a new player on many different betting sites. Many sites offer betting deals in various forms and all of these are usually available for live betting as well. Free bets are the most common and usually the best type of offer you can get for your live betting. You can find a more thorough package of information and a list of sites that have free bet offers here.

Arbitrage means a betting situation where you are a sure-fire winner. This can happen if you place two opposing bets on different betting sites, but with the odds differing enough that your return percentage goes over 100%.

This happens for example if you find say fight where one bookmaker offers odds of 21/20 for the other fighter and another bookie 29/28 for the other. In live betting arbitrage opportunities are often available, but only if you have account on many different sites and you operate with speed.

In-play betting can be an intense experience, and you really don’t have time for hesitation. If you see a great opportunity, you have to go for it fast based on your analysis of watching the game through live streams before the odds are corrected.

However, it’s also important not to get carried away, but this is more to do with bet sizes and psychology. When you’re going for in-play bets, you should never be chasing losses, betting against yourself or betting on many games at once.

Live betting - FAQ

In-play or “live” betting is exactly what their name says, meaning betting during the play of a match that is going on live. In-play betting is available for all meaningful matches at nearly all UK bookmakers, and the bigger and better the bookie, the more live betting options you will find.

Like you can probably guess or hope for, live streaming betting sites are online bookies where you can watch the matches live while you make your bets. Betting live streams can usually only be found at the biggest and best bookmakers, but you can find plenty of options from Bojoko’s list of live streaming betting sites.

Betting sites with live streams are otherwise completely free, but if you want to watch said streams you are often required to have an account with money on it on the site. However, this amount is usually only between £0,1-1, so you won’t need to invest much to enjoy free live sports streams. You can also watch the streams if you’ve placed bets recently enough on the site with a balance of £0.

If you are a professional bettor, in-play betting can well provide you with the best opportunities to make a profit. This is due to the hectic nature of how in-play odds work, with plenty of arbitrage opportunities available due to often miscalculated odds. By watching the games through live streams you can make quick bet choices and take advantage.

Live betting odds are without a doubt much harder to calculate than regular odds, since there is a very limited time for the odds compilers to analyse a situation. In addition to the compilers, betting sites also use algorithms for some smaller odds changes, such as when the time of a match has moved forward slightly or the statistics of a game have changed enough to merit a change in the odds.

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