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Best betting offers UK


Bojoko brings you an up-to-date list of the best betting offers in the UK for new players. This page contains all the latest new customer sign up offers that you can redeem to get extra money to start betting.

By using the filters of our bookmaker tool, you can filter sites so that you can only see the best betting offers for you. When it comes to betting sites, offers range from a simple betting bonus to enhanced odds and all kinds of free betting, so take your pick from our constantly updated list of betting offers!

List of all bet sign up offers

Best betting offers 2022 - page menu

There is so much to know about betting offers in 2022 that this page can take a while to traverse to find the information in particular that you are interested in. Click on the quick links below to get to the info concerning best betting offers that you want to see right away.

UK Best betting offers

How to redeem bet sign up offers in just a few minutes

Get bet sign up offers from Bojoko

1. Search our list of bet sign up offers

  • Check out our list of all the best sign up offers
  • Use search filters
  • Compare betting offers
Move on to different bookmakers from Bojoko to redeem betting offers

2. Click on our links to move on the betting site

  • Choose the best offer for you
  • Click the green Play Here button
  • Move on to the bookmaker
 Redeem bookmaker offers and start playing

3. Redeem bookmaker offers

  • Fill the registration form
  • Verify your account
  • Claim your sign up offer
Start betting with new customer betting offers

4. Start betting with free extra money

  • Find the best odds
  • Bet and win
  • Redeem another offer!
Find the best betting deals here

How Bojoko helps players find the best betting offers

At Bojoko we have a simple goal of helping players choose betting sites. One of the most important things when it comes to choosing a new place to bet at is of course the betting offers available, which is why we have covered them extensively at our site, along with our list of online bookmakers.

If you want to find the best betting offers for you, we have actually created our own tool just for that purpose. Bojoko’s bookmaker tool allows all of our readers to filter betting sites based on all kinds of features, including sign up offers. The bookmaker tool can be used as follows:

  1. Go to the list at the top of this page (or any other list at Bojoko), and click the three vertical dots
  2. Choose the “Customise filters” -option
  3. You will be presented with over 50 different ways of filtering betting sites, scroll down to the "Bonus details" -column
  4. Click on which of the offer types you would like to filter, and choose the parameters on each offer on what would you would like to search
  5. Click the “Show results” button at the top of the tool, after which you can search through only bookmakers that offer the exact kinds of offers you want from our list.

Bojoko is of course much more than just a simple bookmaker tool, and you can enjoy plenty of betting content, guides, and tips at our site regularly. We want to show our readers how to bet profitably while also having fun, and this is done easiest by playing at the best bookies available for UK players.

At Bojoko we require our betting experts to test every single aspect of a bookmaker when writing their bookmakers review, and the welcome bonus is no exception. This means that if you see any betting offers at Bojoko, by going to the site’s review you can find real-world experiences of using and wagering the bonus from one of our experts.

New customer betting offers explained

New customer betting offers might sound daunting to someone yet to start their betting journey on any bookie, but more experienced bettors will already know they are one of the highlights of betting, providing almost guaranteed value for money.

Sometimes new customer betting offers might also require bonus- or betting promo codes, but these couldn’t be more simple than they already are. You only need to write the code stated in the offer when you are making your deposit that redeems the offer, and there will be a clearly shown place for this.

Different types of betting offers

Betting offers for new customers come in many shapes and sizes, but they share in common that they are nearly always worth accepting and provide some free money to try out a fresh bookmaker that you’ve not had the chance to experience yet. The most common new customer betting offers today are:

Deposit bonus

Deposit bonuses are by far the most common out of these five, and they in general also provide players with the largest amount of extra pounds to bet with. A betting deposit bonus is a rather simple offer, where you make a deposit and receive the amount of bonus money the offer’s percentage declares in correlation to your deposit. Hop on to an example of how a deposit bonus works here.

Free bets

A free bet is as the name states, an extra bet given to you by the bookie. Free bets can be given with no deposit needed or then alongside a deposit, for one sport like to only bet on football or for use how you want. After making your deposit you will be given a free bet, whatever the amount the bookie is offering. A no deposit free bet is usually a smaller amount, when free bets with a deposit can go quite high even.

Risk free bets

Risk-free bets on the other hand mean that you are betting without any risk, so if your bet loses, the wager you have placed will be refunded back into your account. Risk free bet offers always require you to make a deposit first and place the bet with real money. In case of a loss you will be refunded but you still need to be careful and make sure you understand if there are any wagering requirements involved.

However, the Advertising Standars Authority (ASA) has banned the term risk-free, so you will most likely see these risk free betting offers worded differently at the bookies.

Enhanced odds

Some bookies might enhance your odds or give you a profit boost. UK bookies usually offer an odds boost for big matches in football and other sports. You might get a direct offer from your bookmaker to a specific match with enhanced odds, where usually some sort of terms and conditions are involved.

Example: Manchester United to win with odds 1/99 (100.0). Maximum stake £1. 

The other way a betting site might enhance your odds is a profit boost. This usually works proportionally, meaning a site can, for example, double or triple your odds to a certain limit and with certain terms. You might for example be able to place a bet with odds 1/2 (3.0) and get a 100% profit boost. This would double the odds to 1/5 (6.0).


Cashbacks are by far the least lucrative offer of the bunch, as they usually only come into effect if you are losing. With cashbacks you will usually receive a percentage set by the bookmaker back on any net losses while playing on the site.

Of course, betting sites can’t just go around handing every new player with free money, which is why almost all of these betting offers for new customers come with some form of wagering requirement. This means that you will have to wager the bonus money a certain amount of times before making a withdrawal. Read more about how wagering requirements work from here

Betting bonus - Get your deposit matched

When you’re creating a new account on most betting sites, you will be presented with the opportunity of receiving a sports betting welcome bonus. If the site also offers casino games, it’s important to check that you are receiving the betting bonus for sports betting, as most sites only allow you to take advantage of either the casino or sports bonus.

Betting sites with a welcome bonus are in general a better choice for bettors than ones that don’t provide you with one, as you get the chance to try out the site without risking so much of your own money.This can give you a good idea of if you want to continue enjoying the services of any given bookmaker long-term.

There are many different kinds of bonuses available, with some providing you with more value percentage-wise, while others gift the player with more pounds of bonus money to spend on sports bets. For example:

Some sites even provide you with the option of choosing your own bonus from some options, meaning that you can either have a bigger bonus percentage or more bonus money. If you’re intending to play on the site long-term it’s smarter to choose more bonus pounds, while on shorter stays a better percentage can give you the best value, if you're willing to handle more risk on not profiting from the bonus offers.

The wagering requirements of betting promotions explained

In addition to the amount of bonus money itself, the most important thing when it comes to betting bonuses is their terms and conditions and especially the wagering requirements. The wagering requirement means how many times you have to roll the bonus sum over in games before you can withdraw the money. Wagering amounts can vary anywhere from 1 to 20.

Some sites also require you to wager both the deposit you've made along with the bonus, so in these cases, the wagering is in fact double the number you are seeing, which must always be taken into consideration.

Other terms and conditions to be informed about

Most of the time you can find the terms and conditions of joining offers for betting sites easily, but sometimes betting sites with bonuses slightly hide them. However, they are always there somewhere in small print. The most important terms and conditions you need to understand in betting bonuses are:

All these might be found in the terms and conditions your need to be aware of. The wagering requirement, meaning how many times you have to play your bonus money is often only one of the important terms. 

The smaller the wagering requirement and the fewer other terms and conditions there are, the better the offer is for the player.

How to wager betting sign up offers - The smart way of doing it

Betting sign up offers can be wagered in many ways, but if you want to convert as much as the bonus as possible into real, withdrawable money, there are a couple of things you can do to help the process.

First and foremost out of these is to always make sure that you really understand the wagering requirements. It would be a shame to start wagering your sign up offer, only to later realize that the bets you have made have in fact not affected the wagering at all. Otherwise, the same rules apply as with normal betting. So, if you want to wager your bonus in the smartest way possible, enforce some of these rules:

With these commandments to take heed of, wagering your betting bonus or free bet winnings should be easy enough.

Bookmaker offers in 2022

Bookmaker offers in 2022 have come a long way since the start of online betting, both in good and some bad ways. At the turn of the millennia, there wasn’t much bonus money available, while a decade ago there were all kinds of special deals, free betting money, and astounding bonus amounts to choose from all manner of bookies.

Luckily, things have calmed down quite significantly nowadays, and most sites only have some kind of bet sign up offer for new players making their first deposit. However, the offers a bookmaker can provide don’t end here, as there is plenty of value for money to be found after starting your career on a betting site.

Existing customer betting offers

These mostly come in the form of existing customer betting offers, that are often applied in practice with a VIP program. Unlike what the word VIP means in real life normally, VIP programs at betting sites are available to everyone, as there are many different levels of VIP you can be.

Through the VIP program you can be gifted with all kinds of betting offers at a steady rate, receiving promotions either when you reach a new level or after a certain amount of time corresponding to your level. In 2022, these types of offers are the main attraction for players looking for regular value for their money.

These bookmaker offers can be anything from betting reload bonuses to enhanced odds for certain levels of VIP’s. Free bets and risk-free bets can also be provided regularly, while some bookies even have completely unique betting deals to be enjoyed.

Betting sites offers - Are they worth it?

Free money for betting might sound too good to be true, but it’s exactly what betting sites and their offers provide you, with a couple of caveats of course. In most cases betting offers are always good for the player, as their aim is to either attract new customers or help existing ones enjoy their stay.

As a whole, today’s betting offers will leave the average player with more money than what they’ve originally had in their account. However, there are rarely guarantees that this will happen, as luck plays some kind of part most of the time. This is mostly reliant on how well your wagering of the offer goes.

Only offers that are completely free of wagering requirements can be considered 100% risk-free or profitable, and even in the case of a risk-free or free bets without wagering you need to win your bet to actually make a profit. If you lose your bet on these there is luckily no downside, so you’ll be just as well off as when you started.

With betting bonuses things can be slightly trickier, and you should always keep an eye out for the exact terms of the bonus you are accepting. Oftentimes you must complete the wagering of a bonus before making any withdrawals, with your deposited money being used for the wagering before the bonus.

This could lead to you being worse off from the betting bonus than you started with, but the offers are nearly always designed so that the average player will profit from them. In general, betting bonuses and other won’t make you filthy rich, but are definitely worth using to make a quick profit while trying out a new betting site.

Reasons to not take advantage of bookies’ offers

So, generally sports betting promotions are worth your time, but when is this not the case? A bookmaker sign up offer can sometimes seem too good to be true, and sadly this is often the case if you are promised the sun and the moon from the get-go.

These kinds of sports bet offers are usually advertised heavily online with shady pop-up advertisements on other sites, and you should always be careful with them. Most of the time when you actually reach the site you will see that they are not licensed by the UK Gambling Commission, meaning that they are in fact not authorised to operate in the United Kingdom.

All of the bookie promotions you can find at Bojoko come from sites working with the UKGC, so by choosing one of the top betting offers from our site you know that your money will be in safe and 100% legal hands.

Another reason to avoid betting sign up offers is if the wagering requirements are too difficult to complete. Like in the example mentioned earlier, these new customer offers can often look good in ads, but when you take a deeper dive into them, you can see that with the wagering required it’s almost impossible to make a profit from them.

FAQ - Betting offers

Getting new customer offers for betting is extremely easy for all players in the UK. Simply select one of the many offers available through Bojoko’s list of all betting offers for UK players, click the link from the list, create your account, and after confirming your identity and making a deposit (if required) the bonus or other offer is yours! The whole process should not take more than a couple of minutes, meaning you could be enjoying up to hundreds of pounds worth of bonus money or free bets in the blink of an eye.

The bookies that have the best offers are first and foremost legal and safe sites for betting. At Bojoko you will only find bookies’ offers from bookmakers that are operating under a UK Gambling Commission license, which means they are completely legal for UK players. Most of the best offers bookies have to offer come from new bet sites, that have the most incentive to entice new players to their site, but some more established, stock market listed betting companies also provide great value for players through their betting offers.

Bonus hunting might sound like a pretty suspicious term, but it’s not illegal unless you do it in a way that is in contradiction with the terms and conditions of a bonus you have accepted. These terms and conditions are not there just for show, and if you are found guilty of breaching them, the consequences could be serious. However, taking advantage of betting sign up offers is in general completely legal, and exactly what the betting site in question wants you to do. Be sure to read the rules of any bonus before accepting them, and try to make the most profitable bets you can while abiding with them.

Nowadays most betting sites give out some kind of offers to new players. Sign up bonuses are the most common ones out of these, and can be enjoyed on more than half of all bookmakers available to UK players. You can find all of the sign up bonuses at betting sites from this page at Bojoko from our list that is always up to date.

Sometimes when you want to take advantage of an offer at a betting site, you might be presented with a requirement of a bonus code, or betting promo codes. These are luckily really easy to use, as you simply need to write the code for the offer in the allocated place when making your deposit for acquiring the offer.

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