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Low deposit betting sites UK

By Joel Kelly. Updated:

Welcome to the world of low minimum deposit betting sites! You can find all the £5 deposit betting sites or even no minimum deposit bookmakers listed here from this page at all times.

List of betting sites with low minimum deposit (UK)

These are the betting sites in the UK that let you deposit only £5 or maybe even less.

Low deposit betting sites

Reasons to choose low deposit betting sites

There are plenty of reasons to choose low deposit betting sites. The biggest one is of course the obvious - you don’t need to risk and invest as much when playing at these bookies.

The good thing for bettors is that it can be done with budgets of all sizes. Highrollers and professionals will of course be in their own league when it comes to deposit amounts and stakes, but common people can try out different sites and have some fun with lower deposits and stakes as well. The best sides of lower deposit limits are:

How low are the minimum deposits at UK betting sites?

What comes to deposit limits at UK betting sites, they usually settle between £5 - £10.

5 pound deposit betting sites - top picks

Betting sites with 5 pound deposit is the most popular of the low deposit betting sites. There are several bookies in the UK that let you deposit only £5 to get started. In fact, most of the sites in the lower end of the spectrum are £5 deposit betting sites and it's very rare to find lower than that.

Below we have picked our top 3 sites with £5 minimum deposit. These sites combine quality, good odds and some very nice free bet offers as well.

Get free bets depositing only £5

In addition to the fact that with a low deposit of only £5, you can try sites and learn to bet, you can also redeem good offers. It's not common to get a free bet offer by depositing and betting only a fiver. Although there are a few sites in the UK that offer up to £30 or £20 in bonus money by only betting five.

In the best scenario, you can earn up to £40 with £5 minimum wager. You can find all these kind of offers from our dedicated page of bet £5 get £40.

£10 deposit betting sites

£10 minimum deposit sportsbooks are probably the most common type of betting site in the UK, which is of course great news. Most of the biggest brands offer deposits as low as £10. 

£10 deposit is already double compared to a £5 deposit, but it's still very low. Making a 10 pound deposit gives you a lot more opportunities. You can bet slightly more and with a bit larger stakes, your winnings will also be a bit bigger and the amount of offers you can redeem will almost get out of hand.

Get free bets by depositing £10

If only a handful of sites offer free bets for five pound deposits, there are dozens for £10. You can redeem free bets ranging from £10 to £50 by only betting and depositing a tenner. The most frequently offered free bets are worth £20 and £30. Feel free to check all of these offers out from our page bet 10 get 30.

£1 minimum deposit betting sites

Currently there are no bookmakers available online that have a £1 deposit as an option, but we will update them here if any bookies decide to implement such a low minimum deposit.

You can of course make bets that are £1 or even smaller at all bookmakers. At Bojoko we expect that in the future there will be £1 minimum deposit bookmakers available online, but at the moment you'll have to wait. Having such low deposit limits isn't that realistic online, but at physical betting shops across the country, you can find some £1-£5 minimum deposit bookmakers.

However, even though you can't find £1 minimum deposits at betting sites, you can find them at online casinos. Many casinos let players deposit £1 or £3 to get started, so if you are interested, you can go here to check out all of the available £1 minimum deposit casinos.

£3 minimum deposit bookmakers

Similarly to the above £3 minimum deposit bookmakers are sadly also still a work of fiction, but the threshold for them to start appearing soon with technology advancing is lowering by the minute.

It's entirely possible that some bookies will start offering £3 deposits to betting sites, but for now, the wait continues.

5 pound deposit betting sites

No minimum deposit betting

It's looking increasingly likely that in the future players will get to enjoy no minimum deposit betting, but at the moment it's very hard to find any betting sites that actually offer this. Bookmakers themselves would probably be happy to offer this, but there are limitations on the payment providers side and of course costs for every transaction, which limits the smallest deposits.

How payment methods affect minimum deposits at UK bookmakers

One of the biggest things that affect whether a site can be a low deposit bookmaker is the payment methods they have to offer. These can differ greatly from site to site, and they all have unique limits for both deposits and withdrawals.

These are of course in addition to the limits a bookmaker themselves might have, which can affect things further. In general, the bigger the company offering your deposit method, the smaller the deposit you can make with them.

This applies to both payment methods and bookmakers, and here at Bojoko, we have covered plenty of different payment methods and their pros and cons for betting. Click on the links below to find out more about:

Enjoy low minimum deposit betting via your phone

One of the more upcoming ways of making deposits at betting sites is by making them via phone. Some betting sites allow you to deposit by using your phone bill. This of course means that you will get to play immediately, but you will pay the deposit later in your phone bill. 

The lowest deposit by phone bill can be made at Hollywoodbets that allow you to deposit £5 at the lowest by phone. Essentially you only need your phone number to make the deposit and you are ready to go. There are of course a lot more of these sites but not allowing the lowest deposits possible. You can check the other sites out at our bet using mobile phone bill -page.

Weaknesses of minimum deposit betting sites

Although there is no inherent weakness to betting sites offering low minimum deposits, the downsides of playing with low deposits are definitely worth mentioning.

Some of these include:

Basically, these are mostly to do with bankroll management, which can be a tough thing to think about when you're starting out. Psychologically a small deposit and small stakes can feel insignificant and it can lead you to place bets and accumulators that carry way more risk than you would normally want to have. This is important to understand. We encourage to always bet with logic and good risk and bankroll management, no matter how big or small the stakes.

Withdrawal limits & transaction fees

Sometimes betting sites may have withdrawal limits and sometimes they might be even set higher than the minimum deposit level. This means that you need to win to be able to withdraw any of your money out. Please be aware of this and check the fine print of the bookies' terms and conditions.

Transaction fees can also be an unpleasant surprise for many. If you don't check carefully, you might end up paying almost the equal sum of transaction fees to what you actually deposited and got to play with. Some bookmakers and payment methods do take a small fee after deposits or withdrawals.

FAQ - Low deposit betting sites

Of course there are! Modern technology and payment options mean that there are plenty of low minimum deposit betting sites available for UK players, with the most common ones being £5 deposit betting sites.

At some bookmakers there isn’t even a set minimum deposit, but most times your payment provider’s limit means that the smallest deposit you can make to a betting site is £1. However, oftentimes 5 pound deposits are the limit commonly enforced at the bookies.

With low deposit sites you can enjoy the lack of risk and investment in betting at a certain place. This gives you a great opportunity of trying out the site in full without too much money spent, and most often you will also get to enjoy the welcome offer for new players with the smallest deposit available.

Joel Kelly

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Joel Kelly

Joel has worked in the iGaming industry for nearly a third of his life, with almost a decade of experience with casinos, sports betting and poker. During this time he has had the opportunity of testing dozens of different bookies, casinos and poker sites, with his focus currently being managing Bojoko's UK sports betting content.

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