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Learn all about Plinko gambling and find the best Plinko gambling sites. On Bojoko, you can find out how Plinko works, understand its strategies and see where to play it for money.

Plinko is not just a game on a TV show or a kid's plaything. Plinko gambling is a real thing, and you can discover the best UK Plinko sites right here. Our experts have reviewed the sites and can show you where you should play.

Plinko casinos in the UK

We have gathered plenty of great Plinko casinos for British players. These are all UK-licensed online casinos that let you play Plinko for real money.

Plinko may not be the most popular game on online casinos, but it is a fun one. Plinko casino game has been on the rise, and more options are popping up all the time.

Check the list below for the Plinko gambling sites or head on down and learn how to play Plinko.

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Discover the best UK Plinko online casinos

Best Plinko casinos

Some Plinko games can be found on nearly every casino, but choosing the right Plinko casino can make the experience better.

Here are the best UK casinos for Plinko gambling.

🏅 Mr Vegas

Mr Vegas has multiple Plinko games you can play with real money

Mr Vegas is the best Plinko gambling site.

Mr Vegas is one of those sites you often see listed as a top choice, and that is for a good reason. They have a massive library of games, including multiple Plinko games, good bonuses, great customer support and plenty of transfer methods available for Brits.

Many players love Mr Vegas, and our experts agree. The site has a high overall rating on Bojoko, way above the average.

Now, not everything is perfect on Mr Vegas. The website itself feels a bit old, but that is merely a cosmetic issue.

Bojoko rating
🎁 Bonus 100%/£200 + 11 wager-free bonus spins
❌ Cons Old-looking design
Pros Massive game library, plenty of deposit methods, great customer support

play on Mr Vegas »

🏅 PlayOJO

PlayOJO is a user-friendly Plinko casino

PlayOJO is the casino of choice for UK Plinko players.

This casino is focused on the user experience. PlayOJO's website is designed to be very smooth, their customer support is top-notch, and they have tons of games, Plinkos included.

One of the big draws of PlayOJO is their down-to-earth attitude. Everything looks simple, and the playing is effortless. This is one reason we often recommend PlayOJO for new players.

Their Plinko selection has some solid hits, including basic versions and the more hectic ones, like the bonus game of Pine of Plinko Dream Drop.

Bojoko rating
🎁 Bonus 50 wager-free bonus spins
❌ Cons Limited number of deposit methods
Pros Tons of games, good customer support, easy to use

play on PlayOJO »

🏅 21 Casino

21 Casino is a UK-licensed Plinko gambling site

21 Casino gives you an easy place to play Plinko.

Here, you can play, for example, Plinko Go or Plinko Dare2Win. The former is a simple and easy version that you can start with, and the latter gives you even more options to tinker with.

One of the big draws of 21 Casino is their solid bonus. The welcome offer you get, and the campaigns later on, are all nice and have good terms and conditions. The only issue is that Plinko games are categorised as Other Games, which do not work for wagering.

So, if you want to play Plinko games, use any bonuses you have on slots first, and then when you are done with the wagering, move on to Plinko.

Bojoko rating
🎁 Bonus 121%/£100 + 21 no-deposit free spins
❌ Cons Simple but boring design
Pros Beginner-friendly, perfect for mobile players

play on 21 Casino »

🏅 LuckyNiki

LuckyNiki offers different online Plinko games

LuckyNiki has the most unique Plinko library.

LuckyNiki Casino stands out from the crowd with their unique visual design. But that is not the only thing they do differently. They also have some more exclusive Plinko options. Their Uplinko game turns the whole Plinko concept upside down.

In addition to just games, LuckyNiki offers a solid gambling experience. Their site is great for mobile gamblers, and the large game library is a big plus.

The only notable issue is their bonus terms, which are significantly worse than what average UK casinos have.

Bojoko rating
🎁 Bonus 25 bonus spins
❌ Cons Poor bonus terms
Pros Colourful and unique theme, lots of games

play on LuckyNiki »

🏅 All British Casino

Play Plinko gambling online on All British Casino

All British Casino is a customer-friendly Plinko casino.

All British Casino is exactly what the name implies, a British gambling site for British players.

This casino made it to the top by being a user-friendly site that focuses on their customers. They wanted to provide the best experience possible.

This is the opposite of what most casinos do. Most go games first and customers last, but not here. You can actually see that by the fact that the size of All British Casino's game library is their weakest point. That being said, they do have good games, as well as a couple of Plinkos.

Plinko Go is available here as well, as is the classic Plinko from Hacksaw. This version is one of the best options for new Plinko players.

Bojoko rating
🎁 Bonus 100%/£100 + 10% cashback
❌ Cons Game library could be bigger
Pros User-friendly design, great customer support

play on All British Casino »

How we rate Plinko gambling sites

We rate Plinko gambling sites with a trustworthy and unbiased view. Our reviews are transparent, and we always aim to give you a truthful look at what these casinos are all about.

Our experts test and review the casinos you find here on Bojoko. We go through the whole experience as players and see what it is like to use these sites. As a result, our UK casino reviews are accurate and transparent.

Bojoko is an award-winning gambling comparison site. This means that even industry experts agree that our reviews are informative and helpful.

What is Plinko?

Playing Plinko online is easy and you can learn it quickly

Plinko is a simple vertical board game where you drop a ball or a disc, and it bounces around the board and lands in a slot at the bottom. The slot you hit determines if you win or lose in the game.

Plinko comes from a long family of games, which has spawned many different variations over the centuries. Games like bagatelle, pinball, Peggle and even the highly popular Japanese pachinko are all based on the same core idea.

Compared to the others, Plinko is a fairly young game. It was invented in the late 1970s and was introduced to the world in 1983 in the Price is Right television show. It was an instant hit with the viewers, which meant that home versions were on their way to the stores.

The game is mechanically very simple. The board is filled with evenly spaced pegs which bounce the ball around, and you just wait and see where the ball will end up. The Plinko board in Price is Right was square-shaped, and the player could move from left to right. Online Plinko games often have a triangle-shaped board with only one place to drop the ball. But the way the ball starts moving is random, and it will not fall the same way every time.

What is the best Plinko strategy

The best Plinko strategy is bankroll management and responsible gambling. That may not be the answer you wanted to hear, but Plinko is not a game of strategy but pure chance.

When it comes to strategic choices, you just need to make sure you don't play with a bet size that is too big for you or spend too much money.

Plinko does not have a real strategy element.

As for gameplay choices, you can adjust the game board and volatility in most Plinko games. This is more of a question of preference than actual strategy. These choices do not significantly affect the total return-to-player rate.

If you are a player who likes big swings, then you should set the volatility to the maximum and find the game board size that has the highest wins on the ends. But, if you like to play slow and steady, then use the lowest volatility setting and a board that has the lowest number of negative spaces.

How to play Plinko casino game?

It is very easy to learn how to play Plinko casino game online. All you need to do is head to an online casino, open the game, adjust the table and bet to your liking, and hit the start button. It is just that simple.

Here's how to play Plinko casino game online:

Online Plinko game settings

The first step is finding the right casino. You can check out the casino sites that we have reviewed or just hop on to one of the recommended sites on this page.

Then, you need to open the game up. Plinko is almost always used in the name of these games, so you just search for the word Plinko. Pick a game that looks interesting and you are ready to start.

Most of the Plinko UK gambling game titles let you adjust the board. This is not mandatory and will not change the long-term odds. It is just personal preference.

When you have done all that, you can simply hit the start button and watch the balls fall down. You can drop multiple balls in quick succession, but they can't touch one another. So, you can't strategise with the timing and try to bump the balls to better slots.

On the bottom of the board, you can see how much each slot pays you. Your goal is to hit the slots that have the highest multipliers.

Different features

Online Plinko games have different features which you can adjust. You can make the game feel the way you like, be that steady and small or explosive and swingy.

Here are the things you can control:

Autoplay Choose a number of balls you want the game to drop automatically
Bet size Choose the wager you want to use for each ball
Rows Select how many rows of pins there are on the board
Volatility Pick the volatility level, which determines the payouts

Plinko games let you control multiple aspects of the game, and they all affect the end result. Your odds of winning will not change significantly, but how the wins are distributed does.

The two most important adjustments are the number of rows and volatility. They determine how many slots there are on the board and what is the payout in each. The wider the base is, the more difficult it is to reach the ends where the biggest wins are.

Plinko odds & payout

Plinko odds and payout are based on a simple mathematical model of normal distribution. Here, you can see what that means in practice.

Most online Plinko games are triangle-shaped, with one spot at the top where the balls fall from. This means that with every row, the odds of a ball staying on the edge get smaller. In the end, only a few balls will fall to the outer edges, and most will fall in the three slots in the centre.

The centre slots are always negative, while the outer slots have the largest wins.

On an 8-row board, approximately 70% of all drops will result in a negative outcome, 23% will be neutral, and 7% of drops will be positive. The more volatile your game is, the bigger the difference is between the negative and positive outcomes.

Adding more rows will reduce the number of negative slots while increasing the number of neutral slots. This means that it looks like you will win more often, but the gap between the amount you lose or win has grown.

Plinko payouts follow the same pattern no matter how many rows you have

Here, you can see how the payouts change in Gaming Corps's Plinko game when you start adding more rows to the board.

The top end of the bell curve, where most balls will land, is always either negative or neutral. What is interesting is the 10-row version with 25x win at the end. It looks really enticing, but hitting a positive result has an 11% chance, and getting at least 8x win has about a 2% chance.

And here is the crux of the whole game. The payouts may look wildly different when tinkering with the options, but the long-term results are always basically the same.

What makes a good Plinko casino?

What makes a good Plinko casino is the same as what makes a good online casino, the gambling experience must be good from start to finish.

Here are the key factors that make a good Plinko casino:

The amount of games is an obvious thing. You are looking for Plinkos, but you may want to play other games as well. Casinos with the most games often have the more unique games, like slingo and Plinko. Many crash gambling sites are also similarly large.

Bonus offers allow you to try out a casino and play with more money. With Plinko games, a good deposit bonus is what you are looking for. If possible, go with a low-wagering bonus. Just make sure you can use your bonus on Plinko games. Some casinos categorise every Plinko online game in the 'Other games' section, which in turn sets their wagering contribution to 0%.

Transferring money to and from the casino is a thing that must be done right. You must be presented with a decent number of different deposit methods, transfers must be free, and the casino mustn't dawdle when it comes to paying you.

Keeping these features in mind, finding a good Plinko casino is easy. If a casino can do all these right, it is a great choice.

Crypto Plinko

Play Plinko with bitcoin

Playing Plinko with crypto funds has grown in popularity on online casinos. Crypto Plinko casino sites are offering more and more options to players both in terms of games as well as cryptocurrencies.

Players love the anonymity that cryptocurrencies bring to the table, but this is also the problem with them. As the funds are, in a way, untraceable, the United Kingdom Gambling Commission does not approve them.

Bitcoin Plinko casino would need to be able to prove the origins of the funds used in order to comply with the gambling legislation. And as this is basically impossible, no online casino is offering Plinko games, or any games, with cryptocurrencies.

You can learn more about the legal issues and functionality of bitcoin casino sites in the UK on our bitcoin page.

But the unfortunate fact right now is that you simply can't use crypto on UKGC-licensed online casinos.


Plinko is a game where you drop a ball down a board with rows of pegs, and it bounces down to a random slot at the bottom. The slots are marked with different payouts, and where the ball lands, that is how much you win.

Plinko is a versatile game that has been adapted to children's party games as well as gambling games for adults. It was made popular by the TV show Price is Right, where it was introduced in 1983.

Yes, you can play Plinko in online casinos. There are a handful of Plinko games that are available for UK players.

Plinko, designed by Hacksaw Gaming and Plinko Go from 1x2 Gaming are great options. If you want something different, then the Pine of Plinko Dream Drop, published by Relax Gaming, is a unique slot with a Plinko bonus game.

You play Plinko casino game by first choosing your bet, amount of rows, number of balls and volatility, and then just hitting the start button. The game will drop your balls down the track, and you simply watch where they end up.

Depending on the Plinko game online you have chosen, the number of adjustments you can make may vary.

The best Plinko casino in the UK is Mr Vegas.

Mr Vegas has built a large online casino that provides a player-friendly gambling experience. Plinko games are also present, and they have different kinds of Plinkos available ranging from simplistic classics to hectic games with tons of action.

No, you can't play Plinko with crypto in the UK.

UK-licensed online casinos can't accept cryptocurrencies as payment, as the origin of the funds can't be verified. The source of funds is one of the requirements that casinos need to prove in case there are suspicions of money laundering or funding illegal activities.

Yes, there is a way to win at Plinko, but it is based on randomness. You have the option to adjust the game settings, which can make it more or less volatile.

The more volatile the game is, the bigger and infrequent your wins are. Low volatility means that you get more wins, but they are smaller in size.

Adjusting these according to your preferences is the only thing you can do. The outcome is always based on randomness.

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