Trixie Bet Explained: What It Is and How Does It Work?

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A Trixie bet is a popular betting strategy that is widely used by horse racing enthusiasts and professional gamblers alike. It is a multi-bet system that allows you to place multiple bets on different outcomes compared to a traditional accumulator, increasing your chances of winning while reducing your risk.  In this Trixie bet guide, we will take a detailed look at what Trixie bet is, how it works, and how you can use it in your bets going forward.

What is Trixie Bet?

A Trixie bet is a multiple bet that consists of four individual bets placed on three different selections, most commonly out of horse races, greyhounds or football matches. It is essentially a combination of three doubles and one treble, and like usual, the biggest ones are usually the best sites for Trixie betting.

The key difference between a Trixie bet and other multiple bets is that it only requires two of the four selections to hit for you to win, unlike with more traditional multiples or accumulators. If you manage to hit the treble, your winnings are guaranteed to be sky-high.

What is a Trixie Bet

So, in a Trixie, you are placing 4 different bets and combining them in different ways as follows:

Whether you are a novice or an experienced gambler, a Trixie bet is a great option for maximising your profits. With this guide, you should have a good understanding of what Trixie bet is, how it works and when to use it to maximize your profits.

How Does a Trixie Bet Work Best in Practice?

Trixie Bet

As covered above, a Trixie bet works by allowing you to place bets on three different horses in a single race. You can choose to back any combination of horses, as long as they are different.

Once you have selected your horses, you will need to place four individual bets: one treble and three doubles. If you want, you can calculate your possible winnings beforehand using a Trixie bet calculator.

Trixie bets are a great way of diversifying the risk of multiple bets

If you want to use Trixie bets in the most professional way possible, at Bojoko we would recommend placing these types of bets on a number of selections where your winnings won’t otherwise be that high. Trixies are a great way of diversifying the risk of multiple bet selections, and this of course applies quite well to riskier endeavours as well.

Advantages of a Trixie Bet

There are many advantages that you can get to enjoy if you choose to implement Trixie bets into your horse race betting strategy.

Disadvantages of Trixie Bets

How To Place a Trixie Bet in 4 Steps

  1. Select three horses in a single race
  2. Place a treble bet on all three horses to win
  3. Place three double bets on pairs of horses
  4. Wait for the race to start and collect your winnings if two or more of your chosen horses win

Best Sites for Trixie Bets

At Bojoko we want to help you find the bookie for your exact needs, which is why we have reviewed them all extensively. At Bojoko, we have listed all the best UK bookmakers, but the ones below are excellent choices for Trixie bets, in our team’s opinion.

The sites we list here on our site all operate under a UKGC licence, which guarantees the safety of the site along with tax-free winnings for all players. If you want to find even more sites like these, check out our horse racing betting sites page. 

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Try Trixie Betting With Free Bets

Free trixie bets

If you want to try out this form of betting, free bets that you can use as Trixies can be found on a number of bookmakers if you join them as a new player through the links at Bojoko. To get these new player deals, simply click on the links in the list above to create your account and enjoy the welcome offer automatically unless you need a special bonus code (we'll say if this is the case).

At Bojoko, we aim to provide as much value for players as possible, which is why we have covered all the UK free bets available to players from our isles. These include welcome offers like:

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Trixie Bet Explained - FAQ

A Trixie bet is a bet with four selections on it, most commonly out of different kinds of horse races, greyhound races or football matches. These four selections come from three bets and their different possible combinations, culminating in one doubles and one treble.

You need to select three different horses in a single race. After this you need to place a treble on all of them, along with all the combinations of doubles you can from these three bets. After this you simply wait and see which of your bets that you have chosen end up being a winner.

You will get a return on your Trixie bet if at least two of your chosen horses or selections win. However, there is no guarantee that you’re going to make a profit despite one of the doubles of your Trixie bet winning, since the odds you’re getting might not be enough for you to make a profit.

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