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Trada Casino gives a fairly loose timeframe of how long you should expect to wait for your money to reach your account. For all payment methods, except wire transfers, the expected withdrawal time is actually between instant and up to 6 days. 

For wire transfers, the maximum timeline remains the same, but the minimum waiting time is changed to 2 days.

Luckily, none of our five testers had to wait anywhere near 6 days to receive their money. The average withdrawal time was actually just 22 hours, which is fairly respectable in contrast to 6 days. However, it is quite a bit above an instant. In fact, even the shortest withdrawal time recorded was at 18 hours, and most of the withdrawals were of fairly small amounts.

We found Trada Casino to be impressive and it had one of the fastest withdrawal times among other casinos. For casinos with faster withdrawal times, check out the list below.

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Stated withdrawal time: Up to 6 days

Avg. withdrawal time in our test: 22 hours

Fastest withdrawal time: 18 hours

Longest withdrawal time: 26 hours

Debit Card: £10

Skrill/Neteller: £10

Paypal/ecoPayz: £10

Bank Transfers: £10

All Others: £10


Debit Card: £10

Skrill/Neteller: £10

Paypal/ecoPayz: £10

Wire Transfers: Not specified

All Others: £10

How To Make a Withdrawal at Trada Casino

On the right-hand corner of the website, you will see an icon in the shape of a head. As in most cases, this represents your user info and is also your path to the drop-down menu that lets you enter your account. 

  1. Once on your account click on the grey ‘Cash-out' button
  2. Choose your withdrawal method and enter the amount you wish to withdraw
  3. Click on the ‘withdraw' button

Please be aware to Trada Casino withdrawals come with a fee of £1.

If you want to learn more about potential advantages and disadvantages of joining this casino, read our full TradaCasino review.

How Long Does a Trada Casino Withdrawal Take

The withdrawal times reported by our independent testers ranged from 18 hours to 26 hours, averaging at 22 hours overall. 

This is in very stark contrast to the maximum Trada Casino withdrawal time of 6 days, though our testers did not withdraw hundreds or thousands of pounds. The situation may have been different then.

The results were however also in stark contrast to the minimum expected withdrawal time of, well, right away. From the five tests, we conducted we can at least say getting your money within even a couple of hours seems unlikely.

Confirmed Withdrawals

A successful withdrawal at Trada Casino

Below you will get a quick overview of each independent UK tester, their payment method of choice and their respective Trada Casino withdrawal times.

Note that this is not the processing time but the actual time it took for the money to reach their account.


Withdrawal method: Debit Card

Withdrawal amount: £16 (Free: £1)

KYC documents requested: Yes

Weekend cashout: No

Time: 18 hours


Withdrawal method: Debit Card

Withdrawal amount: £24 (Free: £1)

KYC documents requested: Yes

Weekend cashout: No

Time: 25 hours


Withdrawal method: Debit Card

Withdrawal amount: £9 (Free: £1)

KYC documents requested: Yes

Weekend cashout: No

Time: 19 hours


Withdrawal method: Debit Card

Withdrawal amount: £9 (Free: £1)

KYC documents requested: No

Weekend cashout: No

Time: 26 hours


Withdrawal method: PayPal

Withdrawal amount: £9 (Free: £1)

KYC documents requested: No

Weekend cashout: No

Time: 23 hours 

If you are interested in fast withdrawal casinos, we have created an easy overview for your comfort. Just follow the link and discover the casinos with the fastest payouts in the industry.

Trada Casino Cash Out Experience

All of our testers reacted with quite a bit of frustration when they encountered the £1 fee. It is not a big expense, but as most casinos do not charge a fee it was experienced as anything from frustrating to annoying to angering. The remaining process and experience were easy enough, but the experience was already damaged.

Trada Casino Withdrawal Methods

Trada Casino allows withdrawals via debit cards, PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, MuchBetter, Trustly, ecoPayz, AstroPay Card and Rapid Transfer. Our testers attempted to make their withdrawals with the UK's most popular payment methods, namely debit cards and PayPal.

Trada Casino PayPal Withdrawal Time

It took 23 hours for our tester Natster9 to receive his withdrawal on his PayPal account. This was one of the longest recorded withdrawal times we received. 

Trada Casino Debit Card Withdrawal Time

Your Trada Casino debit card withdrawal time is likely to vary. From the four testers who made their withdrawals using a debit card, the shortest took 18 hours and the longest took 26 hours.

Trada Casino Withdrawal Problems

The biggest issue, which really angered or at least frustrated each of our testers, was the £1 fee for any and all withdrawals. You have to visit the T&Cs rather than the banking information to learn about this fee, and it is a very unwelcome surprise.

Another withdrawal issue is that Trada Casino does not inform you when a withdrawal is approved. That means you have to wait until the money is actually in your account, with no forewarning.

Alternatives to Trada Casino

Here you can see online casino brands where our testers got the fastest withdrawal times.

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Trada Casino Withdrawal FAQ 

Yes, all transactions to and from Trada Casino are encrypted and up to the strict safety standards of the UKGC.

In four out of our five tests, this did not occur, but the one exception shows that it may happen, and of course, it may happen to you.

Our UK tester was asked to submit a valid form of ID, of which he chose his passport. He also had to provide a bank statement.

Yes. All withdrawals at Trada Casino have a fee of £1.

Trada Casino does not differentiate between processing times and withdrawal times. The average withdrawal time of 22 hours is based on the time difference between when the withdrawal was requested and when the money reached the respective accounts. Trada Casino itself does not inform its members when the withdrawal is approved.

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