Mansion Casino Withdrawal Time UK


Mansion Casino promises to pay out all withdrawal requests within 3 business days, which means Monday to Friday.

We have run five independent tests, and this promise was held up every time, with the average withdrawal taking 34 hours.

However, not a single withdrawal took less than 24 hours either, meaning not a single payout went through the same day as the request is made. 

VIP Members will be able to get their money faster, but they will still be looking for up to 2 business days. There is also a possibility of larger withdrawals may take up to 5 business days.

Despite the withdrawals not being processed in less than 24 hours on our tests, we found that compared to others, Mansion Casino was still pretty fast.

For more immediate withdrawals that take less than 24 hours, check out the casinos below.

Mansion Group, which includes Mansion Casino and, has decided to leave the UK market. Their casinos are no longer available for British players. Instead, we recommend you to try these casinos with fast withdrawals.

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Stated withdrawal time: 2-3 days

Avg. withdrawal time in our test: 34 hours

Fastest withdrawal time: 28 hours

Longest withdrawal time: 49 hours

Debit Card: £20

Skrill: £10

Paypal: £20

Bank Transfers: £20

All Others: £20


Debit Card: £10

Skrill: £10

Paypal: £5

Bank Transfers: £5

All Others: £5

How to Make a Withdrawal at Mansion Casino

It is fairly quick to make a withdrawal from Mansion Casino, and unlike the set-up at many competitors, you do need to go through your account. Simply open the burger menu on the top left corner, visible wherever you are, then:

Mansion Casino no longer offers their games and services to UK players. We suggest you try out another fast casino instead, like Rizk Casino.

How Long Does a Mansion Casino Withdrawal Take

You will need to prepare for a bit of a wait when you make a withdrawal request at Mansion Casino. 

Don't worry, none of the withdrawal requests took more than 3 business days they commit themselves to, but the longest verified withdrawal request so far ended up at 49 hours.

The shortest withdrawals we have registered so far were both at the 28-hour mark, which is not exactly speedy, but about what you can expect with a long withdrawal time.

One of our testers did make a weekend withdrawal, making the request Sunday afternoon and receiving the money night to Tuesday. This was however a more moderate waiting time of 34 hours, and thus well below the 49-hour withdrawal, which was made during the week.

Confirmed Withdrawals

If you want to get an overview of how long each of our independent UK testers had to wait for their money, and which payment method they preferred, you can see the full info below:


Withdrawal method: Debit Card

Withdrawal amount: £25

KYC documents requested: Yes

Weekend cashout: No

Time: 28 hours 


Withdrawal method: Debit Card

Withdrawal amount: £29.04

KYC documents requested: Yes

Weekend cashout: No

Time: 28 hours


Withdrawal method: Debit Card

Withdrawal amount: £20

KYC documents requested: Yes

Weekend cashout: No

Time: 49 hours 


Withdrawal method: Debit Card

Withdrawal amount: £20

KYC documents requested: No

Weekend cashout: No

Time: 29 hours


Withdrawal method: PayPal

Withdrawal amount: £10

KYC documents requested: No

Weekend cashout: Yes

Time: 34 hours

Mansion Casino Cash Out Experience

We had no negative reactions to the Mansion Casino cash out experience, except for the fact that it takes longer than many competitors. If you want a list of instant withdrawal casinos, we luckily got you covered, just follow the link, but if you are more patient you will have no issues here.

The payouts were made within their specified time and the process itself was straightforward and simple. What you see is in other words what you get.

Mansion Casino Withdrawal Methods

Mansion Casino offers a large set of withdrawal options, but for the purposes of this project, we asked our independent testers to use either debit cards or PayPal.

Mansion Casino PayPal Withdrawal Time

Our tester Natster9 waited a full 34 hours to receive his withdrawal on his PayPal account. This was fairly close to the shortest withdrawal times and spot on the average withdrawal time, leading us to think that there are no added advantages or disadvantages, in terms of withdrawal time, when it comes to PayPal at this casino.

Mansion Casino Debit Card Withdrawal Time

The independent UK testers who made their withdrawals using debit cards had both the shortest and longest waiting times. On average, the recorded Mansion Casino debit card withdrawal time was 33 hours, or just below the total average withdrawal time.

Mansion Casino Withdrawal Problems

None of our testers encountered any Mansion Casino withdrawal systems, and this despite the fact that 3 out of 5 were requested to submit their KYC documents. The process was well within expectations and as such, did not disappoint.

Mansion Casino Withdrawal FAQ 

Yes, every transaction you make to and from Mansion Casino are entirely safe. Just as every other UKGC licensed casino they use state-of-the-art encryption technology that guarantees your safety.

If you become a member of the VIP club and climb to the Gold Level you will be able to get your money within 1-2 business days. This is however just 1 day less than the max withdrawal time for regular players.

Yes, Mansion Casino has monthly withdrawal limits. This limit is set to £22,500 for regular plater and £50,000 for VIP players.

This is quite possible. Three of our independent UK testers were asked to submit KYC documents, while two were not.

No. There are at present no mansion casino withdrawal fees.

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