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Best online slots UK

By Kati Saari. Updated:

Best slots online offer heaps of fun and a high-quality playing experience. Here we'll focus on what really matters; what and where are the best slots out there? 

Play the best online slots

On Bojoko, both users and slot experts review and rate the slots. Our reviews offer valuable insight from real people who actually have played the games. So, instead of the general information available anywhere, you get honest opinions and top online slots served on a silver platter. 

Below, you'll find the best casino slot games chosen by our users.

Why look for the best slots to play on Bojoko

We at Bojoko want to share our experiences with other lovers of slots, with people like you. We share your enthusiasm for slots and want to find the best of them.

On Bojoko, you may either casually browse our selection of slots, or use our tool for filtering out slots with specific features.

The search tool has some ready-made filters but it's very easy to create a filter of your very own. Just open the filter menu, click on the "Custom" and select and adjust the filters to your liking. When you're done with the filters, select "Show results" and the slot tool lists all the UK slots that fit your criteria.

Play the best slots on these sites

On the list below, you can check out the sites that offer the largest selection of games. These include the slots our users rated the highest.

What makes the slot "best"

As there are thousands and thousands of slots with a vast variety of design, gameplay, volatility etc. we can't name just one game as "the best" slot. However, we can look into what particular features work as the key elements shared by many of the best slots.

  • High return to player, or RTP for short
  • High volatility
  • Well-balanced gameplay
  • Special features, e.g. free spins

On our slot reviews page, we explain the criteria for the top slots in more detail.

Of course, our personal preferences play a big part in determining which slots we think are the best. Later in the article, I've listed some suggestions of best slots for different types of players - for finding the best slot for you.

Best Online Slots

Best online slot suppliers

NetEnt, Microgaming, Betsoft, Play ‘n GO, Yggdrasil… What makes one game supplier superior to another? Which one of them makes the best slots to play online?

If it's the age, then Microgaming and NetEnt are at the top of the list. 

Microgaming had a long head-start with online gaming, as their first game and casino software were published as early as 1994. NetEnt followed in 2004, which is still quite early, and Play ‘n GO in 2006.

Naturally, with age comes experience and knowing your customers better. It's a great help while creating new slots if you actually know your audience and the trending features.

Those who have played slots for some time can easily distinguish one supplier's games from others. The suppliers do have their own distinct style of which they're known for. That causes some of the players favouring certain suppliers more.


Microgaming has the advantage of the long age, hence the experience and a thorough understanding of players' preferences. They have produced the most well-known progressive jackpot slot Mega Moolah, as well as many popular slots like Immortal Romance.


NetEnt is a producer of high-quality games which can be found at almost all online casinos. They've also released several popular progressive slots, like Mega Fortune and Hall of Gods. Very mobile-friendly games.

Play ‘n GO

Play ‘n GO is known as a bold supplier at trying new slot styles and features. Lots of high-volatile games and some progressive jackpots, like Fruit Bonanza and Gunslinger.


Yggdrasil holds a selection of beautiful and innovative slots and they have proven to be one of the suppliers that really think outside of the box.

Pragmatic Play

Pragmatic Play Is known for both traditional and non-traditional slots, many of them of high volatility. Theyalso do lots of in-game campaigns that you can find at any casino offering their games.

TOP 10 online slots by RTP

RTP stands for the percentage indicating how high or low the house edge is. The higher the percentage, the better the chances are for you to win back your bets. 

However, if you're looking for a high RTP game to wager bonus money in, check the bonus terms of the casino. 

Very often the games with high RTP have been excluded from the list of permitted slots. In worst cases, playing them might result in casino revoking the bonus altogether. Alas, the top online slots that UK players love usually are on this list. 

Best online jackpot slots

Having a progressive jackpot can be a feature that piques the players' interest and attention. But, like any single aspect, it can't be the sole reason to call any slot best.

If we focus only on the jackpot slots and particularly on how large sums have been won from them, then it's very simple to list some of the best ones:

Mega Moolah by Microgaming and Mega Fortune by NetEnt are the royal duo of the progressive slots. 

Currently, Mega Moolah holds the record for the largest jackpot won from an online slot. The record-breaking payout was €18,915,721. According to the statistics, Mega Moolah also pays out more frequently than the others.

Where to play the best online slot games

Even though most of the best slots are available at the majority of sites it might matter where to play them more than you think. The terms and conditions can vary greatly between the casinos, as can the bonus terms.

Here's what to consider before choosing a casino to play slots at:

Many sites offer casino bonuses for new customers, as well as other perks for loyal players. If you plan to take advantage of these offers, read the bonus terms and conditions. They can affect how you're allowed to play certain slots.

The number of slots at a casino can be anything between 200 and 5,000. So yes, it does matter to check out what kind of assortment the site has. Also, it's good to check the newest games and how often approximately does the casino add new slots.

Some of the sites do value quality and only choose the cream of the crop. Alas, some sites only seem to hoard any games they can get their hands on. It's an easy way to obtain a huge and attractive selection, but with a closer look, it might not look as great as it first appears.

What is the best slot for you?

We are all unique players, so naming the best online casino slots for everyone is not an easy task. We have our own personal preferences and what we're looking for when we want to find the best slots for us.

Here are my suggestions for the different types of players:

Best slots for a beginner

You want to learn the basics of online slots and have fun without feeling intimidated.

Best slots for a casual player

You want to enjoy the show with slots that have a variety of features, beautiful animations and are able to offer a good experience for your cash.

Best slots for a hardcore player

Efficiency, good RTP and big payouts - you want no-nonsense slots with the best odds and high stakes!

Best slots and responsible gaming

Slots are popular games on casinos for a reason. The casino has an decent edge and they are fast to play.

Gambling is always risky. Even the best slot in the world still favours the casino. The more you play, the higher the chance is that you will lose.

Slots in particular are designed to keep the player playing. The games have desirable features that might take a long time to activate or require you to collect certain symbols. These features are there simply to make sure you push that spin button again and again.

It is important to identify these hooks, so you can become a more responsible player. Knowing what in a game is good for the casino and what is good for the player will help you stay in control. The goal is to have fun, not to fix any financial issues.


So, where are the best slots at? What are the best slots? We can't tell you that because there are as many best slots as there are players. However, with these pointers, you'll easily figure out the right answer for you.

Be bold and give new slots a go. If you're unsure or don't want to lose your bets to a game that ends up being a disappointment, try them with play money instead.

When you find a game you feel good about, check the supplier's other slots. One good find may lead you to a bunch of fun experiences.

RTP, volatility and variance are the three main things affecting how often, how likely and how much the game pays out. Knowing about them can help you define the best online slot machines for you.

RTP tells you how much the slot pays back to the players in the long run. 

The level of volatility indicates the level of risk. If the slot is marked as highly volatile, you can expect the payouts to be scarce but higher.

Lastly, the level of variance tells you the likelihood of hitting any winning combination on a given spin. It's often mixed up with volatility as it also refers to the risk involved. 


It entirely depends on what kind of slots you consider the best. On Bojoko, you'll find a long catalogue of online casinos and authentic reviews from our experts and users. We also introduce and review slot games, so you get to read real experiences instead of just basic info.

The best slots are the ones you enjoy playing the most. However, if you still don't have a favourite, you can check out our selection of slots and see what kind of features they hold. Generally speaking, among the most popular slots are currently Starburst, Gonzo's Quest and Mega Moolah.

The odds for winning from slots are based entirely on the RTP, volatility and variance. Of course, the maximum payouts can vary greatly between slots. On that note, regular slots can't possibly compare to the main prize of the progressive jackpots.

Playtech's Ugga Bugga has the RTP of 99.07%. This would mean that in the long run, you'd win roughly £99 for every £100 put in the slot. 

However, Ugga Bugga is an old game and most casinos don't have it anymore. On Bojoko, you'll find several high RTP slots you can try today.

The short answer would be either NetEnt or Microgaming, as they are the biggest online game suppliers. Yet, again this depends on what you're looking for when you play slots. If you like to see more creativity, try Yggdrasil. If, on the other hand, you like high volatile slots, try the slots made by Play ‘n GO.

This depends on when the slot was released and whether it has been since updated to a mobile-friendly version. It's fairly safe to say that about all of the latest slots do work on mobile and most of the old & popular slots have been updated.

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Kati Saari

Kati Saari has worked with the gambling industry since 2013. She has tested hundreds of casinos and written thousands of articles, evolving into an iron-clad expert in her own field. Having a true passion for her work she’s adamant not to let anything past her without thorough research.

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