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Melodifestivalen odds

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Sweden is one of the perennial champions of the Eurovision Song Contest, and it published in late November 2022 its 28 nominations for the country's Eurovision qualifying round, Melodifestivalen 2023. As soon as SVT (Swedish Television) announces Melfest competitors, many betting sites publish their first Melodifestivalen 2023 odds.

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Melodifestivalen betting

Loreen win Melfest 2023 song contest

Early on, bookmakers picked Loreen, the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 winner, as the favourite. The Euphoria singer, who topped the charts in 21 European countries ten years ago, held its own and represent Sweden once more at the UK Eurovision Song Contest in spring 2023. 

Here is the winning song: 

Top bookies for Melodifestivalen betting

As you may have discovered, many leading bookmakers have published their odds for Melodifestivalen. Below you will find a list of the bookies we recommend you check out when making a Melodifestivalen bet.

Melodifestivalen schedule & results

You may wonder when's the right time to start Melodifestivalen betting. If you have a clear idea of who you think will win, we recommend you place your first bets as soon as possible! The first round of Melodifestivalen will air on the 4th of February, and the odds for the favourites will decrease after the first elimination.

Below is the full schedule for the competition:

Here is an introduction to each of the artists in the competition: 

Final - results

  1. Loreen - "Tattoo" - 177 points (Winner)
  2. Marcus & Martinus - "Air" - 138 points (2nd place)
  3. Smash Into Pieces - "Six Feet Under" - 112 points (3rd place)
  4. Jon Henrik Fjällgren feat. Adam Woods - "Whare You Are" - 81 points
  5. Theoz - "Mer av dig" - 78 points 
  6. Kiana - "Where Did You Go" - 76 points
  7. Paul Rey - "Royals" - 57 points
  8. Mariette - "One Day" - 51 points
  9. Maria Sur - "Never Give Up" - 47 points
  10. Panetoz - "On My Way" - 47 points
  11. Nordman - "Släpp alla sorger" - 44 points
  12. Tone Sekelius - "Rhythm of My Show" 20 points


Semifinal - results

  1. Nordman - "Släpp alla sorger" - 75 points (Finalist)
  2. Theoz - "Mer av dig" - 70 points (Finalist)
  3. Kiana - "Where Did You Go" - 69 points (Finalist)
  4. Mariette - "One Day" - 63 points (Finalist)
  5. Tennessee Tears - "Now I Know" - 55 points (Eliminated)
  6. Victor Crone - "Diamonds" - 28 points (Eliminated)
  7. Melanie Wehbe - "For the Show" - 22 points (Eliminated)
  8. Elov & Beny - "Raggen går" - 18 points (Eliminated)


Melodifestivalen heat 4 - results

The results of the fourth heat are provided below. Loreen and Smash Into Pieces will proceed directly to the final, while Mariette and Kiana are still looking for a place in the final through the semi-finals.

  1. Loreen - "Tattoo" - Winner of round 4 (Finalist)
  2. Smash Into Pieces - "Six Feet Under" - 79 points (Finalist)
  3. Kiana - "Where Did You Go" - 69 points (Semi-finalist)
  4. Mariette - "One Day" - 56 points (Semi-finalist)
  5. Axel Schylström - "Gorgeous" - 55 points (Eliminated)
  6. Signe & Hjördis - "Edelweiss" - 27 points (Eliminated)
  7. Emil Henrohn - "Mera mera mera" 26 points (Eliminated) 


Melodifestivalen heat 3 - results

Below you can find the results of the third race. Marcus & Martinus and Paul will proceed directly to the final, while Nordman and Melania Wehbe will compete for a place in the final in semi-finals. 

  1. Marcus & Martinus - "Air" - Winner of round 3 (Finalist)
  2. Paul - "Royals" - 85 points (Finalist)
  3. Nordman - "Släpp alla sorger" - 75 points (Semi-finalist)
  4. Melanie Wehbe - "For The Show" - 57 (Semi-finalist)
  5. Ida-Lova - "Låt hela stan se på" - 36 points (Eliminated)
  6. Laurell - "Sober" - 30 points (Eliminated)
  7. Casanovas - "Så kommer känslorna tillbaka" - 29 points (Eliminated) 


Melodifestivalen heat 2 - results

The results of the second heat are provided below. Maria Sur and Panetoz will proceed directly to the final, while THEOZ and Tennessee Tears will compete for a place in the final in semi-finals. 

  1. Maria Sur - "Never give up" Winner of round 1 (Finalist)
  2. Panetoz — "On my way" — 84 points (Finalist)
  3. THEOZ — "Mer av dig" — 78 points (Semi-finalist)
  4. Tennessee Tears — "Now I know" — 69 points (Semi-finalist)
  5. Wiktoria — "All my life" — 47 points (Eliminated)
  6. Uje Brandelius — "Grytan" — 22 points (Eliminated)
  7. Eden — "Comfortable" — 12 points (Eliminated)

Melodifestivalen heat 1 - results

Below you can find the results of the first race. Jon Henrik Fjällgren, Arc North feat. Amad Woods and Tone Sekelius will go straight to the final, while Victor Crone and, Elov & Beny are still looking for a place in the final through the semi-finals.

  1. Jon Henrik Fjällgren, Arc North feat. Amad Woods - "Where You Are" Winner of round 1 (Finalist)
  2. Tone Sekelius — "Rhythm Of My Show" — 94 points (Finalist)
  3. Victor Crone — "Diamonds" — 80 points (Semi-finalist)
  4. Elov & Beny — "Raggen går" — 43 points (Semi-finalist)
  5. Rejhan — "Haunted" — 32 points (Eliminated)
  6. Eva Rydberg & Ewa Roos — "Länge leve livet" — 32 points (Eliminated)
  7. Loulou Lamotte — "Inga sorger" — 31 points (Eliminated)

Melodifestivalen in a nutshell

Need to familiarise yourself with Melodifestivalen? That's okay; you might be wiser after this short information pack.

A Swedish song competition known as Melodifestivalen has been held annually since 1959. It is organised by the Swedish public broadcaster, Sveriges Television (SVT).

The Melodifestivalen consists of a series of live concerts in Sweden, where several songs compete for the best song title. In the Melodifestivalen final, the top songs from the previous rounds compete against one another for the right to represent Sweden at Eurovision. A combination of jury and public votes selects the winner of Melodifestivalen.

Millions of viewers tune into this entertainment spectacle in Sweden every year to watch the live shows and cast their votes. The Melodifestivalen is a popular event in Sweden and has also been recognized as a significant event in the European pop music scene.

Melodifestivalen winners in the 2000s

Many great artists have won Melodifestivals over the years, becoming world-famous stars like ABBA and Loreen. Here is the list of winners in the 21st century. Which artist will be added next to the list of winners?

Bet on Sweden to win Eurovision

Eurovision Song Contest in Liverpool is one of the UK's most significant events of 2023. Eurovision song contest betting is heated at the moment with Nordic countries being considered as the top favourites. 

How about Sweden's chances, though? Could the winner of Melodifestivalen 2023 take home the entire Eurovision Song Contest? The current odds for Sweden winning the Eurovision are as follows:

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