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Nowhere else will you find an archive of casino game supplier reviews. Casino gaming software has long been missing the right arena to showcase its talents and thirst for innovation, so here we present suppliers and their games in all the detail you’re after.

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The best casino software merits a platform for recognition of its vital contribution to online casinos and their games. Without skilled artistry and technical craft, casino games wouldn’t be the products of entertainment they are today.

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What you should consider when selecting games from different suppliers

Choosing casino games is a subjective experience that depends on many factors, as well as personal taste. While one player’s favourite might be another player’s foe, there are some widely accepted quality indicators that separate the good from the bad. Here they are!


The game’s design is how the game looks onscreen. The visual impact and appeal of a game is probably the most important aesthetic consideration. Poor design can make even the most brilliant concepts tank, while an exquisitely designed game has the ability to hide weaker aspects and still provide a fantastic gaming experience.

Design preferences vary amongst players. One player might be a stickler for classic looks with a retro feel. Another might prefer cleaner, contemporary lines and brighter pops of colour. Whatever floats your design boat, you can surely tell if the game’s graphics are up to standard or not. Outdated designs and flawed graphics will stick out in the same way that fresh, imaginative designs capture players’ hearts.

A game’s design is one of the top criteria swaying players in favour of playing the game or not. The visuals are what most stimulates players in their gaming experience, so you should like what you’re seeing when playing casino games.

Use this guide when creating your user review and rating a game supplier’s overall game design:

Game supplier’s games are exceptionally designed and extremely visually engaging.
The appearance and visuals of the games are of a good standard.
Game supplier’s execution of game graphics and design is neither particularly enticing nor off-putting.
Significant number of aesthetic issues with the games.
Poor graphics are the major reason you choose not to play this supplier’s games.


Use this guide when creating your user review and rating a game supplier’s gameplay standards:

Every element works and runs smoothly, the game’s interface is extremely easy to use and highly appealing.
Game interface is very player-friendly and makes for a pleasant gaming experience.
Gameplay and user interface are acceptable but could do with some improvement.
The functionality of the game is slightly impaired or not fully convincing.
Significant number of user interface issues with the games. Very poor usability that makes it difficult to engage in gameplay.


Use this guide when creating your user review and rating a game supplier’s mobile performance:

Exceptional mobile gameplay, diverse selection of games for mobile devices.
Missing or defective elements from otherwise acceptable mobile gaming, such as low number of games for mobile devices.
Mobile gaming has obvious technical shortcomings that hamper the gaming experience.
Very primitive mobile gameplay lacking significant features found in the desktop versions of the games.
Game supplier offers no mobile games at all.


Use this guide when creating your user review and rating the bonus game features (freespins, re-spins, bonus games, random wilds etc.) of a game supplier:

Bonus games have original standout features offering a thrilling complement to regular gameplay.
Games have great bonus game features overall but they lack in originality or ability to entertain.
Bonus game features look common and are of average standard.
Very few bonus game features lacking significant entertainment aspects.
Game supplier’s games have no bonus features.


Use this guide when creating your user review and rating a game supplier’s game audio:

Brilliant use of music and sounds that complement and elevate the gaming experience.
Game supplier’s use of music and sounds is satisfactory.
Game music and sounds need improvement.
Games have very basic sounds and might lack music completely.
Games offer a very poor sound environment.


Use this guide when creating your user review and rating a game supplier’s originality in game production:

Pioneering game supplier with its own distinguished style, pushing the boundaries of game creation.
Game supplier occasionally comes up with new creative games and game features that are a success.
Game design, audio and bonus features are quite easily recognisable, but the games offer more or less the same experience every time.
No serious effort to differentiate from competitors, follows safe, previously established patterns set by itself or other game suppliers.
Creates bulk games with no new features or own unique style.